Mfw i see a range rover logo

>mfw i see a range rover logo

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You sperg like le terminal autism man?

Hoovies garage is better

hoovie is doug's creepy retard childhood friend that always wants to come along for the party and doug just doesn't find the balls to tell him to fuck off

>mfw FCA

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aging wheels > hoovies garage >>> literally limbo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> bumper to bumper meme guy

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>normie-fied kubelwagen
>left libertarian
how ironic

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I would have agreed 2 months ago

His content has gotten so repetitive and so has his humor. Buy shitty car, wait a month before releasing a video of it “fixed”, buy new hunk of shit before getting to make video of “fixed” car, rinse, repeat

>mfw i see a busrider watching Doug near me

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You just outed yourself as a fellow busrider

>tfw hoovie probably reads these posts

Sitting next to the bus in my car, retard bus dweller.

>his vehicle is high enough to see what the busriders are watching

Nice lifted truck, microcuck

lol busrider meltdown

Just admit you don't even have your license and ride the bus daily

lmao more busrider metldown

What are the Quirks and Features of the bus you're sitting in right now?

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Okay, enough itnernet for me today

hi doug

>backpedaling this hard

>doesnt even know what backpedaling means but spouts it like a parrot

This is why you ride the bus lmao.

You can't really be this retarded, right?

Lol sperg more Bus cuck.

>when you literally out yourself as a busrider

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>ignores because he can't read


You have two options here:

1: You drive a lifted truck to compensate for your micropenis

2: "near me" impies that you're close to them, and thus; riding the bus

>still thinking about my dick 2 hours later

Man that's a long bus ride!

>assuming anyone cares about your dick
tip top kek

>keeps bringing up my dick

Which is it, bus boy?

>his argument against being a busrider is his own penis

>having this low amount of brain cells

Damn, busriding is a hard life indeed. I think your stop is coming up.

>you're dumb
ran out of arguments?

>busriding is a hard life indeed
You'd know, wouldn't you?

Still waiting for you to present your argument to begin with.

>he can't even read

no because I dont make minimum wage and can afford my own vehicle. Not that you'd know anything about actually owning property lol.

You've already admitted you're a busrider, no need to act like you're not one.

Learn to read bus boy

>near me

should I watch this doug guy?
what's a good car for someone with a wife and 4 kids? Is it possible to fit 6 people in a car comfortably and safely?


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