*pulls up beside you*

>*pulls up beside you*
>*flips you off*
>*speeds away*

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youtube.com/results?search_query=emp gun

>*disrupts the air next to him*
>*causes him to fuck up and become yet another statistic and organ donor*

*hits a pebble*

Go down 2 gears and full throttle. Slight burnout and some front end lift. Go up a gear. Go up a gear. Significantly close the gap on the entry of the fast sweeper. On his tail at the exit.go up a gear. Tuck in behind him. Use slipstream to blow past him and hit the rev limiter in 6th topping out at over 300kph

Kek those cucks are scared shitless and I can feel it they know I can kill them if they agitate me with ease

t. assblasted boomers

>*shakes head at you*

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>wipes out
>loses head

But that guy did nothing wrong, why would you assault him with you car

>Open the door
>Get on the floor
>Walk the dinosaur

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>pulls up beside you
>flips you off
>putters away to about 25 mph

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>carry on my day
Why would i further escalate the situation, this man is clearly delusional as he is harassing random people on the street and driving dangerously.

I wonder what policing will look like now that swarming is taking the world by storm


This shit is crazy


Private car ownership will be outlawed because of niggers.

I wouldn't care, it's the ones that lane split at 95mph then break off your mirror because you changed lanes after safely checking to make sure nobody was behind you, only to find he was coming up in your blind spot at twice the speed of traffic, got mad that you didn't see him, and decided to get revenge.

>Speeds past you at 400km/h

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simple, arrest them for gang activity. Throw their ass in jail, pass regulation saying that after being released from prison can't live in area and not allowed to drive motorcycles. That's how phoenix got rid of the gangs, except it had nothing to do with motorcycles

The bikers in south Texas are very cool people. But why are they little dicksnots everywhere else?

Arresting them is the issue though. They're too fast, nimble and high in numbers for it to be possible with their current resources. I'm imagining deployable barriers that would pop up on the road every block or so to corral them. This would be effective on certain highways but there are far too many escapes in the city or in rural areas. Even then there's still nothing stopping these hundreds of masked thugs from beating the shit out of or killing what few officers the city would have to spare and running on foot like a bunch of Mexicans dashing across the border. If they couldn't climb the walls they could easily make a run for it when they come down after reinforcements are sent. Maybe you could classify them as terrorists and mow them down with miniguns from helicopters once they're all enclosed

*go back to finger banging his mom in the passenger seat*

can't be that hard to arrest one. Fuck if it's so important get a chopper on one and follow him back. Or maybe we need a hero in a lifted truck to mow them down out of rage

>whoopsie a squirrel
>looks like that little guy wont be the only death here

>take out my dick and start playing with it while making an angry face

t. some kid that thinks boomer = anyone older than him

>breaks your door mirror for invading his personal bubble
>uploads the Go-Pro footage to the internet
>gets a large fine and his licence taken off him

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>"obnoxious little motorcyclist"
>continue with my day

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>>uploads the Go-Pro footage to the internet
Just dox him if he has a YouTube channel. Chances are you can find out where he likes to hang out or even tell him you're a fan and want to meet him. Find him and smash his crotch rocket with a metal bat, but only if he's alone because bikers have a group mentality combined with an intense victim complex, like blacks.

>*drops the pedal*

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in your dreams, boomer

*opens car door in your path*
whoops sorry didnt see you there ;)

If a biker actually flips you off it's _probably_ because you threatened his life.
Take solace in the fact that a hand gesture or a broken mirror was your only punishment, instead of broken limbs and a cracked skull.
Know your fucking place cagers

Unless you have a supercar or a new viper, you won't be closing in on any modern sportsbike any time soon. You're looking at chasing something with a 0-60 of under 3 seconds, some closing in on 2.5 with mods.

>Take solace in the fact that a hand gesture or a broken mirror was your only punishment, instead of broken limbs and a cracked skull.

