So Veeky Forums, manual or automatic?

So Veeky Forums, manual or automatic?

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Manual for my fun car

Automatic for my family/roadtrip car

Everyday average person driving back and forth to work, picking up the kids and getting groceries? Auto
Larger trucks and vehicles specifically for working and hauling things? Manual
Car for having fun in? Manual
Anything else is wrong

Manual for my weekend car
Manual for my daily
Manual for my truck
Manual for my motorcycles.

Automatic so I can hold my gf's.hand for the entire trip without having to let go of it.

Learn to shift change better fagboy

lol, pussy whipped cuck


Makes it all worth it.

manual for the daily drive

dct for setting lap records


Manual, I don't like driving auto.

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>implying cucks with autotragics have even set foot on a track

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believe it or not I've seen quite a few Charger's on track and those are auto only

What's an automatic like to drive? Can you not rev up high in first?

When you try to be gentle, nothing happens and then it lurches uncontrollably.

When you gotta go fast, you stomp it and then nothing happens. And the after a while it lurches and makes a lot of noise and nothing happens. And then when you finally give up it starts moving.

And when you want to just cruise along at a constant speed, it's always in the wrong gear and can't pick between slowing down and speeding up. It's why Americans drive the way they do.

Used both - changing car every 2 years.
Day to day definitively auto especially in jams.

Best with Mercedes auto is that you also have the paddles

This, also auto for race car

Want to have fun driving? Manual
Want to win races or daily? Automatic

Simple as that. Autos outpreform manuals at almost every point, but manuals are definitely more fun to drive.

I prefer manual because it’s what I’m used to, driving auto feels weird to me now

After driving automatic for awhile I do miss a manual i want a manual car now

I've never driven manual and I really want to learn, I hate driving and I think it's because of how boring automatic is.
Is manual actually cheaper or is that a meme? Next car I'd like to buy might be some cheap manual that can offroad

Cheaper to buy new and repair, that’s about it these days. A CVT has less maintenance,better mileage, and is cheaper to replace.

That’s not to say they are better. They don’t always do what you want them to.

The better transmission is often tied to what the better car is. Manual only requirements decimate the available used market. New cars often limit manuals to lower trims and some manufacturers have shitty manual setups.

What's the logic of dailying an autotragic? How is shifting such a chore for you that using it every day is unacceptable? why would you want your daily drive to be even more boring?

Emissions and everything controlled by computers while you only have knobs and buttons and fake pedals.

Back when you could actually control the engine with your body, it was a wonderful thing. The car was an extension of your body like any other tool. It was like having wings and you could fly.

Now it's you meet emissions regulations so your 18-gear tragic can drive the car for you.

I'm fine with either. What fits the car better. Nothing shuts a manual-fag up better than slamming the gas on a big station wagon, having the beast kick down to second and off we go on the freeway. Likewise nothing shuts an automatic-fag up better than shifting from second to third while cornering in a four wheel slide on a gravel road. If you hate either you are inferior.

wtf are you talking about? Are you implying that manuals are computer controlled? lol maybe on some brand new performance cars, but most modern manuals still have real physical controls.

Yep, the modern ones are. Mine I got in part to find out what it's like when you let computers get between you and the vehicle even though it's lauded as some kind of driver's car.

Feelsweirdman. It does so much more than crude hunks of metal and grease from the days of yore, but it's disintermediating. Where is the joy? I wanted to fly with my own wings, not tell the computer to fly the wings for me.

I drove an automatic turbo Volvo wagon. I can confirm how awesome it was to stamp on that gas pedal.

Damn I miss that car.

Manual daily driver. I'll rent the cheapest automatic cuckbox for road trips.

What would be the problem with road trips with a manual? Wouldn't you be shifting the least on the highway?

Slushboxes on the highway are the worst. He obviously hates road trips.

