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This form lets you search crashes by all sorts of fun criteria like model year and severity.

Greatest hits of last thread:
RX8 inferno

Special delivery!

Just look at the pictures.

HEAD CRUSH (Maximum)

Ford mulch

Automated HEAD CRUSHening

You can expand the items in the sidebar for more info like injuries, time to death, blood loss, and diagrams of the scene.

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first for worst injury

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Grandma becomes a pinball inside an E30

>V1, a 1986 BMW 325es, was traveling north in reverse out of a residence concrete driveway, entering a two-way, bituminous, residential street. V1 stopped in the roadway and accelerated forward, departing the roadway into the driveway, where the front of V1 impacted the corner of the residence garage. V1, still accelerating, reversed and impacted a parked vehicle with its back plane as it moved back down the driveway. V1 crossed the street in reverse, departing into a lawn. V1 crossed the lawn in reverse, and the back of V1 struck the corner of another garage. V1, still accelerating, went forward again, crossing the street, and departed into the lawn of the first residence, striking a mailbox post, knocking it down. V1 crossed the lawn, and the front of V1 impacted the concrete front porch steps of the residence, where V1 came to rest, facing south.

>Closed head injury/blunt head trauma/traumatic brain injury (Died Without Further Evaluation - No Autopsy)


*Best most metal injury

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I mean worst when it comes to straight damage
it's obviously the most metal tho

>Two breaks
Did she crash, hit the windshield, reverse, get into gear, and do it again?

Pretty much yeah, she slammed hard into the steering wheel twice, that's why it's all fucked up.

>Grandma becomes a pinball
I'm going to hell for laughing at this

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driving licenses should require reevaluations every 5 years after 60 and every 2 years after 80. fuck old drivers.

>Grandma becomes a pinball inside an E30
save me

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I’d say even every year instead of two.
My grandpa went from being of sound mind (sound-ish, he was always a bizarre and paranoid scotsman) to completely demented in like a year.
If he still had his license he would have absolutely killed somebody trying to drive.

>driving licenses should require reevaluations every 5 years


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>Vehicle one a 1996 Dodge Neon was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of a 4 lane divided highway

Thought I'd look up my car. This shit kinda pissed me off. Glad the crazy fucker died.

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just realized there's pics on the website. Ouch

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I don't think I want to know why that cloth is covering that seat

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You can see his shins

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> The front of the vehicle struck a 7 cm wide highway delineator. The vehicle continued off the right side of the road and mounted the downturned end of a guardrail. The vehicle started to roll to the right and went airborne. The top of the vehicle struck a large tree branch as the vehicle overturned. The vehicle landed on a steep embankment and slid backwards down the embankment on its roof striking a downed tree. The vehicle came to rest on its roof off the right side of the road facing up the embankment in a Northwest direction. The driver was pronounced dead in the vehicle before extrication

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Fucking hell buds

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VTEC really whips the soiboys ass.

Ignoring the absolutely retarded actions of the driver, they should probably have a little more protection in front of a 35' drop than a small metal fence

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At some point this was a 430

>V 1 was traveling westbound in an unknown lane of a three lane right curved one-way roadway. After negotiating a right curve, V 1 started to rotate clockwise and departed the roadway to the north. The front impacted a tree. The left side of V 1 impacted another tree. The vehicle was split in half from the impact and both sections kept rotating and moving west. The right rear section impacted a third tree. The gas tank ruptured and caused a fire, partially burning the engine. Both occupants were ejected.

>Pelvis crush (Maximum)

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forgot link

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Looked up my car. From pictures, it would seem that the engine has a fun habit of crushing driver+passenger in high-speed impacts. It would also seem that there is only slightly better than zero side impact resistance. You get t-boned, you die.
>the worst part is the shame of dying in a PT Cruiser

It's not letting me search, says something about attribute case not declared

Everytime I see cars get obliterated like this I just imagine the metal crunching stock sound effect and I end up laughing
fuck me, stop pulling my soul lucifer

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>Pelvis crush (Maximum)

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90% of the high end car crashes I am finding are some dipshit cornering too fast

>V1 was traveling on a two way, four lane, median divided roadway, negotiating a left hand turn. V1 contacted the curb on the right side of the roadway, departed the right side of the roadway, contacted a conduit on a utility pole from the left side, went down an embankment, then contacted an uphill embankment, and began to roll end over end, contacting a sign, then caught fire coming to rest on the wheels.

This kills the boxster

>Max Injury: Torso transection

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forgot damn link again


Wait he was bisected?
Fucking brutal

>cause of death asphyxiation
>injury source roof
How you suffocate on a roof

Smart money says no seatbelts

This picture nearly killed me

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>Some fuck in an S60 killed three people and a Duesy

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>driving a duesenberg at night
I can't say they didn't deserve it

It can take a long time to deal with all the casualties and process a scene, the actual crash may well have occurred before sundown and this is just when they got to taking pictures.

thats head crush (MAXIMUM) if i ever seen it

Yeah fuck convertibles. Shits not worth it.

Christ. Asian teenage girl driver in a Corolla pulls out in front of a Hino doing 80km/h

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8-car pileup involving a ‘70 Chevelle, found the news story for it. Fuckheads in the Chevy were street racing somebody on a highway outside Dallas (purportedly drunk) and lost it at 100+ mph. Of course these shits survive somehow, meanwhile a Cadillac caught in the middle of it catches on fire and both occupants are burned alive.

