If you can’t go fast with 90hp, 900hp won’t help you

If you can’t go fast with 90hp, 900hp won’t help you.

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>Gotta get new tires,
>take the top off.
>Blast me some faggy retro wave and drive off untill i see the Mediterranean.
I'm in desperate need for summer.

>one of the five "World's Best Cars
id sure like to know what the fuck the other 4 were. this was in 89 before the NSX, FD RX7, C4 ZR1 and Viper came out and besides the F40 it must've been a slow couple of years.

the 5 were Ferrari 512TR, MX-5, C4 ZR1, Merc 300E, and the 911 Carrera 4


>Ferrari 512TR
Which is a Testarossa made in 91-94

my bad, i thought the two were interchangeable. the article says testarossa

Even the best driver can't make the car go faster on the straights on the track. That's where power comes in.

In a straight line, hell yeah it will.


Retro-wave is the opposite of Homosexual

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Straight lines != driving

actually, the best driver will carry more speed out of the turns and will have a higher top speed on the straights. Momentum is worth more in a race than raw power.

Why do people have to choose between fast-car-slow and slow-car-fast?

>before the
all those cars were heavily in development at the time, the NSX existed in prototype form and there were faster C4s than the ZR1.

Driving includes straights and mild corners, whether you like it or not. Plus, the thrill and fun of driving a powerful car can't be matched by any slow shitbox, no matter how good it is in the corners.

Because they don't have the skill to drive a fast car fast and think everyone else is the same.
You can maintain momentum on a powerful car too and absolutely BTFO anyone who tries that same tactic on a slower car.

because they're shit drivers and how hard the car kicks them in the butt when they push the go pedal is their only reference.
like woah, you did a burnout in a 400 HP LSD-equipped V8 torque monster like a real John fucking Force big fucking deal. How well you deal with corners and accelerate out of them again is the true skill test of driving because it balances the timing of the drag race with the spatial analysis of circuit racing.

Shame it's impossible to be fast with 90hp.

It's the gayest genre of music, even queercore is more hetero.

And before some smartass comes in, you're go karts and motorbikes are obviously not to the same standards as a car.

Not if that powerful car makes handling sacrifices to keep the driver in control, such as the Mustang being an understeery piece of shit on purpose so it's harder for retards to loop it. It will be slower in corners than a car actually designed to turn, and the lighter car can brake later and get on the power sooner. It doesn't matter how much power you have when the Miata is already 1500 meters ahead of you out of the corner and never stopped accelerating since the last apex.

sorry but that's wrong. Retro-wave is melancholy and idealistic. Faggotry is nihilistic and debased.

It's electronic, it's gay.

>posting FM-84 shit
>expecting not to be called gay

try harder.


fuck off grampa
all luddites must die

Of course it will. What do you think a straight is?

sorry but I won't let fags take synth from me too, not happening

>listening to retrowave
>not actual 80s music

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t.slows down to 5 mph at every corner then presses the go pedal when it's safe

I agree with that, but I was more talking about cars that are both powerful and designed for cornering.

>not listening to both
I've listened to all the 80s music. I was glad when retrowave came around for all the new noises.

Kids these days know nothing of what real music is.

Synth has always been pretty gay, even back in the 70's and 80's.

Fucking this too.

>I've listened to all the 80s music.
I doubt it.

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The sound and technology is more developed, the new stuff sounds cleaner. With old tracks you might have really shit lyrics to go along with a nice synth riff, the new stuff lets the music speak for itself.

H-heh, everyone who drives fast cars can't corner, r-right? I c-could definitely beat them around a track with my 90 hp shitbox (which I definitely didn't buy because I can't afford a fast car), r-right?

All the new stuff sounds like shitty rip offs of 70's and 80's snythpop and Italo disco though. It's all boring as hell.

>Shame it's impossible to be fast with 90hp.

what is miata-spec racing. Everyone has the same car. the fastest driver wins.

skill-less faggot.

Spec Miata is still slow though?

Being the fastest among a bunch of slow people doesn't make you fast.

what does "one" consider slow. Have you ever been in a Spec Miata? They aren't bone stock you know? And while it is for fun, most of those guys take it pretty seriously.

have you ever raced around a track in a car? Let alone a legitimate race car? probably not

it literally does especially if you all have the same car with the same strict modifications.

of course you wouldn't know because you have not been on a track. stick to Forza buddy.

Well in that case, both are different classes of car and can't be compared. I assumed we were talking about road cars and normie-tier drivers, in which the better handling car will just destroy the tire-burning retardmobile because it's easier to put the car where it needs to be and run a fast lap.

Music doesn't have to abide by your narrow definition of what pleasant sound feels like.
I love a screaming guitar as much as I love a screaming YM2612, both instruments simply modulate waveforms, it doesn't matter that one is played with a pick and the other programmed, it takes an equal amount of skill to operate and produce good stuff.

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>drive at night when people cant see your tears

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Ok, people take racing things slower than Miatas seriously. They're still slow. A stock Camaro SS is faster than the Laguna Seca record holding Spec Miata. They're still slow as fuck accelerating too.

theres no such thing a Spec Camaro SS racing but keep shifting the goalposts lol.

Miata's are cheap, fun, and a great way to get your foot into racing. But of course like I said, you wouldn't know anything about that.

Is karting not racing?

Yeah, racing Miata record holders being slower than a stock Camaro SS is me moving the goalposts. You are fucking braindead. They're still slow, keep sperging your irrelevant shitposts lol.

I'm talking about "fast" in absolute terms. You might be an amazing driver in a slow car, but a merely good driver in a fast car will beat you around a track if the power difference is big enough.

