Blocks your path

>blocks your path
>water pump implodes

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>water pump implodes
I was wondering why there was a really fucking cheap 2004 passat that was for like 2k and pristine on craigslist where I live

check em all, water pump issues

>>water pump implodes
Then stop driving a ford.

My mom recently came into possession of a 2003 passat 1.8t
It's leaking power steering fluid, and it's overall a piece of shit since the previous owner never took care of it. I'm guessing it wouldn't be a good idea to take it off her hands

I fucking HATE B5 Passats so much. Unreliable pieces of shit!

user I feel you, brought a b5 and its been a pita trying to fix all the problems I still have a mystery water leak that I can never find.

Have you checked the water pump? Mine was leaking from there, and it was a pain in the ass to get to because you literally had to take off the entire front end of the car just to look at it.


Audifag here, can confirm, my A4 B6 has a motor in it that the passat also had, the ALT 2.0 na. Waterpump cracked at about 170K km.

>plastic waterpump
My dads friend, that helped us fix it, told us that "vw decided to use plastic, since a metal waterpump rotor would cause more damage when it would brake"

I didnt know this before buying. I got the audi for its better looks than the passat and the fact that this thing is galvanized. After that no problems occured.
Pic is from the inet, ive got the regular fuel model. The back and also the front of this car look just much better than the passat.

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>buying an audi

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>american and japanese cars are made out of cheap plastics
*water pump die again*
>its just regular maintenance
*wires rats eat the wires*
>its just regular maintenance to buy cars every once in a while

Basic maintenance

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Got mine to 224K miles, you gotta maintain the fuck out of them to keep them reliable.

That being said, I did have a water pump nearly go on me. Was driving fine one day and the next it sounded like a bunch of silverware in a dryer. Only had a couple thousand miles on it and was replaced under warranty

TBWP every 75K, not 105K like VW recommendfs

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Is that in miles or km?

>maintain the fuck out of them to keep them reliable

What do you mean with that? What did you have to rreplace and maintain? Maybe it was just one badly treated car from the prev. owner? A friend of mine drives also a passat and has no problems with it, regular maintenance, he does it himself.


I want to point out that the only reason I got rid of it was that it was 10 years old and I'm was still putting a lot of miles on it.

I lost track of the number of evap canisters and N80 valves I had to replace. Also had to put two sets of cats on it, and TBWP every 75K miles.

Engine was great, suspension was worn out though,

I found out from the next owner it went at least another 30,000 miles before the alternator gave out. It was towed to a VW dealer who offered $5,000 on the spot as it sat.

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*blows out thermostat*
*fills with sludge*
*leaks from secondary air pump*


Regular oil service every 5K
"Big" service every 40K
TBWP every 75K (less than manual)
Slow cranking? Time to replace the battery

All the shit that went wrong with it was largely emissions or sensor failures (and that one bad water pump)

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You forgot
>*makes less power than a 4AGE blacktop*

What is it about VAG products that make people enjoy them so much despite their reliability problems?

Stockholm syndrome

These had massive problems with the oring on the temp sensor. Most shops will change your water pump, and your oring, and you dont know any better because you bought VW in the first place.

Because when they are working they are an absolute joy to drive. Had a PhatBox in mine, once I got it dialed in I had all my tunes on-demand, made for great driving.

I miss driving my B5.5 30-Valve Passat. I don't miss having to shell out for yet another Evap canister and N80 valve

eats ignition coils like a mother and smells like crayons

A few years ago, our 2002 2L jetta overheated on the highway and the oil was all gone and the water pump broke.
I checked the oil at least two weeks before and it was at acceptable levels. Is it possible that the water pump failing caused the oil to be used up? We got rid of the car in 2016 but I'm still perplexed by that event

It's likely you blew a head gasket.

>longitudinal fwd
>joy to drive

>it's the "fwd can't be fun" maymay

Your car looks salty

I never said anything about transverse FWD but the fact that VAG make Homer tier cars instead of RWD cars for poor people show that they don't care much about fun.

