ITT : Bannable Shit that Car Companies Do

>integrating climate controls into the infotainment system

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touchscreen controls instead of physical buttons.

>music, volume or telephone controls are not physical buttons
>touchscreen interface is slow

Do you actually own a car where climate is controlled via touchscreen? or you just like to parrot shit auto-journalists say? Once you get used to the interface (ie when you actually live with the car) it’s a non-issue

Integration of climate control into the infotainment is no crime and in fact gives the infotainment more reason to exist. No, the real fucking crime is WHEN THEY COMPLETELY REMOVED THE FUCKING PHYSICAL CONTROLS TO THE CLIMATE CONTROL AND ONLY HAVE THEM IN THE PIECE OF SHIT INFOTAINMENT.

Some car companies still exist when they should be forced to close

Example Hyundai and Mazda nothing but shit boxes. You can include Chevrolet and GMC too if you want to be strict

Mazda makes good shit tho, as long as you aren't near salt if you're too stupid work out how to use this you shouldn't be allowed to drive in the first place

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its not the point. If I want heated seats or change in air temperature, I want to immediately be able to press a button and do it, not go through some screens for it. Porchse is even worse (I think its porsche, its some VW group vehicle) where you need to use the infotainment to aim the air vents, its fucking disgusting

>>integrating climate controls into the infotainment system
>controlling automatic climate control
The whole point of it is just set-and-forget. If you are adjusting it, you are an idiot.

>Hyundai at even remotely the same level as Mazda
How can you shit on Mazda?

It works pretty well though. It was fine in the xc90 I had for a week

I own one and it sucks. The only way to safely use something you should not look at is for that something to be able to produce tactile feedback.
Touchscreens won't give you any meaningful tactile feedback, which means that in order to use one you will have to look away from the road.

So fucking nice that I have an emergency braking system so the car will try to stop itself when I'm busy changing climate settings.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Mazda makes good cars.

Lol I own a 2017 civic and it is still shit. There is no excuse for it it is just bad plain and simple. AND the interface is slow and sluggish. Stop trying to apologize for the most agregious UX sins in the car industry. Or maybe you are just trying to justify the car you bought with a trash infotainment system.

2018 civic si here. This is really my only complaint with the car. Especially starting the car when it was snowing and wanting to crank the heat up. Sitting there 10 seconds while the Honda screen loads and then going into the climate control is the biggest pain in the ass

This shit. Even the french turds come with this shit nowadays. There's no plans to update the software, leading to tragic slow interfaces.
>hurr durr software is already fast
Look at phones man, 2 year old ones often are anemic turds

>The whole point of it is just set-and-forget. If you are adjusting it, you are an idiot.

Don't bother, most people bitching about it here probably drive Cavaliers.

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>look down once to check to current temperature
>adjust the temperature
>look down again to check the new temperature setting is correct

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New dodges with the dial shifter piss me right off
>have door open to lean out a bit
>put in drive
>take foot off brake
>electro-nannies kick tranny into park

>Shifting knobs

Fucking why.

>revive an old popular car's nameplate
>the modern day reinterpretation has exactly none of what made the original popular

>climate control is two turn knobs, one for temperature and one for power
>radio is two turn knobs, one for station and one for volume
Peak comfy

Making you disassemble a bunch of shit to replace stuff like air filters, headlight bulbs, etc.

>touch screen only climate controls

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You think you hate the new Bronco now, just wait until you drive it.

Hyundai makes good cars too faggot.

If anything, they are above Hyundai since they atleast still care about performance over econoshits.

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>steering temp and fan controls and simple buttons for a/c or defrosts by the radio
Its an amazingly stupid simple fix but millennials are retarded autists so you wouldnt expect them to be capable of fixing it when they designed it flawed in the first place

>but muh dual zone
Go ride in a uber where you have the capability to rate negatively for such trivial shit

>Electric handbrake
>Leaving the engine bay a cluttered mess
>No manual transmission option
>Peak horsepower at x rpm but you can't use x rpm
>Clutch pedal that has a weird kink in the range of motion

>dial shifters
>stalk shifters
>hubcaps on alloy wheels
>lack of important gauges
>overly long splash screens
>rear camera assist that will put the vehicle in park for you if it thinks you're going to wreck
The last one is something I've had issues with in GM products when backing into a parking space.It'll put itself into park and then you have to shift the stalk into park, and then back into gear to move again

w140 mein neger

Yeah, and it sucks ass.
Give me my buttons and dials back

Who gets the final word on what makes touchscreens get into new cars? Marketing?

I was interested in a new Civic Si. But that shit would drive me up a wall. Now I feel grateful my CR-Z has physical buttons for climate controls and radio.

