Why is there 2 boards for the same thing

why is there 2 boards for the same thing


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>busrider faggots
>independent faggots
here you go

Why is there /aco/? /mlp/? Veeky Forums? /cm/?

That's still a thing?

mlp is a very distinct show with nothing like it

half the fucking faggots here are talking about their MODES OF TRANSPORTATION

bike fag generals should be on /n/

actual discussions about tesla's latest fuck up is still also /n/ related

literally no threads here merit a fucking reason for a seperate board

/n/ is the europoor containment board






And then you have the audacity to tell this board how to function.

bring back /mo/ that was a sick board.






>Ad hominems
>On a bait thread
Stick this ad up your nems, you fucking homo.

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>mode of transportation.jpg

You can judge and whinge like a cut cat all you want, faggot, but you've still not advocated a better use for Veeky Forums nor have you outlined what you think Veeky Forums should be in lieu of what you suppose is better posted elsewhere.

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i said it already >>>/no/

Please do tell why /dbt/ should be on the same place as bicycle threads?
This is a hobby board not a transportation board.

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>my hobby is more expensive than yours!
>f-finally 2-3 months of good weather and i can vlog my 1 weekend trip on Veeky Forums
>literally every /dbt/ post

Never understood why fags say this is reddit spacing. This kind of spacing has been going on since 2008, and the only people who call it reddit spacing have literally migrated from reddit

fuck no have you seen /n/ fags? They are insufferable retards

>this poor faggot doesn't even have a summer car

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/mo/ was super comfy

Because /n/ is a dead board and buses are gay

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Pics unrelated, for the (You)s

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Aye have this ^