What went wrong?

MX5 - Least reliable Convertable
MX5 RF - Least Reliable Coupe
Mazda 2 - 2nd least reliable small car

People still buy there shit but why?

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On who's metric? Consumer reports?

What's wrong with the mx5?

They cater to Gays, trannies and absolute lowest IQ retards.
Sorry but this is the truth, if you bought a mazda then you're probably a degenerate or a sub human with low IQ

That sounds exactly like what a high in person would say.

ADAC and What car, both use real-world data not consumer reports/JD Poor style subjective shit.

Engine problems, electrical problems and gearbox problems.

*in iq

Problems such as...?

Post your bus pass

Busriders: The Thread

Mazda might be at the sweet spot comparing price to quality. Doesnt have the jap tax for a protege but is still a worthy shitbox you can get for cheap

Mazda 3 seems pretty popular in Australia

And in Canada

least reliable convertible?


what else even in there in its class? MG? Unreliable slow box.

The reason Mazda is the most popular brand in Australia is because they make cars everyone wants, they make them reliable, efficient, fun and cheap.

ok retard.

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I believe only Miata and 124 is in that range.
Any other convertible would have to be either FWD or over 30k

Every mx5 I've ever met has said it's been extremely reliable.

And they are so popular most mechanics can fix em up pretty quick if anything does happen.

So does that mean it's simultaneously the most and least reliable car in its class?

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The ND gearbox issue was only on a selection of a couple months of 2016 manual cars and Mazda honored the replacement even if it was thrashed on the track

you're a defective fucking shitlord who should have been aborted, that's what's wrong.

D-do you meet Miatas often?

Opposite of truth troll strikes again!

Assblasted homofag can't handle facts.

Mazda2 still exists? Can't buy one in USA

Of the Japanese cars, which are inherently soulless ugly cuckboxes for weirdos, Mazda manages to make rreally food looking cars with nice interiors and good handling for an affordable price. Only good Jap brand.

Google, go and do it fagot.

Or as you are too stupid:


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Mazda, Soy in car form.

Trips of truth, but soy has better build quality.

Basically the team up with Ford shat on them from a great height.

OP is probably a rectally inflammed soybaru faggot trying to deflect Veeky Forums's recent trend of shitting on the WRX and Subaru in general.

>What went wrong?

You are right they have always been shit.

Butthurt by facts much?

Learn how to spell

ITT: busriders who have never owned a Mazda

Quoted from an MX-5 forum:
>I wouldn't set too much store by a self-reporting owner reliability survey in which Alfa Romeo comes ahead of Honda. Or in which an Audi model is described as 100% reliable.

They wouldn't considering how shit there car comes out.

Former Mazda driver here.
I can confirm. It is all true. Only Ford and Fiat for me from now on

Its rebadged as Toyota yaris ia

>in USA
Believe me they are a thing in the rest of the world

Holy shit, your grammar is awful.

I fucking hate Mazda drivers
Every near collision I had was thanks to a Mazda driver every single time

>being that butthurt you have to make up facts, which can be debunked in few seconds
I feel pity for your parents, being such a failure

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Posts fake screenshot, nice work fagfag.

See for the truth.

Maztards are incredibly stupid people.

>muh facts say I'm a colossal faggot.

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Maztards? That’s a thing now? Christ

>ADAC and What Car

So you are making shit up and using "sources" that are even less reliable than JD Power? Source that put Alfa Romeo above Honda in quality control? Kill yourself

Consumer Reports uses a decent metric, they don't put transmission problems on the same level as infotainment issues and Mazda has always been top in terms of reliability you lying faggot.

What a shit thread.

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Yep they do say you are.

That'll teach them to divorce from Ford

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>fault with the fuel system
My Mazda 3 had a small leak in the gas line which was easily fixed under warranty by tightening a hose clamp. I wonder if this is the same issue.

OP a confirmed troll. All the 2s that come in for service only need oil changes and basic maintenance here. Its for the 11-14 models stateside. Source; I work as tech manager at a Mazda dealer. Now the fiesta and focus is another horror story since the Ferd dealer is across the street and I'm buddies with their tech manager too

fudging stats off of a subjective self-survey isn't exactly a good benchmark.

Precisely what I'd expect from a soybaru faggot.

i want the mazdaspeed6 to return. The new mazda3/6 looks pretty nice and clean too, compared to the alien Corolla and Civic.

Mazda has the best steering feel out of the econoboxes so that's one thing people buying it