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Or worse yet, it applies the parking brake when shifting out of park like the new Fiats. What a croc of shit those things are.

>be in winter
>cold as fucking shit
>wearing gloves
>want to adjust climate control
>now have to take off glove to do this
>old 3 knob design was both faster and did not have this extra step
>HURRR why complain?

plenty of cars still have both, you only see touch-screen only in silly minimalist cars like Teslas and OPs Volvo.

most modern cars have automatic climate control and radio controls in the steering wheel so those kinds of distractions are kept to the minimum. biggest problem with my car is that the heated seats are on the other side of the gear lever so i cant see which button is turned on most of the time.

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>lack of important gauges

I fucking hate this trend.

That's actually a quite sexy layout.

>have a car with touchscreen climate control
>wearing gloves
>in your car that was manufactured recently enough to have touchscreen climate control
>in your car that probably has remote start and automatic climate control
>because those have been around longer than touchscreen and would undoubtedly be included in a car new/fancy enough to have a touchscreen

i was about to say the same thing, if you car is new enough to have touchscreen-only climate control it probably has newer stuff like remote start and a good quality heating system. if you are at the point of needing to adjust the climate controls you probobly dont even need those gloves anymore.

My mom owns an XC90 and it frustrates the fuck out of both of us constantly

If it works for a plane it'll sure work for shitty consumer appliance called car.

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Mazda is the best of all jap makers. Dunno what you on about.

This car has more damn buttons than a keyboard

making cars of steel with the thickness of soup cans and use cheap plastic interior pieces

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>flying plane thousands of feet up in the air
>take a whole minute to adjust the climate control
>veer hundreds of meters off course
>doesn't matter because i'm fucking thousands of feet up in the sky

>driving car
>look off road for 5 seconds
>hit a lamp post going 100mph
>die instantly

if you can't see the difference you're an idiot

>touchscreen breaks on a hot day in brand new 50K + cuckbox when yiu go pick up your wife’s son from school
>sweating out all your soy because you cant use your ac that still works perfectly fine because no physical or redundant controls.
>tyrone is his shitstang gt is laughing at you while his balls get cooled thanks to the cooled seat button for your wife.
>tfw you realize you are all out of soy and now you want to kys

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there is a literal satisfaction to depressing a button though.. anons will agree

The creator of the dial shifter deserves to be drawn and quartered by Civics

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>satisfaction to depressing a button

Only it's mushier and shittier feeling than $5 walmart keyboard.

Also need to double check if keypress was even registered.

this might be more your speed.

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I don't mind it so much but placing the dial right next to the cup holders is just asking for trouble.

My wife has a 200S... I opened door while in gear and rolling slowly to try to align the side of car with a ground marking and it immediately applies the ... Electric Emergency Brake....
so you have to put the car in park.. take the E brake off and put it back in drive to move any further.... I do hate electric nannies...

>he can't park without opening the fucking door to stare down at the painted lines

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>Every single Mazda econobox is infinitely more fun to drive than it's competitors

>Baby's first shitposting session

I am on board with this.... Its not as gutwrenchingly terrible as the shifter sticking streight out of the dash though because its small.

its still appaling though

I'm not a fan of the whole buttonless trend. Seriously, if you can't memorize the functions of a bunch of buttons you have no business conducting a motor vehicle anyway, go fuck your grandma. Pic unrelated

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not the issue,

when you're trying to allign vehicle for wheel lift in garage or trying to make sure you are not going to run over your air lines maneuvering in close quarters....

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Mounting the oil filter horizontally above a load of components

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>All but MX5 discontinued




Where's the Mazdaspeed3, if I may ask?

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>it doesnt count!
Raw numbers dont mean shit and Mazda was never about that, sure the new Genesis X69 whatever landyacht has 400hp but it also has 2 tons of shitty body rolling chassis to push around

Both the RX's were discontinued for emissions reasons and both were at the top of their game

(same guy you replied to)
Although I have to admit the Veloster is pretty sweet and looks well made, props to Hyundai

>putting rear mirror in the middle of the front window
>making windows so small that you need cameras and sensors because you cant see shit around your car
Every car maker now

Could be a w210
still, love it!

>Present attractive and/or high performance concept cars
>Never produce them

I'll waive VW for the Nardo

I think touchscreens are awful to use. Especially in a plane

t. Pilot

Climate controls shifting to digital in the first place is where it started.
Sure, when it works it's p. damn slick to press buttons and have readouts etc. But it's shortsighted as fuck, because once it gets old and starts shitting itself it is very likely that you won't be able to replace it. Because any examples now cost a fucking fortune because they're ols and thus 'rare', and completely out of reach. So you're stuck with a non/barely functional control unit you cannot replace because cunts gonna cunt.
But who cares about any of that? It's years away and we're not going to deal with it and we can make money like RIGHT NOW.
Shower of twats.
Meanwhile, the even older and more basic cars with 100% mechanical controls are still completely fine and work with zero problems.

