Mitsubishi Eclipse 2002 GT

>Mitsubishi Eclipse 2002 GT
>Corvette C3 1978
>both make 200 hp

can I beat my friends vette in my eclipse?

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It will be close, unless one of you has an auto then that car will likely lose. Since his car is likely more worn you will probably win though.

i'd say the eclipse would win.

anything I could know about the c3 to give me an advantage though?

The Vette would probably get off the line quicker, but would run out of steam earlier.

Isn't that one of the cars Scotty uses in his intro?

If so, you stand no chance, weeb

Not really, just hope his car is completely stock. Just practice your launches and shifting.

Corvette is lighter

Yeah, actually, the rear quarter panel is the cars weakpoint and hitting it reduces the car to 160hp for 30 seconds

run e85

It is likely automatic, inefficient, and garbage at corners.
You should be able to get ahead and stay ahead.

What? No.

gum tape death match

It's around 400 lbs heavier.

oh the mitsubishi is definitely gonna win.

Use your lightness to get off the line quicker and throw a flashbang in front of the vette, sealing your victory

I honestly think the Vette will be faster off the line but those old smog engines have no top end so it will get ran down.


Assuming the Eclipse doesn’t sperg out and smoke it’s tires, it’ll catch up. The eclipse is lighter and it generates more power in the higher RPM’s. The Vette will get off the line quicker because MUH TORKZ, but after 3500 RPM all the stock engine makes is more noise because the low compression and economy tier cams plateau the power output.

Hell, the 280ZX turbo was faster than an early 80’s C3 Vette

I had an eclipse and I think the eclipse would smoke the c3. Smog era really fucked the c3

knowing how to handle a FWD to it's maximum

Of course, if the corvette guy wasn't a retard and got new headers OP might be in a bit of trouble.

Op here

forgot to mention we'd be racing on a mountain pass, but we dont know where or when, if someone could list a pass, or even a decent track in oregon that would be fucking outstanding

Hmmm. If the corvette gets in front you might be fucked because
>Lol fwd
assuming he knows how to battle.

>worrying about getting passed on a mountain by a fucking '78 Corvette

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Buy good tires. Take everything out of your car that you don't NEED; seriously, passenger seats, spare tire, speakers, trash, tools, etc. Fill up your tank halfway, not full before the race. Buy some street/race brake pads and swap them in.
As long as he doesn't do the same, you'll win.

Now if he upgraded his tires and pads and figured out how to uncuck that engine you're fucked.

If the vette is stock and you both know how to handle your cars you might be evenly matched.

But not many are stock, since crate 350s are dirt cheap, and heads, cam, intake, exhaust can put most sbc into the neighborhood of 400hp

He claims its completely stock, and hes a bit of a virgin in the car tuner scene, and racing in general

either a lighter car or car with better drivedrain layout (rwd) or better gears wins.
But mostly lightness. Throw away some shit and youll rek his shitvette

oh dont worry the vette is an american car from the era when the stereotypes about american cars originate.
Better driver wins, but you should have the car advantage.

oh and winning and losing doesnt matter, its all about having fun and spending time with cars and friends. Dont be a fag who tryhards, have a good fair race in safety

To provide the same acceleration as a 200hp 2000 pound car, a 4000 pound car requires more than double (400+hp) the horsepower.
Because physics.

I have owned a gucking multitude of 350s from the malaise era.
You win. Hands down.
Provided its a stock vette like you claim youve got this. The only way he wins is if he hits a straight away off the bat where he can dump torque.
>if he can use his torque through each gear and he knows how to drive an old gm body on mountain curves he might get you
A lot of ppl say american cars cant handle and theyre right when it comes to a vette. But a good driver with some experience and knowledge in an older ride like that knows how to use his weight, torque and limited handling to his advantage.
For example: if youre heading downhill
>He could redlone it immediately heading down hill let his greater weight pull him forward with the torque he had under 3500 rpm
>let off that gas almost completely and then dump his torque again right before and after each turn.
This wont necessarily beat out an eclipse but it will make for a much closer race.
>ive also done exactly this against my friends crx we turbod with my mostly stock 1974 el camino down a colorado mountain pass and beat him but i pulled out my smog and swapped over to a 4bbl intake with a nicer carb

Op here, we havent decided on a pass to drive on, and we don't really know how to look for one, were in NW oregon and the closest mountain is probably mount hood, something like pic related would be cool, no?

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Bumping a soon to be epic thread

I bet he gets more pussy with his. No one ever wrote a rock song about a mitsubishi.

unironically this

>breaking news 2 found dead at the bottom of a ravine in 2 shot boxes after racing down mt hood reenacting an anime


if it's an l48 that pos was only putting down 130whp new.

What a wonderful way to die

op here for the last time, hopefully next thread I make is about the race itself, we're still deciding on a place, but mount hood is probably where were gonna go

stay updated on Oregon news, if two tards died on mount hood it was probably us

PO could have done some mods, de-cucking 350s is pretty common practice.