Engines that aren't an LS

>engines that aren't an LS

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Posting the ONLY good LS

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That suspensions fucked.

it's fixable

>tfw no LS powered LS

>yawning between gear changes

>needing to use gears


Toyota and GM used to cooperate with each other...

rb for life

Worlds where the OP isn't a faggot

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Ford continues to work with GM when developing transmissions for their performance cars. Hence why I don't understand why Ford doesn't get rid of their shitty coyote for the god engine LS

But LS engines are also nice.

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Coyote Is the better engine Ford just need to build a better platform/chassis for it

Pigfat and weak.

>no torque

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Nigga the coyote makes 420 lb-ft of torque gtfo here

>better engine

lol are you fucking serious? Where else can you get a full size turbocharged V8 that makes almost 600 HP for less than $3,500? Ford's performance aftermarket is absolute shit, as well as their europoor style overhead cam set up. There is a reason why the LS is known for reliability and the Ford Modular Engine/coyote is not.

also source:hotrod.com/articles/hrdp-1104-594hp-53l-gen-iii-small-block-for-3252/

Are you retarded? Also 600hp out of a turbocharged v8 is shit Ford's TT v6 makes more power and is better in every way stay btfo

Im talking about a turbo LS. Coyote is shit. I'm also talking about bang for your buck. Try picking up a 600hp turbo v6 for the same price as the LS build I linked to. Also the LS wont sound like the noise a downs syndrom persoin makes when constipated unlike the V6.

>sound like the noise a downs syndrom persoin makes when constipated
The only thing that actually sounds like that is your autistic ramblings.

If you can't come up with an actual reason why fords coyote/ecoboost platform is superior to the Gen III/Gen IV LS, then i suppose we are both done here.

You’re still unable to articulate why they’re bad besides making up shitty memes.

At 8000rpm which is kinda irrelevant in the real world. Have fun getting walked by Chad in his 6.2 Denali while you wind your shit out and he fingers his girl.

Dorito power

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Are you retarded? Do you think the Coyote is a Honda i4?

You have to deny objective facts to believe that the coyote only makes power at the top of the revs.

first of all, the LS is a pushrod engine, and while OHC has its place, the pushrod design is better for the application most V8s are in nowadays. Yes OHC is capable of higher RPM but chevrolet made a 7L pushrod V8 that spun at 7,000 RPM and thats plenty for me. Pushrod engines also can go longer without the valvetrain being worked on. They also have less reciprocating mass.

Also the LS is a much cheaper engine to buy outright, and to buy parts for, as well as being much easier to work on. Horsepower per dollar is much higher with the LS than any Ford engine.

Now don't get me wrong, fords OHC V8s have come a long way since the 4.6 first came out, but they still arent on the same level as the LS.


It's a torquelet.

>they concluded that the Camaro is no faster than the Mustang
And this is your argument?

On the track... Your going to get smoked where it matters, At the lights and on the highway.

You’re retarded.

>"yo man we dont play by no rules on the streets man"
>"ay yo redo i missed second gear"
>nahh fuck that yall bullshit"

Meanwhile at the track
>"*hearty laugh* Jolly good lap there old chap"

Are you kidding? the 7L engine valves in the Z06 has serious issues past 60k and if not serviced results in catastrophic failure. granted its reasonably easy to service but the engine is far from bullet-proof.

Daily reminder there are no LS powered cars running the 1/4 in the 5 second range also GM has never won Le Mans stay mad gm fangirls

Look at this. Look at it.

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found one with a simple google search although I will admit its rare to see, but it starts to make sense when you consider that the LS block is physically too small for the arger diplacements that push cars into the 5's

>gm fangirls are blind and can't read
That's 1/8 not 1/4 and Modular ran 3s so it still got btfo there too

>engines that are an LS

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the mustang chassis is better than the camaro

nice delusion cuckold
post an LS faster than this coyote


>poorfag delusional GM cuck

>1/8 mile
dumd GM cuck

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>Ford's TT v6 makes more
Yeah, it's also $450,000, literally not at all comparable.

>put LS engine in cruise ship
>Doesn't have enough power to move
>Put LS engine on weedwacker
>Too heavy to be practical
Hmmmm seems like other engines are also needed

An LS can easily make enough power to move a boat and be more reliable too. They're more than light and compact enough to be used in a weed wacker. The LS is the god engine. You're an idiot to use anything else

>a puny boat anchor used by retarded cletuses who only care about benchracing numbers can move a boat regularly moved by an engine thats cubature is measured in tons
go let your sister fuck your brains out cletus, at least then you have an excuse why you are so retarded

What about commercial jet airliners?

they would be much faster and fuel effecient if they were LS swapped there is not a single thing that cant be improved by an ls swap.

If you made an LS engine twice the size, but called it a GS, would it be twice as powerful as an LS or worse because it's not an LS?

worse because its anything infront of s but l is gay and unamerican

Is an LS better than an LS?
And is an LS better than an LS better than an LS better than an LS?

yes yes yes yes but all LS are equally as good, and the level of good they are is the best