Yes. I am familiar with this exact situation, thanks for asking.

passenger climate controls on the steering wheel

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Remote start is not as common outside of US.

We prefer to have proper preheating equipment to preheat the engine and interior before starting the car. And at least in here idling of cars are restricted to 2 or 4 minutes depending in temperature or you can get fined if you idle longer than that.

Automatic climate control sucks.
When it's 110 outside I don't care if the air is technically 65 inside, I want the coldest possible air blowing because air temperature and surface temperature are two different things.
When it's -10 outside I don't care if the air inside is technically 70, I want the hottest air possible blowing.
Anyone who isn't maxing their climate control at all times is retarded.


>alarm when car is off and keys are in ignition
>alarm when lights are on and car is off
>alarm when pisser bladder gets too low
>alarm when fuel gets low
>alarm when driving without seatbelt

my Optima's navigation system starts trying to direct me towards nearby gas stations as soon as my estimated range drops below 60 miles.

its kind of annoying at first but i can see how it would be helpful if you were in an unfamiliar area.

Let's not forget the fact that volvo's infotainment software is running on some cheap chinese tablet with crap touch resolution and is laggy as fuck, so it can take like half a minute for shit to register.

>HVAC set to auto
>68 degrees

I think I've adjusted this twice in 2 years and I live in a place where it's over a hundred in the summer and below zero in the winter

I miss my old e320

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Honestly, all automatic transmission cars should have dial shifters. Completely electronic, too, with no tactile feedback because the whole point is to remove you from the 'discomfort' of actually driving. Better yet would be to put gear selection in a touchscreen.

>leather boot on an automatic shifter

>touchscreen controls for audio and HVAC

>digital engine noises

>integrated sat-nav that won't let you adjust it unless the car is stopped and parked

>plastic covers on literally everything for no apparent reason

>plastic push connectors that fucking break the very first time you remove them to access [anything]


pic unrelated, the pinnacle of practical console design

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this pic cheered me up today thank you

>having your hand slapped by dad in the Chebbie when it gets too hot in the truck

Ah, the memories

i dont get it

touchscreens are sometimes thosuand dollar options and yet theyre slower than my 5 year old ipad

Everything all anons said here plus

No spare tire, no oil dipstick, no gear shifter and all the other stuff you want and need now missing from your overpriced new car.

so you hate Japanese cars?

>Start car
>Seatbelt chime distracting the shit out of you as you try to carefully reverse out of your driveway/parking spot

Do people seriously put that shit on before starting the car? I'm adamant about wearing one at anything past parking lot speed but god damn you don't have to screech in my ears every time I start the car, and what if I just didn't want to wear it? Fuck you for trying to force everyone.

Believe it or not even in some places in the US, as well as Bingland and other shitholes, its a ticketable CRIME to warm your car up, because it '''entices thieves''' You have to be in it, and even then you still cant because of emissions and shit but i dont know the validtiy to that part.

i hate their shit build quality

Have a common failiure mode that is highly inaccessible.
>Bushing that requires the entire rear suspension to be removed, but fails significantly more often
>Starter motor on the undercarriage with an infamously hard to remove bolt

It's honestly fucking bullshit. At best you're in for a rough time and a lot of swearing. At worst you need specialised tools and have to hire a mechanic to do it, and then pay ridiculous labour costs.

Thank you, you're about the only other person I've ever seen who actually realizes this.

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>car won't move with door open
>even in reverse

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b-but at least the l500r got an lmp1 bodykit(???) in gt sport!

God damn that's a lot of buttons. I like it.

i love the steering wheel too, comfy soft leather with a flat bottom and paddles plus all the right buttons and toggles needed to control the radio, drive mode and cruise control without having to look away while driving.

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A friend of mine leased the turbo version. He was tired of it by the second year. Told me the build quality is ass.

too bad kia got shit engines

the Theta II 2.0 Turbo is a pretty solid engine with good performance and millage for the size. sure a certain percentage of them explode after a couple years but thats what the 10 year powertrain warranty is for.

>sealed transmission
>"""lifetime""" fluid

>Above 100 in summer and below 0 in winter
>Actually living in the Dakotas
My condolences

I'm surprised nobody mentioned the GM feature where the reverse lights come on when you unlock or lock your car.

>Driving through parking lot
>Car with reverse lights on
>Wait 5 minutes for them to reverse
>Slowly creep by to see old lady putting bags into back seat.

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