Sunglass holder or whatever it's called won't stay up in my 2014 Ford Fusion...

Sunglass holder or whatever it's called won't stay up in my 2014 Ford Fusion. Is there way to make it stay with out duck tape? Makes it look tacky

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Replace the part Stacey

>popcorn duct tape
you're not helping the tackiness

I would say get it from the junkyard but you're shitbox is too new to show up at them. You're fugged user.


>Shits already breaking

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Velcro on the inside dummy

I removed both that and the driver's sun visor from my car since they were both busted. Not one time have I missed the sunglasses holder, and the sun visor is a minor inconvenience at most.

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Probably smashes it closed and then applies force when securing his Ray-Bans.

Go ask your dad jessica

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Get a magnet/velcro strip

I bought it used. I was desperate for a car

Wtf is "duck tape" you autistic faggot? It better not be duct tape you're referring to

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Duck tape is a name brand of duct tape you windowlicker

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>Is there way to make it stay with out duck tape?
Yes, there are multiple ways that don't use duct tape.

>whatever it's called
You provided no description on how the mechanism works nor about what it looks like opened so that people here can judge clearance before making suggestions. Thus all you can get are "replace with OEM part" type comments or velcro.

Importantly, you have not even said what was specifically broken. Is the latch in the hinge or is it a press-to-release drop down? Does it get a slow drop or does it spring all the way open? All those might modify the response provided.

Zip ties.

>Is there way to make it stay with duck tape but not make it look like duct tape?
MacGyver says to wash your hands. Then cut a 3-inch long piece of duct tape. Fold it in half with the sticky sides together. Now you have a nice piece of non-sticky duct tape about 1.5 inches long. Fold that in half again and it is now 3/4 inches long. Wedge this into the crack where it opens and leave a bit sticking out so that you can conveniently grab the tape to pull it out. If you like a bigger piece to grab, then use a bigger piece of duct tape to begin with.

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what's with all the shit all over it + blood from picking your cocaine nose?

your /pol/ is leaking

It's a sunglass compartment
I don't know the exact mechanics behind because I'm retarded when it comes to cars but it just drops down I can provide more pics if you need me to

Sorry, it just happens to be that way.

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cut it out and replace with overhead switches

Don't want to fuck it up even more

It's cool I mean I don't completely disagree with you.

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