Opinions on Dailying an XJ Cherokee

Opinions on Dailying an XJ Cherokee.

Maintencence costs, swag gains, possible appreciation, experiences. Let's dump some info Veeky Forums

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do it. more aftermarket than a wj, beter aesthetics, and they are definitely appreciating.

take your time. many examples out there with 110-120k miles in excellent stock condition.

How much would you pay for one like pic related. 120k KM 4l AUT good cond. Just spit balling here.

I would recomend you to own one, its great fun and its somewhat reliable.
But it wont be reliable as a DD, its already old and things will start to need replacing. Its unsafe at any speed and boring to drive in your everyday comute. Gets you shitty MPG.
Get one, enjoy learning how to fix stuff, off-roading and camping w/e, but get it as a 2nd car.

Get the manual for the reliability and oldschool feel

why is it unsafe at any speed?

high center of gravity, all terrain tyres, no eletronic aids

Oh well yeah. Center of gravity can't be helped but i would put city tyres on it ofc.

We only do offloading once a year at a very specific time so...

Would that be enough to make it at least safe ?

They fuckin roll at 35 mph lol

Because he's full of soy

What's with all these safety faggots shitting up threads on older vehicles lately

You won't roll it unless you're a complete fucking dunce and forget that you're not trying to carve up the toogay.

I ran 33" duratracs on my xj that I dailied and wheeled. Best tire for both on and off highway. Work awesome in snow too

Just keep up on maintenance and don't swamp it in fucking mud up to the rocker panels and it will be stupid reliable.

I didnt drive an XJ because the GC never really caught on in Europe. I have however driven an LC 120 Prado, an X5 and a Q7 so here is why an SUV is not so safe at high speeds:

Bodyroll is real. Approach bends with caution/reduced speed. Unless you got an on-road SUV like the X5, just take bends gently.

Brakes are not so fortunate on such heavy cars. Also, I dunno about that GC, but on most SUVs brakes need to be changed every 15-20k kms (thats 10-15k miles). Also, the braking distance is quite big.

I dunno much about GC, I only know that the GC used to have Mercedes powertrain, but they apparently went to shit when they switched to Fiat technology. Its a rare car anyway.

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I also forgot to tell you about the tires. On modern 4x4/AWD systems all the tires must be the same model, with the same ammount of wear. Otherwise the AWD system is unable to calculate properly and will crap out soon. Do I have to tell you about the costs of 4 SUV tires?

Also, most SUVs (that GC probably not though) have air suspension which is another motherfucker that buttrapes your wallet. Yea sure they have steel covers, but when they crap out, whew lad your looking at thousands of euros.

So I am considering getting an XJ and i own an ND MX-5 RF... I can imagine that if you conerner those two cars the same way one of them will do a barrel roll...

The assumption however is that you are not retarded.

How do they handle highways ?

I currently drive a 99 xj. It was my first car when i was 16, have had it for a few years. Ive had to do a lot of work on it (cooling system, suspension, and little fixes here and their) but i love the thing regardless. Ive done a lot of upgrades on it and couldn't be happier with it. I wouldn't worry about it being "unsafe". It is top heavy and can flip at high speed turns, but you have to be trying hard to do that.

Most Cherokees don't have full time 4x4, i had to get one different tire for mine and it has a bit more tread than the rest and the 4x4 works perfectly. And Cherokees also don't have air ride suspension

Depends on the jeep and what's done to it. Fully stock jeep will be a lot better than a jeep with a 4 in. Lift on 33s. But I drive mine 30 minutes to and from work on the highway, and it handles very good

I DDed Hilux for 2 years which has much higher center of gravity, MT tires with tubes on split rims and not only it doesn't have abs or shit like that it didn't even have sway bars since heavy duty version.

I lived through it and never felt unsafe.

Yeah no, I don't want or like lifts. I plan to keep it stock AF from outside. Gadget it up inside (removable, to retain resale).

what does DD mean ?

I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ been driving for 17 years, also have a jeep wrangler 06 - both with the inline 6

- on the cherokee XJ i've replaced the starter, alternator and a few batteries, never leaks much oil and starts on the coldest mornings..I'd say its one of the most reliable vehicles with the bulletproof inline 6. no lift with stock tire size and I drove it last year through 2 feet of unplowed snow and was the only one out. The weight is perfectly balanced for snow and offroad, never get stuck...i've never had to be pulled out of anywhere and ive been in swamped farm fields etc. ( Pic related is my jeep wrangler)

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DD=daily driven

daily drive -> your main/only car

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>Depends on the jeep and what's done to it. Fully stock jeep will be a lot better than a jeep with a 4 in. Lift on 33s. But I drive mine 30 minutes to and from work on the highway, and it handles very good

Stock tires and suspension will drive like a dream on highways. They do sway a bit, they have a softer suspension, even stock, than most other cars I've driven, but still a very nice ride

That's a given but prices are already climbing fast.

Jeep Cherokee XJ is a great vehicle I own one.

some quirks for you

-Spare tire is mounted in the rear left window and completely blocks view out that window

- RWD and has a transfer case for 2hi 4hi and 4 lo

-Get the inline 6 its like the chevy small block of jeep engines

-expect to play 5k for one in shit condition and high miles, people love these jeeps because they haven't been made in a long time 2001 and are sought after

-Frame tends to rot on these in any rust belt, make sure to check undercarriage carefully.

-Check quarter panels for rust, they tend to have problems there

thanks doug :)

Is it though?

Im getting the one from OP photo for 6.5k EUR

Decent condition. 100k mil

>I've literally powerslid a XJ at 40 through a roundabout

Haha, oh man. I owned a 98' for 10 years (passed down from my dad who bought it new and never abused it).

Every single thing on that truck broke except for the power train. The electronics were especially horrible. But hey, who needs a radio, windows that roll down or headlights?

The interior looked like it was made from mouse fur and rattled so much parts would literally fall off at random times. It was terrifying.

Wouldnt buy one over 2k desu
>buddy had a 92 cherokee at 160k for $1200
>i had a 94 rodeo at 166k for $700
>both have a 2-3inch lift with bigger tires.
>offroad and go camping together
He had a way better aftermarket but once his shit started to break down it was like a domino effect.
His jeep was kia at 192k miles with a completely fucked tranny.
I blew my headgasket at 198k because lol $700 car that i didnt do maintenance on for over a year.
>had almost the same experience in both cars but the isuzu was cheaper and took way more of a beating (we literally got hammered and banged it into shit all the time)

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Cherokees are great trucks, but they aren't quite as indestructable as people say they are. And they're pretty bad on gas. I dailied one for around 3 years and it did everything I needed to with fairly mild maintenance.

>don't swamp it in fucking mud up to the rocker panels

But that's half the fun

how can opinions and feedback on a single car differ so greatly?

Some people fawning over it others suicidal over crapy design.

>how can opinions and feedback on a single car differ so greatly?
Because lolChrysler. They're either GOAT or the nastiest piece of shit ever shit out by shitstown. No in between.

I drove one for three years, you're full of shit unless the thing has a six inch lift and is on 35's or something fucking stupid. A stock XJ is near impossible to roll.

>Jeep XJ
>Modern anything
nigga what, the fucking tranny is based off a 60's design IIRC