This might ring true if bikers weren't all fatties and Mr. Skeltals with nothing in between. They flip you off because of their enormous victim complex. Literally every near-miss i've witnessed involving a motorcycle was the motorcyclist's fault.

his head is the only part of him somewhat protected with gear though

>initiates fight
>gets beat up and screams for help

>large vehicle traffic
>just a traffic jam
>large motorcycle traffic which actually allows more room for traffic
>dangerous swarming!
>ban motorcycles!

Wheelies shouldn't be attempted in traffic like that I can agree


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this and libtards

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They were both retarded, either one could have de-escalated the situation and they both wanted to have beef. The old man threw hands right out of his window, he should have started swinging on him right there instead of breaking his mirror and walking away.

>*takes a corner at high speeds*

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*sharply and suddenly swerves left*
*says a animal ran into the road*
*doesn't get charged for manslaughter*

Get a load of this retard, OPs pic clearly has a bike going fast on highway. Please explain how 0-60 times matter when your already going over 60

Holy shit, are wh*te people even human?

>*holds up the entire mountain road to take a corner at 20mph*

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Better hope you're in a +750cc or im gonna smash you

What the fuck does anything in this thread have to do with boomers? At least boomers aren't as dumb as you.

No issues here where I live. Ppl just listen to internet memes I guess

Edgy af

That's not how it works

You are actually retarted to think you have a chance against a litter bike

Le edgy

youtube.com/results?search_query=emp gun

You don’t obviously, your post is retarded because 0-60 times have nothing to do with the bike beating a car on a highway pull

Last time I ran into a fully geared up sportbiker
>on single lane road way out in the country
>speeding recklessly in the part of the road that has no houses for about 2 miles then looping back
>taking a break in the middle of that in the shoulder on a hill
>hear biker tearing up the hills
>takes him a couple minutes to get closer and closer
>sees me in my spot
>stops bike
>gets off bike
>talks to me about car
>asks about other driving roads since he's just passing through and I'm local
Everything went better than expected.

>a litter bike
bikes are trash i agree

>know your place
>implying the guy in a hoodie and jeans on two wheels are in control of any traffic situation

your kind will always answer to us on four-wheeled kings, cuck

>mfw people still think motorcycles are better at cornering than cars

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>mfw people believe their fwd autotragic cuckboxes actually turn better than a sportsbike

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>mfw they do

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>yfw they literally do

we've been over this

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>they do

as in they do turn better, or as in they are stupid enough to believe so?

it better be the second one otherwise you are deluded cucks

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cars have always cornered better than motorcycles. no amount of bitching will change this. how could someone be so retar-


oh. carry on then.

It'll still out pull any car you can get your hands on up until you reach 186mph, where the limiter kicks in and maybe you can inch forward past that if you have the space and power to do so.

Unless you have access to top tier supercars, it'll out pull anything you'll ever sit in. Ever.

What I remember is that a normal econobox, truck, or family sedan will never out corner a bike built for a fucking track, but performance cars and sports cars definitely will.

Your mom's corolla won't out corner an R1 or any other track bike. Your friend's uncle's Boxster, Jim's Miata, your aunt's new husband's bmw m5, your boss's audi, etc. all should be able to.

Not that it would matter, because for every half second you gain in a turn you're losing two seconds out of it no matter how twisty the road is.

>literally this delusional

top kek cuckold

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Do retarded bikers start off retarded? Or is it something about riding motorcycles that makes them raging turbo faggots?

nice delusion, even a 600 is faster than every sportscar

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>raging this hard because he got BTFO

sperg more

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>nice delusion
You're just confirming what I said, learn to read.

Sort of. Cars have like 10 times the contact patch so they can carry more speed through the corners. But this really applies to already extremely fast cars. Your average super sport will smoke the fuck out of most cars.