I like that stuff too, so I can appreciate music that tries to sound similar. Lots of italo has cringy as fuck lyrics, but the backing is catchy and well produced.

Even in Spec Miata there are differences in vehicle power, since each gen is slightly more powerful.

>but a merely good driver in a fast car will beat you around a track if the power difference is big enough.

No shit.

Cool, Miatas are still slow. I'm starting to think you have a legit mental problem and can't get the point out of a post.

Record setting Miata racer still slower than a nobody in a stock Camaro.

Fast or slow is irrelevant when you are driving at the limit of a car's ability. A more powerful car simply allows the driver to get to the next corner faster. There is a point at which increasing power stops aiding control and becomes a hindrance.

My car literally has 90hp and a topspeed of 86mph.
My previous car had 190hp and a topspeed of 142mph.
The vehicle before that had 120hp topspeed of 121mph.
The vehicle before that had 350hp with 90mph.
And my first vehicle had 86hp with a topspeed of 90mph.

The three slowest ones were all GMs coincidentally.

>a state-of-the-art Australian-designed ""american"" V8 sports car is faster than a 30-year-old 4-cylinder roofless Japanese shoebox with 300 lbs of scaffolding in it

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Reminder: most Eurobeat is real 80's music

A record breaking race car is slower than a stock pigfag bunker with a literal nobody driving around a track lol.

Eurobeat is just double-speed Italo.

Sure, but getting to the next corner faster adds up and makes a huge difference in lap times, to the point that you can set a better lap time than someone in a less powerful car who's an amazing driver. And since lap times are the most objective measure of what "fast" is, a 90 hp car can never be truly fast. I don't think we actually disagree, it's just a misunderstanding of what we were talking about.

Do you think you're smart for repeating the same stupid comparison? They are not even remotely the same class of car. Spec Miatas are literally stock with rollcages. At their worst they're slower than regular Miatas.

>128. Mazda MX-5 2.0 (Mk IV) Randy Pobst 1:50.68
>136. Mazda MX-5 Grand Touring unknown 1:52.20
These are stock Miatas. They're faster around Laguna Seca being driven by a nobody than an actual racing driver in a Corvette.
>138. Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Steve Millen 1:53.73

Lots of cars in the list above them, however.

Still slow you sperglord. Worse enough you picked a lap in the rain to compare. Sad.

this MAN owns a camaro and is mad a fucking hairdressers car is faster than it


Yet a racing Miata record holder is slower than a stock Camaro lol

But that's actually slower than the driver in the well-handling car who doesn't have to accelerate as hard to get back up to speed after a corner. The bigger the engine, the heavier the car, the more the driver must fight inertia trying to throw the car outwards, meaning the exit is less stable and the power comes on later. A lighter car can stay on the power through consecutive turns and make up far more time than the more powerful car can regain in the straights. I am considering a circuit like Road Atlanta, where there is a very technical section and a long straightaway.

. Mazda MX-5 2.0 (Mk IV) Randy Pobst 1:50.68
>mfw in your own link there are several faster Z06 times by Randy himself

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Your own list shows that the MX-5 gets BTFO by pigfat luxury cars, muscle cars and FWD hot hatches. All of those handle worse but are still faster purely because they have more power, which is exactly my point.
Theoretically yes, but in practice that isn't that big of a handicap, a more powerful car will still be faster around a track.

I've gone fast with 60hp. 95hp helped me a lot. I'd probably die in 150hp car.

"Good handling" is a crutch for unskilled drivers. Skilled drivers can tame a "bad handling" car and properly guide it through corners.

A skilled driver can't make a car more powerful, though. Power is the car's job. Handling is the driver's job.

Fast car > slow car


>Skilled drivers can tame a "bad handling" car and properly guide it through corners.
t. has never driven an LRA Mustang or open-diffed anything

So you aren't a good driver then? There's nothing impressive about going fast around corners on a properly set up Miata, the car literally makes it as easy as possible for you. Driving skills are really put to the test when you drive a car that's absolutely terrible for cornering, but making it work anyway (like going around the burgerking in a van and setting a decent time).

straight line is all that matters

shit bait
drag racing is the worst form of motorsport

I dare you to drift in a top fuel dragster

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It's shitty meme music for repressed bicurious weebs

>this is what europoors actually believe

That'd be easy for anybody (in an open area). Hell, it'd be harder to not drift one while cornering (and still not crash).

I have that poster

but the best eurobeat was made between 1994 and 2000

are you a jew?
serious question

oy vey dis is like anudda shoah

the only thing that matters is being fast in the most tight technical mountain pass. thats simply where the most driver skill will be shown. where you can really see who is able to control their car like an extension of their body. im so happy Mazda knew this when they made this car for us!

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i think they made the car for the gay pride parade. if you wanted the best car for a technical mountain pass, you want a cayman or an MR2

you can better daily a miata than you could a zzw30. it can be your only car much easier.

exactly. DD a miata and take it to the parade, not the touge

>not faggy
It's exclusively listened to by virgins and soyboys

I wonder which one you are, faggot.

fucking cursed image.

top speed is fucking boring, taking corners at the limit is where all the excitement, danger and adrenaline comes from

Corners is what makes cars interesting, but I can udnerstand your benchracing obsession since america is just long straight roads riddled with potholes, you have no way to have fun

Someone is upset.

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1. I'm European
2. Who says you have to choose between power and handling? There's more to cars than underpowered MX-5s and understeering Mustangs, a good car (or motorcycle) will do both well.