Post your driving shoes

Post your driving shoes

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my driving shoes are just my everyday shoes, which are running shoes

you stole my shoes!

Those but with the big tongue.

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Do we all wear sambas?

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If you can't double clutch with these fuckers, your licence should be revoked.

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Just like a checkered flag
Vans masterrace

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nice grandpa shoes

>i need speshul shooz for my """""tofu deliveries"""""""

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It is literally impossible to find GOOD Sambas anymore.
Fagidas kept producing them cheaper and cheaper AND ON TOP OF THAT all kinds of bootlegs of them get pumped out and sold everywhere so you can choose between mediocre new "original" ones or shitty bootlegs that you can often not even tell apart from the brand ones.

It's over.

they're about 12 years old lol

Bought Sambas for a good eight or nine years. Picked up some Silvias not too long ago, feels like how the Sambas used to be.

Not that guy but the best pair of shooz I've ever owned


Mein neger.

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I can literally feel my foot's left toes rubbing against the top of the shoe when pressing on the clutch throughout the day

I need some sh/o/es

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is this some sort of furry shit?

holy moly i managed to find some on the internets! but still not sure exactly how old they are, so them being in stock anywhere is weird

something like these but all leather

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>t. tiny feet

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THey actually kinda suck ass for driving cause the sole is so thick.

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I have these too
do you by any chance drive a mitsubishi?

>look through thread
>Onitsuka Tigers not mentioned once
for shame Veeky Forums.
I have this exact shoe and it's amazing for driving.

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I made mine myself

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fit for a king

that’s creepy af senpais

That's MISTER KANGZ to you

Yes sir, a Montero Sport.

These are truly the patrician choice. I have them in gray.


I drive an eclipse

Nice, what year?

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a 2002 eclipse, its kinda shitty but it feels pretty fast

iktf, my truck will never reach it's full potential since it's 2WD only.

i got a pair of onitsuka tigers, the mexico 66 ones. they're nice looking, and really light, but they have no fucking support. their soles are paper fucking thin. big waste of money.

>all that skill
>white new balance sneakers

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mine in its natural environment

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Whoa. Are you me in 1998?

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Fucking hell yea me too. This shit is just too creepy. Wtf is going on.


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American shoes

Just got a pair of these the other week

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Whatever in wearing that day. Sometimes my dress shoes for work. Mostly a pair of boots. One weekend, most often it's my pomegranate Gel Lytes.

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This is giving me PTSD flashbacks from the time I blew my steering pump on an underground parking lot.

Didn't know these were popular back in '98, uncanny.

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I have those but in red
Still going strong after 8 years

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this but adidas

>their soles are paper fucking thin.
That's the fucking point and why they make great driving shoes. The thinner the sole, the more you can feel through the pedals

I have a pair of Pilotis but I like driving in Vans better

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yeah i did too and wore them autistically growing up. every year a new pair always febrezed and cleaned, kept a second pair for indoor soccer. got made fun of for wearing cheap shoes and the wealthier kids would try to step on them.
true og autism shoe. damn shame they fuck my feet up with the narrow toe box now

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blazers right? love my mid tops

This but Puma

FILA makes a similar shoe and the soles are a little thinner if you find that one too thick

fugg, i wanted the 66s but the no support is kill. they do look very nice tbqh famalam

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After 13 years I felt it was time for a new pair.

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>1st world problems

If it wasn't for the hole on the side I'd still use them.

I have to take my work boots off to drive my MX5, only a 1cm gap between clutch and brake.
Feetsies are bestsies.

What shoes? They look neat.

Almost hard to tell which side is the front.

I wear size 13s and drive a manual VW with work boots. It's only easy once the boots are broken in though, if they're new forget about it.

are those corrective shoes?

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>not a $2 black pair from big w

you mean stole


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pick up a pair of adidas wrestling shoes, local academy had some on clearance for $25 almost identical to sparco $200 shoes

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I never even considered this

High tops master race

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What is this from


As a runner I prefer less support so I'm used to it. I own like 3 Onitsuka Tigers

Its like you dont want style and performance. Oni’s are GOAT. Own a pair of blue gumsole tokutens and pic related

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i live in these trainers, so i always drive with them

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Gazelle best

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this only gray with white stripes and i haven't driven a car since i got my license.

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black to the future

Quick to get in and out of, thin sole, cheap.

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LMFAO, good one

patrician taste.
Kinda hurts for long-ish drives, but it feels so good during summer.

>weeb-flop gets stuck under the pedal

kek, those look like the autism version of vans