>you are confirming what I said
>"Your friend's uncle's Boxster, Jim's Miata, your aunt's new husband's bmw m5, your boss's audi, etc. all should be able to."

the z/28 and the GT350r are both faster than any car you listed, yet still slower by around 7-8 seconds than a 600 around a 2 minute track

a 600 is not as fast on the straights as a literbike

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It depends. If you are on really bumpy fast canyon road early in the morning or at night when road surface temperature is cold, even a integra type r would be difficult to keep up in with liter super sport

>a 600 is not as fast on the straights as a literbike
It doesn't need to be, it's still significantly faster on straights than most cars are, especially at lower speeds.
>thinking a bike gaining an insurmountable amount of time on the straights doesn't affect lap times
Wew lad knew you were stupid but come on!

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Yea, bad road surfaces in less than ideal conditions are much worse for bikes than cars. That's just back to bikes having a much smaller contact patch, though. My point still stands that bikes are in general faster than cars. Especially considering the price difference. You can get a lot of bike for not a lot of money.

>Your average super sport will smoke the fuck out of most cars
Wrong. Obviously in an area without many corners, a motorcycle is faster. Nobody is disputing this. Accelerating is the thing they do well. The thing is, bikes don't corner particularly well even on perfectly flat courses with no elevation changes. In the real world, most cars will out-corner all motorcycles. That isn't even factoring in that cornering at peak efficiency is borderline suicidal on a motorbike, so 99% of riders will go even slower around corners.

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>it's still significantly faster on straights than most cars
and also significantly faster around corners too

>Thinking a 9 second difference on a 2 minute racetrack boils down only to straight line speed
kek you surely are one dumb, angsty cuck

there are only a handful of cars that are faster than sportsbike, and all of them are 10x to 100x times more expensive

cars can't turn

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>most cars will out-corner all motorcycles.
nice delusion

Again, for every half second you gain in a turn, if at all, you lose 2+ seconds when the bike accelerates like a fucking a 16 year old's heart rate when his friend's mom shows him her tits.

>half second
It's quite obviously more than that, considering i'm held up by motorbikes every time I go to the mountains.

Crashes into someone without dying.


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Both are fast courses with zero tight corners to speak of. Completely coincidental, i'm sure.

you do know that downforce increases on fast corners right?

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>can't corner
>can't go out in rain
>fender benders are lethal
try harder

We aren't talking about downforce.

Never mind 300km/h...
Have you seen what happens to a car in a 200km/h crash?

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>can't corner
Unless you are driving a supercar bikes corner better than 95% of cars on the road unless we are talking about a cruiser..
>can't go out in rain
Since when?
bikes handle fine in wet weather especially with good tires.
>fender benders are lethal
Rarely is any motorcycle crash below 100km/h lethal.

what? are you retarded? cars have an advantage on fast corners because of downforce, yet they are still slower than the bikes I posted

>this assmad and delusional

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You think bikes don't have downforce?
what the fuck do you think fairing do?
just look cool?

this is a good one

>internally laugh
>wish him a safe trip
>internally laugh again at the thought of other drivers trying to chase someone on a bike down
Road rage is for the incompetent

>motorbikes are faster than cars on courses designed for motorbikes
Blow me down, really? Isn't it strange how every track that bikes are faster on than cars has corners the size of a football pitch. Fancy that. What's even worse is I know you aren't baiting, because i'm well aware of how stupid you are.

>fairings produce downforce



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Why is this thread so godlike.

>designed for motorcycles
why do people come up with the literally must fucking retarded excuses?

>Isn't it strange how every track that bikes are faster on than cars has corners the size of a football pitch.
the viper produces 1200lbs of downforce at high speeds, if anything it has an advantage over bikes at high speed corners

you are incredibly fucking retarded

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You could look up the fastest lap times of any well known racetrack and discover that I am correct, but you won't. You are notorious for being wilfully ignorant of anything that doesn't validate your preexisting beliefs. I seriously don't know why namefags keep it up long after they've embarrassed themselves in front of everyone. What is the appeal of instantly not being taken seriously?

>mfw retarded anons get their ass handed to them by a shitposting namefag
You cunts are fucking retarded and deserve every one of these threads.