ITT: Cars that you think are hideous. Which ever car gets the most (You)s is deemed the ugliest

ITT: Cars that you think are hideous. Which ever car gets the most (You)s is deemed the ugliest.

Must be ugly out of the factory, no stupid mods and stancefags and the like.

I nominate the Dodge Intrepid. It's ugly as shit and the town cop drove a black one. We got a heat gun and yellow seran wrap and heated it to his car to make it look like a bumblebee when we were drunk idiots in high school.

Fortunately he was a heavy sleeper.

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ugly as fuck

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Looks like a fucking beetle.

PT Cruiser.

That fake nostalgia thing looks weird on a lot of cars but the cruiser did it the worst.

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googling this image
instant regret

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>when you're clay sculpting a car design and the clay starts sagging but you just don't give a fuck

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Fucking awful

ugly but sexy af

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It's only ugly under the hood and in the weak sound.

The brz front looks SOOO much better imo

>Must be ugly out of the factory, no stupid mods and stancefags and the like.

This is like an improved pt cruiser.

My vote is on this and the pt cruiser

fucking hideous
looks like it's front got mashed in

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I still laugh

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Those wheels look pretty good on it.

No competition. I forget the name, but it's some car made for a specific asian market. Probably not as ugly over there

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Lipstick on a pig - the car

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You are a complete faggot
MarkVIII's have the dopest interiors, and the looks can be fixed with the Terminator front fascia

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I also nominate this atrocious middle finger to God

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Oh my

I'm fairly confident if it wasn't for tasteless poos and chinks, BMW would be bankrupt by now for designing such monstrosities.

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This, all other pale in comparison

I thought this looked cool when I was a little kid. Instead of setting me right and telling me it wasn't cool, my dad bought me a toy pt cruiser car.

Listen faggot, you don't have taste and it shows.
Free YOU becuase. You're ugly as well.

Was waiting for someone to post this.

I have one and in the (very) few that prefers these. One thing I do like that isn’t shown often is the new headlights, which I see Subaru has also adapted their own version of.

You realize the poos and the chinks (and Americans in the case of that thing) is the reason bmw makes those cars. If people bought sedans instead of SUVs bmw - or anyone else--wouldn't make them

PT loser more amirite? Jokes aside, that is the worst

Mn12 cougars, especially base model v6's, and even more so if they're beat up and rusty.

Oddly enough I like the mn12 birds, would give my left nut for a mint 5 speed SC

Close second ugliest would be a 90's Chrysler Concorde

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It's not that bad compared to your modern Lexus offerings.

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How do the tail lights look? That's all I'll be seeing when I drive my Ford GT.

second gen concorde, right?
first gen is based, it looks like a true 90s ameribarge

I actually had to google, i forgot about the second gen.

They both look like dogshit. I can't decide which ones uglier

My friend has a Canadian-market Chrysler Intrepid and we live in Michigan. It's pretty neat.