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there is no justice in the world

not dead but holy shit I feel like this dude was reduced to a vegetable

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>the nignog who ran from the 8-person, 2-fatality Mercury isn't a greatest hit


>the driver of that impreza lived

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My dad is a doctor, this thread makes me wonder what fucked up injuries he’s seen. He does infections now, but he was talking about how in med school he always went to observe autopsies
>He mentioned only once that he happened to be driving by a school bus accident one day (driver on her phone) and held a 6-year-old girl as she died

I don't have much to say about this
this genuinely shook me

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Jesus that Sable got absolutely mangled.
How how do all those people even fit into a fucking Aerio?

the worst part is
>expecting couple died in that sable
why do I have the sudden urge to go outside and light a cigarette even though I don't smoke

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I noticed that too.
>She was 24 and he was 18
That part is a little weird.

yeah, that's a bit strange
but judging by their injuries and their "time to death", at least they didn't suffer

Oh god, I was looking at the photos a bit more closely, look at all that fucking blood inside.
If you hit the BACK photo there's even spatter down the trunk lid looks like.

this shit's making me want to cry

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Looking at these makes me not want to drive
Pic related is (or was) a Neon that got doubleteamed by a Peterbilt and a Ram 3500 Duelly in immediate succession

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The Dodge didn't come out much better
Both drivers fatal on scene and had to be extricated

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this is just

The result of collision with a Kenworth, then an old Fabco truck, which rolled over onto the car
Apparently this was a Civic
>Crush injury, head Head Crush
>Crush injury, thorax Chest Crush

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good god

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This one courtesy of some idiot in a V6 Challenger going 130km/h in a 50 with a BAC of over .2 and unknown additional drugs onboard. Luckily he was the only fatality

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Ford Tempo eats shit and driver dies a day later

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I have to go, I can't handle this.
>Woman loses control somehow and rolls her Toyota
>It goes across the median and is struck one after the other by 4 oncoming vehicles, including a Freightliner.
>Mother and 3-year old daughter killed, both were ejected because they weren't wearing fucking belts
I just... fuck...

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>that bicycle
yeah I'm going to bed now, I'm done as well

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>this thread

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Oh shit, I thought I added that one.

Understeer and crash survivability are what makes a Subaru a Subaru



I immidatley looked up an escalade and it plowed into a fucking Justy

Poor Justy

My day is ruined.


It doesn't say the status of this driver (probably since it's an old Lumina), hopefully he survived but it doesn't look promising from the pictures and he wasn't wearing his belt.
Head-on collision with a drunk driving a 2014 Explorer in the wrong lane. Explorer lit up and the drunk driver was burned alive.

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>no seatbelt
he's a dead motherfucker
and that drunk jackass deserved it

Also I just noticed that under "Official Records" it lists the ZIP code that the driver is from from so you can get an idea of where a crash occurred.
This one was in Indiana, drivers were from Gary (Lumina) and West Chicago (drunk)

>Head-on collision with a drunk driving a 2014 Explorer in the wrong lane. Explorer lit up and the drunk driver was burned alive

Just a quick "FUCK YOU" to the dinguses who suggested "have a few beers and drive" in that thread a week ago.

Sorry, East Chicago

how the fuck all these niggas dying and im still alive

shits not fair

Integra loses it, smashes through the median, and is literally split in two by an oncoming Delta 88
>Straight highway
>Driving conditions literally perfect
>Not noticeably speeding
>No alcohol or drugs onboard
What the fuck man, how do you fuck up driving straight on the highway?

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1988 Cutlass Ciera, high black driver fleeing from police in Knoxville clipped a curb making a right turn and rolled across the street.
No belt of course, one passenger who was also not wearing a belt and was hanging partway out the window as the car rolled somehow survived with only abrasions

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>me no wear seatbelt me smart heheheheh
i hope more die this way

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They voluntarily remove themselves from the gene pool via their own stupidity.

Its such a fucking simple thing too, that doesnt inconvenience you in any way. Just buckle your fucking seatbelt.

>waah, it chafes me
>it fucks people up in crashes dood

>I heard from a guy on the internet that his cousin’s turtle’s brother-in-law survived a crash one time by not wearing his seatbelt man!

this thread made me start wearing my seatbelt. i didn't do it because i thought it was cool, but there were a few times where i actually forgot.
so thank u all


V1 was traveling southbound in lane one on a two lane. V2 was traveling southbound in lane two. V1 front contacted V2 right side. V2 went off the roadway on the left side and the left side of V2 contacted a metal guardrail. V1 went off the roadway on the left side and the rear trailer of V1 rolled on top of V2. The driver of V2 was fatally injured during the crash.

Holy shit. He was minding his own buisness and a rig rolled onto him he died of brain stem compression

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well that's fucking awful

>The unrestrained driver died in the crash. He was found five days after the crash date.

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Imagine being so fucking dumb that you die in such a minor crash in your Cavalier, just because you thought you were too cool to wear a seatbelt.

did he initially survive and stumble off then die in the woods or something?

>no hole in windsheild
>no broken windows
Did he fly by the will of god

I don’t think it’s a matter of ejection, he probably just bashed his head on the dash or steering wheel.

>I don’t think it’s a matter of ejection
>He was found five days after the crash date

I figured he crashed on a backroad somewhere and it took days before anybody else drive through and noticed the wrecked shitbox.
If it was because he was objected, there would have been people looking for the body and he couldn’t have flown so far they wouldn’t find it

here's the report

everyone ITT will be driving at the speed limit or below it their next drive

Challenge accepted.

Looks like a typical shitbox that illegals drive in the states. Deport em all and build the wall