Give Uber a try with my newish econobox I cherish so much

>give Uber a try with my newish econobox I cherish so much
>people slam on my doors so fucking hard it sounds like a shotgun blast

I don't think I'll be doing Uber again

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>letting strangers in your car for $3.37/hour

Uber drivers are just the mongs of society

The customer is always right


I made $400 last weekend and only drive around 8 hours fri/sat night

They're really not. I love being self employed. You don't have to put up with retards, scammers, etc.

Good goy
>The vast majority of Uber and Lyft drivers are earning less than minimum wage and almost a third of them are actually losing money by driving, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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>give Uber
>with my newish econobox I cherish so much

bigger dumbass

>I love being self employed. You don't have to put up with retards, scammers, etc.
Oh wise one, tell me how you are making money if you don't rely on other people

t. assravaged uber deliveri boi
How's it feel to be lower than walmart janitors?

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How does it feel to be a nignog neet?

If you're doing Uber or Lyft in anything but a $2k police interceptor, you're doing it wrong.

>Goyachusetts Institute of Technologoy
>not reading the edited forward on that link saying the study was so flawed that the participants retracted their findings

you don't need to repeat yourself. Not all neets are nigs but all nigs are neets

t. less than min wage uber cuck
How's it feel subsidizing your overlords?

>letting strangers in your car
Stepped in this one yourself m8

You can do the math yourself, but the wear and tear on your vehicle means you end up making less than minimum wage when you take into account all the costs. This is actually why Dominos Pizza pays its delivery drivers $0.37 per mile purely for vehicle upkeep and gas. If I go 200 miles on 10 gallons of gas and gas is $2.50 a gallon, it would costs me $25 to fill up my tank and I would earn $74 in vehicle maintenance. That means $49 is going into my vehicle maintenance fund every 200 miles. As far as I know, Uber doesn't have anything like this.

If I end up driving 80 miles in 8 hours of delivering, that ends up being equivalent to being paid another $3.70/hr vs someone who doesn't get that mileage compensation. Plus I'm not putting miles on a new car (which Uber requires) that's more expensive to repair, but I'm putting miles on a 25+yo shit box that I can do a full brake job on in under an hour for under $50.

>I love being self employed.
You are NOT self-employed with Uber. You are a contracted resource with the Uber corporation. You are also violating the terms of your car insurance when driving with Uber.

What my state attorney general and state insurance commissioner want to do is force Uber to list the drivers that are doing Uber. That will give the insurance companies a list of names that can have insurance claims denied. But legislators argued that would leave too many victims uncompensated without insurance, so the bill is in limbo right now. But they do want to resolve the Uber Lyft insurance fraud issue somehow.

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This pisses me off because us REGULAR drivers are subsidizing Lyft/Uber drivers via insurance. They need to be paying a commercial rate.

>argument completely btfo
>resorts to ad hominem
lmao neet

Uber prohibits using Crown Vics

For what purpose?

Being too old.

A Crown Vic would be a shit Uber car anyway, they drink too much.

Like it's been said more than enough times here already, driving for Uber not only fucked your car up royally but I can almost guarantee you're not making anymore close to what you think you're making. Add to this the chances of getting trash, dirt, puke, and piss/shit stains from passengers on top of being at risk of getting in an accident, and it's about the stupidest thing you could possibly do. If you insist on driving your car as a job do it part time at a pizzeria at least. That way you can use a literal shitbox and not have to actually deal with people or their shit

Do we have to have this thread every week? I put 2.7 k miles on my shitbox in the last five working days, my mileage costs have to be well under 5 cents including gas. More I drive less insurance payment (static) hurts, I'm in the gravy on top of rent food and such by day 2 of each week.

Change your own oil, buy used, drive highway miles and tell the drunk kids at night to watch shit, that's what I do.

Now this I will agree with. You all are paying me an extra 500 a month easy. But if the insurance passes so many drivers will drop out that prices will skyrocket, and I drive for people who expense everything so they will still ride. Either way I win.

Meant to say tell drunk night kids to eat shit, as in don't do those hours.

>Uber drivers are just the mongs of society
This is true, for whatever reason "being your own boss" sounds really appealing to FOB Bangladeshi shitskins

What about Lyft, I thought their age cutoff was 2004 or newer.

>2700 miles in five days
>mileage under 5 cents
>being this delusional

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Is this bait? That's 5-7 tanks of gas and an oil change every week at a MINIMUM. You're either talking out of your ass or you're incredibly dumb and/or cannot do basic math.

>I put 2.7 k miles on my shitbox in the last five working days
>mileage costs _under_ 5 cents per mile
>out of the red by day 2
2700 miles / 5 ---> 540 miles
540 miles * 5 cents/mile ---> 2700 cents is the total prorated car cost for 2700 miles of driving

You said _by_ day 2, so that means only day 1's profits cover costs. There is no way your mileage costs are under 5 cents for those 2700 miles. That is $27 cost for the prorated life of the car, tires, brakes, gasoline, and cleaning costs to keep the car presentable for customers.

Absolutely god tier music taste, user.