I learned how to drive on a manual but I eventually went automatic and thought that I'd never go back, as it's what I've been solely driving or the last 14 years. I recently took a new job in the auto industry and have had an opportunity to drive some higher performance manuals all again and I'm really, really, really starting to regret the previous decade and a half. I'm looking for a manual next. I didn't realize how much I'd actually miss it until I went back to it.

No elitist bullshit.
Sure it may have worse mpg but:
>Keeps me focused on the driving
>Makes it actually fun instead of a chore
>More control over very low speed & reverse when parking in tricky spots or maneuvering around pedestrians
>Antique shitboxes don't have automatic, or when they do they are more expensive

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I’m a distance runner. My legs are not happy after a race. Driving an automatic hurts until I can set cruise control. I don’t want to imagine using a clutch after running all morning.

>he doesnt know about the locking torque converter

>autos are faster
>autos are more fuel efficient
>autos are more reliable
>every single modern auto let's you downshift when you need too instead of waiting for the car to figure it out

there is literally no point to manuals anymore besides trying to gloat about the fact you drive a manual.

also went to school with a guy who would never put his truck in first under any circumstances and i never got that

auutomagic for DD
manual for fun
>not having at least 2 cars

Yes I do. It's like
>oh here's another gear
And then it's not.

That sounds like shit

Why don't you want to have some fun on your daily drive?
Do you spend your whole daily drive in heavy traffic?

It's utter hell. I never understood how bad it really was until I had to rend or drive modern autos. It boggles the mind.

Even in like an old powerglide at least you could just mush the pedals around and it didn't matter because you were piloting 8 tons of MURICAN steel with 400 torks and you weren't going to stop anytime soon anyway because boosted brakes weren't a thing yet.

>autotragic is necessary to stomp on the gas or have a big engine

You don't even need to drive then retard. Just run to your destination.

It can't be that bad. I think you're full of shit.

Manual. My daily is a manual, loads of fun driving to and from work even in light traffic. Plenty of room to cart the family and luggage, tow trailers when I need to, great highway fuel economy and fun to take to the track.

manual ofc

Last year I dd'd a 62 Merc Comet, but it only had the 2-speed auto; it was perfectly fine for a daily but wasn't as good as a three on the tree.

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It really is that bad. When I first found out, I started telling the people I knew what was up, and they slowly reported back that this was indeed actually true. I challenged them to maintain a constant speed on the highway, with or without cruise control on.

Industrial autos for trucks and stuff are different. The design goal in that case is to get work done effectively instead of making chad or stacy have good feels and 0% competence while the bridge collapses.

Even the Alison T-5 can't get my shout-out because on a downgrade you have to shift it effectively two gears down instead of just locking the torque converter, and that's not cool when you have an engine that claims to redline at 3k. Automatics are the women of the transmission world.

No you're full of shit and probably drove some old ass shit from the 90's

I make it a regular practice these days. Toyota is getting close in their minivans to making it work like a truck.

The *cough* new brands *cough* are funny. I always ask somebody else to try to do better than I can with it just to make a point.

Good Auto > Good Manual > Bad Manual > Bad Auto

Don't kid yourself. There's no such thing as a good auto. They're all trash in the end. Props until you can take the training wheels off.

Not a single one offers a legitimate upside.

Paddle shifters will always reign supreme.

checked but even if anybody who has them knows how to flap around endlessly, they don't even shift right unless you bought a car that should have come with a real transmission in the first place.

None of the others are street-legal.


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>t. auto shitbox owner

Never owned a single auto in my life. Only have had to drive other people's life-crush boxes.

Automatic, I live in a mountainous area with constant jams. I'd burn through a clutch every month

self driving electric taxi

I prefer manual, I like having control over my car.
Nothing wrong though with preferring auto for a DD, but a sportscar with auto/fagpedals is laughable.

/Veeky Forums

how does everyone outside of America do it then? Or even Americans before automatics became overwhelmingly common?

paddle shifters suck
I want to be able to be in 4th, coast in neutral, break, and downshift to second without having to fuck around

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