It's called Audi faggot
If you want rwd cars for poor people go buy an 86

Golf mk4, just month ago had leaking power steering. Its a common issue on that gen of VW

4 cylinder diesel engines are bulletproof. Hence why VAG diesels are way to go commuters and diesel Skodas are even better because no premium tax. Also rustless body and thick paint that suits harsher climate conditions. On top of that, in EU, parts are being bought in kilograms, not pieces. Theres tons of them wherever you are - be it Western Europe, Central or Eastern.

>oil, timing belt+waterpump
Ok thats like almost every car ever. I dont know about other models intervals tho. maybe some brands go easier on timing belt wear.

>big service every 40K
>battery replaced
Maybe battery shitty? Friend had no problems with that. Also i dont know about any big services from him.
I think you are making things sound worse than they are, and you havent worked on other cars to have a bit of perspective what reliable means.
That emissions stuff, well ok, ill give you that, it sucks.

Not him, but two words: Service position.

It is initially a pain in the ass, but it legitimately does make pretty much any service you need to do easy as shit.
Had to do this while doing timing chains/cams and a clutch. I initially scoffed at having to remove the trans to access the timing chain but you have basically unlimited room to work with at that point.

Forgot to say what car. It was a 12v vr6 mk4

See that snow off to the left? Thats a pretty good indicator this photo was taken in the winter.

The context was I hit a plastic bumper that was haflway in my line heading home. Took out that piece of plastic and cracked the fog light.

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even the fucking Koreans tried to make cheap sportcars.
even fucking GM made a cheap rwd roadster and made the turbo miata that everyone asked for
while Audi were only good in straight lines

What people don't realize about the B5..5 Passat is that its basically an Audi A6 body with an A4 front end. Stock battery is this skinny-ass bitch that is up by the firewall and it was probably not up to the job.

My tuner shop got me a mounting bracket to put in a standard battery, worked much better,

What I learned is that if that V6 cranks slowly, the battery is gone, you have 1-2 starts after that and then its too far gone. Jumping only works once.

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Ok, before i get salty replies, please explain it to me then, is it THAT bad what the user wrote, that i replied to?

>maintenance cost and parts
im a germanfag with the audi i mentioned here
I got it because prices are cheaper here and its a domestic brand. I dont get americans that buy german cars and then complain about maintenance.
Faggot, you CHOSE to get a non domestically popular car, maybe should have compared spare parts prices/prices for maintenance stuff before buying?

If i were american, i'd stick with american cars or toyota/lexus.

Well, ok, that really sucks dick, had to do it on my audi, annoying shit. Next time ill pay attention if there is room to work in the engine bay. But to be honest, the newer the car, the less space there is to work.
So this anons argument might be goodId rather take off the front, than something more complicated.

Why have I seen so many of that generation of VW/Audi's on the side of the road with the wheel bolts sheared off?

Are you forgetting the entire reason the manual transmission is dying is because faggots like you arent buying new cars?
It doesn't make any sense to spend the time and money engineering a small, lightweight RWD car marketed towards enthusiasts, because nobody will buy it. Its just the truth. Even if everyone loves it, not enough people will buy it for it to be worth the cost of engineering it.

Ok, i see the problem, yeah, the front is already crammed, and then a v6..whew, no wonder they nigger rigged it with a small ass battery. Thats actually pretty shitty design. I didnt know about it, since i have a 4 cyl and most passats here are 4 cyl, since german fuel prices are steep.
So naturally the battery is a standard one and does its job well.

The A4 is even more cramped up front and they stuffed two turbos into that bitch.
The A6 has just enough room to fit a V8.

Pic related

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I dont care if the cars were unreliable at least they looked good while doing so.

What about the 2.5 liter engines? Are they prone to the same issues? I'm looking at a rabbit with 90k on it in good condition.

All FSI engines have issues with carbon buildup, but the inline 5 is one of the more trouble-free engines they make these days. Probably because it's overbuilt for shitbox duty.

Hmm...well, then vag is just retarded then.
Yeah my battery is in the same position. I think i can see the mounting bracket, if thats your pic. Well, why would they then cheap out on the battery? Or did vw try to meme non standard batteries so you pay extra? But i cant actually imagine that.

Reminds me. Been looking at CCs and almost every one has had warranty work done for carbon build up on the injectors