Now that the dust has settled

Now that the dust has settled,

Can we have a non-meme discussion about this car?

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It's still shit.


true perfection is to be adorned in silence

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Heavy but c/o/mfy. Like a thicc gf in car form.

you misspelled 'shitposting'

It’s a poorfag M6

So beautiful

>base model is $100k+

what did he mean by this?

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2,1,3,4, in that order

Future Supra

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2 of them are identical twins

Good taste

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Get a less shitty picture prezo gg

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styling is kinda funny but it grows on you and is interesting

car is kinda pointless though

>perfection is kind of pointless though

You know, out of all the things that they could have learned from the LFA why didn't they at least find a way to keep the engine note in their high performance vehicles? At least make it an option for when you put it into sport mode.


They're not using a high reving V10 in any other car.

They can still do some engine fuckery to make it sound like one though.

Can't wait to see the new Lexus designs!

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Lexus seems to be going for more of the narrow pinched look.

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No, you can't. You can do a ton of exhaust work and make cars sound great, but the sound a car makes will always be limited by the engine being used.

Also I think a lot of the head and exhaust work on the LFA were done by Yamaha. Yamaha also did a lot of the head and exhaust work for the 4age which is why it sounds so damn good.

Despise not a "real" Lexus the ES grille actually look better than IS, GS, LS

They did. LC exhaust note sound pretty sweet and there are sound tubes to port the intake noise into the cabin


Why the photoshop? It was already bad to begin with.

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Serious take:

It's fucking gorgeous, but I wouldn't buy one.

>buying this piece of trash when you could get an aston martin with a screaming v12 and a clutch pedal instead

shiggy diggy

>v12 aston
>not getting the lighter, quicker v8

Would BLACKED DOT COM them all tbqh

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>buying a POS Aston when you could get a McLaren P1 instead.

It's actually a pretty solid GT car. A lot of people can't seem to grasp the concept of what a GT car should be so they remark that it's slower than a dedicate sportscar. Truth is that for a base price starting below $100k, it has no real competition right now. Journos have actually been fired for saying how good it is.

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>i am brain dead: the post

Because you'd have no chance with any of them otherwise.

Citation needed on your last part

nice potato cam faggot

It’s a Soarer/SC. A mildly luxurious, RWD 2 door coupe. It has and will again share a chassis with the Supra.

That’s it. I’m sure it’s a nice car and it’ll last a long time because lol Toyota reliability. It’s probably fast enough, and tons of Chinese and Korean real estate guys will buy them, and then they’ll filter down to their 20 something sons who will mod it with the money they make slinging sushi

still too weird looking, too many sweeping lines and crossing curves, plus that Lexus grill is cancer no matter what car you put it on.

i still cant see myself going anywhere near a dealer to even look at one when the Jaguar F-Type exists.

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And we will be the fags who buy it from them and hope they are smart enough to know they are too stupid to attempt modding it.

this guy gets it

Having sat inside both, I have to say the F-Type's interior feels pretty cheap in comparison.

Last May Motor Trend uploaded their review of the LC 500 to YT giving it a very positive review, but probably the most damning was comparing it to an Aston. Two weeks later, the head writer of MT's video content Jonny Lieberman announced via Instagram that the presenter of the video and long-time editor Jason Cammisa and the director of the video Anthony Esposito were being "let go" from MT. Six months after the video was uploaded, MT releases another video in December with Cammisa noticeably replaced by a new guy directly comparing the Lexus with the Aston DB11 with the V8. In the second video, the presenters started off by saying that they will ignore the huge price difference (the Aston was about 2x more). They also took a moment to highlight the difference in styling in a complete backpedal to what Cammisa said in the first video. Furthermore, despite taking both cars to a racetrack, they did not publish any lap times -- presumably because it was too close or the Lexus was significantly faster. They concluded the video by proclaiming the Aston as the winner even though it didn't have any objective superiority over the Lexus.

Lieberman announces the departure of Cammisa and Esposito:

The two videos in question:

>jonny: haha that lexus sure ain't shit compared to the aston, right jethro?
>jethro: actually jonny, the lexus is pretty fooken brilliant m8
>jonny: oy vey jethro but the aston is pure british class while the lexus is just weird anime shit
>jethro: i dunno, i dig it desu
>jonny: b-b-but understeer
>jethro: a little but it handles great otherwise
>jonny: HURRRRRR

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He meant he is a Badgenigger

>It has and will again share a chassis with the Supra

The A-body and Z-body never shared a chassis. Stop perpetuating this meme.

It is comfy but oh so slow

It's ugly but I appreciate that it looks different.

I'm moving to scandinavia to become a rapefugee.

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The interior is mediocre. But the F-type is cheaper but the noise makes up for it

ext- 8/10
interior- 9/10
performance- wat/10

Great luxury car. Not a sports car.


>2 tonne rwd luxoboat
>only 400rwhp
meanwhile a r35 costs one 10th of that used and has
>500-600+ tuned
>can actually turn
only downside is the shit tier interior

Find me a $10k R35 GTR

looking for an r35 for 9,200.. lol

godtier exaggeration

I think you're missing the point of the LC, m8


they are 200000aud+ here so finding a r32-33 for that is reasonable

R35 has stupid meme tax tho you could import a r34 from action for 20k easy

>a r35 costs one 10th of that used

I don't think I want a

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It's nicer than the shitbox I drive but I wouldn't buy one.

Tbh I don't like any new Lexus bar obviously the LFA.

the lc500 costs 200k+ here USED/new

not everyone here lives in merricstan

And not everybody lives in whatever 3rd-world country live in which makes sweeping claims like yours non-applicable to most everybody else on this board even it were true.

Not worth 200k but it is a reasonable competitor in the 100k segments. I prefer it to the P90D. Here come the angry responses from the nerds...

The LC costs 100K loaded in most of the EU, only sodomite countries like the Netherlands have taken prices to meme levels.

Honestly, if you're cross-shopping a tuned GT-R with an LC, then you're missing the point entirely.

>top tier comfort and luxury
>unique and artistic styling
>glorious NA V8 though not supposed to be a performance car
>perfect Nippon quality and reliability
>cheaper than competition

It's pretty fuckin' spicy desu

If you want a sexy cruiser and cant stretch to an Aston this is your car. you wont win races but youll look cool

how come there is no terror attacks in Poland?

>win races

I don't think you fully grasp the point of GT cars and PLCs.

poo in loo car

I bet the RC is still better

That fucking ugly ass looking front end.

look at it

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It's a unique alternative to the boring Euro rivals and will find a decent amount of buyers who like the looks as well. People hating on it here mean nothing as they were never the target audience anyway.

It should have been a mass production, slightly less crazy version of the LFA
Currently it's just a really big, comfy GT car and not a performance oriented car

You're right. The old Lexus SC was boringly ugly. They've gone a whole other way in that this one is uniquely ugly.

Why does it have a handle, like a knuckle guard?

Also the door handles look weird but that is just nitpicking a decent interior (godly when compared to a majority of new cars today anyway).

they have amazing road presence

The SC400 was one of the best looking coupes of the 90's my friend

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>there was only one SC generation ever
I'm pretty sure he was talking about the Z40, silly.

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eww.. u cant be serious bro

Australia isnt 3rd world faggot
its our stupid taxes
we're on Veeky Forums afterall why are u guys meming a comfy lexus ?

the only thing it has going for it is styling and interior quality, its 200kg heavier than the gtr with 2/3rds of the power

>we're on Veeky Forums afterall why are u guys meming a comfy lexus ?
why not?

sounds aight, corners flat

still weighs 2 tonnes the gtr is 200 kilos lighter