>new engine is called northstar 2.0

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Like every other one of Cadillac's attempts at "sporty" cars, it's going to be just another awesome powertrain stuck in an unnecessarily heavy and underwhelmingly "luxurious" car with an astonishing pricetag. They could've made the same thing with a Chevy badge that weighed a half ton less and cost half as much but they're terrified of ever having any in brand competition with the Camaro.

they're calling the car a northstar to play off the old people who remember the old deville

>car only came out in 2016
>gm already had to facelift it

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Let me guess: this is gonna kill BMW for good this time, right?

4 years is completely acceptable for a facelift

>2019 - 2016

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Now do 2020 - 2016.

it's a 2019 model mathlet

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Was wondering when you faggots we're going to have a thread about this

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>first DOHC V8 to have cylinder deactivation
Cadillac does it again, Germans BTFO as usual

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>the no 90° twin turbo V8 gf ;_;

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Will it be transverse or the proper way?

>>first DOHC V8 to have cylinder deactivation
Why was it only possible on OHV until now? i figured this would have been done a long time ago. the new C8 is probably going to get pretty good fuel economy. on another note if they can somehow mate an AWD system to a twin turbo V8 what's stopping them from doing it with the Camaro?

No one else did it, probably because Chrysler and GM hold the rights

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>American Twin Turbo V8
>Cylinder deactivation
>non-haldexshit AWD
>easily adaptable to RWD
>decent 10 speed auto
fingers crossed for lower weight and better reliability, god knows that people will be shoving T56s into it as soon as they hit the cheap used market

la creatura...

>Chrysler and GM hold the rights
That's crazy, imagine how many engines could have better fuel economy. i didn't necessarily think you could patent-lock something like that. How did others get access to shit like Variable Valve timing when that was invented/patented by Alfa?
I could already see that engine kicking some ass if used in IMSA DPi.
>>non-haldexshit AWD
Its torsen?

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>it's torsen?
Most likely
>How did others

mercedes V12s have had it since 2001
honda has it on v6s

dunno why no v8

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Why does everyone hate haldex

VAG has it on their DOHC V8
They must mean first GM with DOD

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>Cylinder deactivation
Great idea temporarily make the engine unbalanced to save fuel in official test circumstances but dramatically reduce the engines lifespan

Because haldex works as FWD until traction slips, and even when it does it cannot send a majority of power to the rear, only a portion. This means you have a cheap imitation of a true AWD system with proper bias and you still have plague problems of FWD like torque steer.

All it does is cut fuel and ignition to a bank of cylinders

do you understand how engines work?

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engine mounts are strong enough to deal with the vibration, the engine isn't making enough power to require a balance shaft, and everything is still being lubricated since the cylinders are moving. It's pretty safe for the engine.

all eight pistons are still moving up and down you fucking retard

Assuming this car has torsen AWD would it be one of the only torsen AWD cars out there? since Audi has gone heldex for probably their entire lineup now (including the R8). that just leaves this and the new BMW M5 being the only non-heldex AWD left? i don't know if Mercedes 4-matic uses heldex or what Lexus uses for their AWD.

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>those digits
Fucking wasted. RWD is for chads.

for non-offroaders probably, although if I recall correctly, subaru still has proper AWD on the forester

MB 4MATIC is RWD biasedon the C-Class and Up, so if that makes it Torsen, then yes it is

>>>>>first DOHC V8 to have cylinder deactivation

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what? I rented a charger last time I went to burger land and I'm pretty sure it was running on 4cyl on the highway

>comes with more than a 6 cylinder

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>Hemi's are DOHC

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pls no theyre heavy enough already

>New model never made before
wow you guys are autistic

So why are they ditching pushrods? aren't they more compact

People misunderstand what Haldex actually is. It's a part-time AWD system that uses an electronically controlled clutch to send power to the axle that's not powered by default, it's not inherently front-biased.
Torsen AWD refers to a full-time AWD system with a TORque SENsing differential in the center, distributing the power across both axles as needed.

Hell, the R8 uses Haldex, but instead of the front axle, the rear axle is powered at all times. Even the Veyron and Chiron use this setup.
Porsche uses something that operated similarly in their AWD cars, although I'm pretty sure it's an in-house developed solution. Nissan's ATTESA system comes to mind too, RWD "by default" with the front axle receiving power as needed. Not sure what the new M5 uses, but I'm pretty sure Mercedes' 4Matic is a part-time AWD solution too.

The CT6-V will likely go the same route, electronically controlled part-time AWD, not full-time mechanical AWD.
Even Audi has switched to mostly part-time AWD systems, though the S and RS models still get the full mechanical stuff for now.

>500hp AWD
holy shit. that's impressive.

physical engine dimensions don't matter in a passenger car and Cadillac has gone DOHC before so why wouldn't you expect them to do it again.
>Northstar 2.0

brand identity. they didn't want to use a parts bin engine for Caddy.

no one notices engine sharing or even what kind of engines are in their cars. these people likely don't even know how to change their own oil.

Holy shit those digits