You have suddenly come into ownership of Pontiac Fiero with a 5 speed manual and Blown Motor. What do you do with it?

>You have suddenly come into ownership of Pontiac Fiero with a 5 speed manual and Blown Motor. What do you do with it?

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post it on Veeky Forums

5 speed manual supercharged fiero?

keep it stock and love it every day.

Sell it

Ecoboost 2.7 swap

Find an LQ1

Series 2 3800 supercharged engine time.

Turn it into a Mero and badge it as a Rari

try to rebuild the engine, then lose a shit ton of money and interest. Then stare at it, while it sits in rain, asking myself why it's even there in first place.

I don't think that's what OP meant by blown.

tell the motor that she only did it out of pity


Its on everyones swap

hits too close to home, user.

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I'd use it to rebuild the burnt shell of a murcielago

sell it for scrap and buy an sw20, the superior car in every single way

except aftermarket support

But see, a SW20 isn't a bad car by every single metric. It doesn't need bodykits to not look awful, it doesn't need to replace every single part to be half decent. Even an AW11 is better than a Fiero.

Suspension upgrades and a mild NA ecotec build. 240 crank horsepower gives you the same p/w as an E46 M3

never late in a 3.8

*never straight


you can't fight the market
You can't fight the market
You can't fight the market, MR2/

lol To illustrate the point, not only does the Fiero have superior aftermarket support. It sold more throughout it's short life than the MR2 did through all 3 generations.
>but the MR2 is better!
clearly the public didn't agree.

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LS4 swap, become the oversteer to surpass mr2

Gee, cheap sells, never knew that! It lost every comparison, seriously Fieros are bottom of the barrel cars

>It lost every comparison
no it didn't.

MR2s are better sports cars
Fieros are better cars.

1. They don't eat head gaskets at 126K
2. They don't rust
3. They were the 2nd safest cars made during their production (second only to the Volvo 240)
4. No rice tax

Their engines have shit potential though, unlike the 4AGE, so swaps are common.

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sell it to someone who will do it justice

It gets rekt in that

rewatch it. The conclusion was they preferred the Fiero for being easier to live with, which is what 90% of publications came to the conclusion of.

I did a L67 Fiero. It's dumb, especially if you hotrod it. These things were sitting above 60% rear weight bias with the stock iron puke and a 5 speed. Swap for a L67 and you creep above 65%.

A NA ecotec or Quad4, plus a battery relocate, vented rear rotor/larger 13 inch front rotor kit, and tubular suspension update mean you can get as good as a 55% rear weight distribution.

If you can get these cars under 60% rear weight distrubution, above 200 wheel, and fix the bump steer issue (buy an 88 or buy a fix kit for the 87 and prior), they are really fun.

Figure on about a grand plus labor to do the suspension parts, building a NA 4 cyl to 200 wheel can be kinda spendy, but even compared to a M40 build, the rewards are worth it. The Dune Buggy guys seem to get real good results with LE5 ecotecs, over 220 wheel on a NA build with stock bottom end, for like 3 grand plus a $300 core motor, but they don't do things like mufflers, so a street motor probably will be a hair milder.

The 200WHP

pls stop

Sell it

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Streamline the process
>siphon fuel
>douse myself with it
>light up
I have neither the time nor the patience to wait for the engine to do that

Busso V6 and some fake Italian badges (like Rigatoni Orecchiette or something)

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>4th gear doesn't fully engage
>"Shifts are crisp..."
>gear lever hits the radio in 1st
>"...with short throws"


Power: MR2
Acceleration: MR2
Handling: MR2
Driver comfort: MR2
Interior design: MR2
Luggage space: MR2
Gas mileage: MR2
Braking: Fiero
Price: Fiero

Lost all but two comparisons.

Part it out, then push the pile of what's left out into the back of my property and use it for target practice, then crush it when the price of scrap is high


Driver comfort went to the Fiero. The bitched that in the MR2, you hear everything going on behind your head.
Interior design of both cars is shit.
The Fiero has a deeper trunk. You clearly did NOT rewatch it.
Handling of both was comparable with no clear winner. rewatch it.

So a bunch of irrelevant shit, it lost on every objective comparison. Dude Fieros are AWFUL.

and MR2s are cramped and uncomfortable in comparison.
Keep bitching. Fiero's a vetter car. MR2 is a better sports car.

sell it to the crusher dude for $250

If it's an 88, rejoice that I don't have to do as much as I would to the suspension on a pre-88
Replace the 2.8 and the 5 speed with the LZ9 and F40 6 speed from the Pontiac G6 GTP, he'll probably swap the dash too
Build the LZ9 and turbo it, get stronger brakes and half shafts, get a water to air intercooler, and destroy fools

It's not, Fieros are garbage.

>my car is better, yours is garbage!
>no, YOUR car is garbage, mine is the best!
Literal middle school tier argument

Your post is probably the most middle school of them all.

>Guise stop fighting this isn't fun

Fuck off you little faggot. When some retard thinks a literal shit tier car is good they deserve ridicule.

They're both equally shit.

Not really, Fieros are complete garbage. Of course any 80's car is going to be awful but the Fiero is definitely worse than a MR2.

Make some valid points then, faggot. Taste is subjective.

Break it down and sell the parts.

the only post that has ever mattered on this board

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Depends, the getrag unit? (v6 late 86-88)
GM 3400 DOHC.

>They don't rust
They don't? Do they have fiber glass bodies or something?

Bruh, it uses Chevette suspension and anemic engines. Liked catching on fire and at it's best wasn't even that good as a sports car. It was an economy car shitbox with a sports car body (that I personally think looks like shit). If it was good it wouldn't be on Worst Car lists.

He's retarded.

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But yeah, they're rust proof.

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Sure, plastic doesn't rust but everything under it does. Of course MR2s rust too since they use shitty Japanese steel.

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And the AW11 MR2 is an overpriced, twitchy-handling, uncomfortable and even less practical shitbox that’s only barely faster than a fucking Fiero. See? Both cars suck balls. Maybe if GM hadn’t neutered the Fiero it wouldn’t have been such a failure in its time, but at least we have a good platform for cheap engine swaps now.

i've said it hundreds of times but it always bears repeating: ZZW30 is the only decent MR2

So basically you're poor so you don't like the MR2? What the hell, you can find them cheap. Rest of your stuff is subjective and because you'd be a shit driver.

Fieros are just garbage, complete garbage.

What, you can’t do an engine swap? Are you not mechanically inclined or something? Why are you here if you can’t handle a simple engine swap? Are you too lazy to swap suspension parts from an ‘88? What a soyboy.

Well I already have an mr2, so I'd probably attempt to swap something, I like the idea of something diesely and very torque heavy in this funny little car.

delet this

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Swap in tesla motor

Do a supercharged 6.2 diesel I fucking dare you

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Ideally put a KLZE or maybe one of them High Feature/Alloytec V6s in it, but more likely this

GM 3.8 supercharged swap from a bonneville


Owch that actually got me. Poor fucking SE-R Sentra I'll fix you one day

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Swap in a 1LR-GUE

People will be very, very confused by it

spray paint a target onto it and use it as shooting practice. Fucking trash car


I thought about getting a Fiero to transform into a Lamborghini kit car for years but hesitated because of how "off" the kits were. Even the best ones never quite looked like what a real Lamborghini does.

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>I’ll finish it eventually

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convert it to automatic transmission

But then you still have a non-working engine.

>not buying your replica supercars from super replicas
you can get a bugatti veyron with original W16 for $27,000

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Drop one of those older SHO motors in it and put a supercharger on it.