Steam cars

Why is it not common?

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Prep time before going to the local store may be in hours.

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Because the effectively blind anyone behind them

You have to refill the water tank like every ten miles.

Long prep time, hard to keep in optimum operating conditions, high torque and low revs far better suited to weight than to speed (steam makes diesels look like Honda S2000 engines).

Or as little as 5 min.

In all reality, as cool as steam is it just wasn't practical once gasoline cars became more reliable, and it's not all the efficient.

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"The 1924 model Doble Series E steam car could run for 1,500 miles (2,400 km) before its 24-gallon water tank needed to be refilled"
Quote from the Doble steam car wikipedia page

Thermal efficiency chains.

condensers my dude

The real question is are steam trucks going to become common?
>Steam boiler can be tuned to burn any liquid or gas fuel completely cleanly with no NOx emmisions or particulates.
>Range limited by fuel carrying abilities like a normal truck
>Safer than battery power and not limited to tiny range
>Can be refueled in minutes unlike a large battery

>The real question is are steam trucks going to become common
And the answer is "no"

Steam engines benefit hugely from economies of scale and aren't efficient in small vehicles

Why not?
They seem better than the electric meme
>Gorillions of dollarydoos thrown at electric trucks
Fair enough

Because they would need almost two to three times the mass, and the amount of power loss that people complain about in an automatic would be a joke in comparison to how much just leaks out of a steamer.

because literal rolling bomb, driven by ameritards who cant even be bothered to change their oil on time

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And if you talk to people that actually own them the reality is nothing near that.

Advertising is funny in that you can say whatever you want.

because water is more expensive than gas

Wrong, depends entirely on the design.

>Advertising is funny in that you can say whatever you want.

An American phenomenon.

And where do you think the Doble was built?

>because literal rolling bomb
Unlike a dozen gallons of gasoline, right?

>burn fuel
>fuel heats up water
>it takes a lot of energy to boil water
>steam is channeled to piston
>piston drives the drive train
versus gasoline
>burn fuel
>fuel itself drives piston
>piston drives the drive train

it's just by definition more efficient

Does it make advertising universally legally grossly misleading because the Doble Steam car was built in the states?


we are talking about the united states where cigarettes could be advertised as "healthy" until the 1950s?

I think OP’s ideas are good ones. I think steam cars have the potential to be good and efficient if enough effort is put into condensers, gearing, and electronic heating systems. It just may take a while for it to catch up to conventional combustion.

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Cigarettes protect against lung cancer.

See Crush, Texas steam locomotive train crash,_Texas

who knows shits cool as fuck

sure, if your gasoline tank is 300 degrees and under 250-300 psi

Aside from the deaths it still sounds like a hell of a time. I'd pay to see that.

>She's not built for hills...

>majority of Europoor countries are ban ICEs within their borders in the next decade
>mfw the second age of steam is upon us

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False advertising is illegal in the United States.

It wasn't in the early 1900's but don't act like it's still legal now

> He actually rolls coal

political advertising is not only false, it's full of lies

Yeah, because steam engines don't require a combustible or anything

electric vehicles are essentially steam powered, most electricity comes from coal fired power plants

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Couldn't you run steam cars on compressed air?

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but water in a steam car is a closer analogue to oil than gasoline
you still need to burn something, and it needs to burn hot
on that note I wonder if some kind of steam-gasoline hybrid would be possible, using the engine heat to boil the water and give you an extra bit of power once you're up to temperature
a small engine probably wouldn't generate enough, but something like a high-displacement V8 might benefit from it

yeah, but most of it is based on things that are ambiguous or impossible to prove as a lie
i.e. "when I'm elected mayor, I'll turn all the parking spaces into bike lanes"
and when they get elected mayor
"we found that it wasn't economically feasible to turn all the parking spaces into bike lanes, so we won't"
that's not lying per se, it's backpedaling on a statement of intent

The issue with steam is the lower efficiency since the steam can not be superheated as high as combustion temperatures in a ICE.
On the other hand they run on pretty much anything you can combust, like wood, trash, waste oil, low grade gas, diesel and many more fuels.
Safety is a non issue with more modern boilers like in the Doble, wich does not contain more than just about one liter of water, wich can´t blow up much.
These boilers also reach verry high steam temperatures and heat up verry fast.
Condensers allow you to run the steam engine in a closed cycle, meaning you don´t have to refill the water.

I could see modern steam as a way to use biofuel more directly, since you could run them on wooldchips and dried biomass directly without costly and inefficient processing.
Also they have a shitload of lowend torque.

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>no brakes
>no shifters
>handlebar at wrong angle

that's why it needs you
i'm just here to remind you the developing world is a growing market and they need green transport
and brakes

All my bikes already have proper brakes and gear ranges.

>need to burn a combustible so that you can heat up the water that powers the car

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That's how most electric cars work, yes.


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Surely a modern version is possible.