MoVlogs got a $1.8 million Lykan SuperSport as a birthday gift by some billionaire

>MoVlogs got a $1.8 million Lykan SuperSport as a birthday gift by some billionaire

Why is life so unfair?

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a literally what for a literally who

It seems like only the douchiest people get lucky in life. I don't mind people being rich if they have earned it but nearly every person I see with a nice car is a colossal faggot like the guy in OP's pic

>Civic Type R fucks a Ferrari


im more of a jake paul guy myself, sorry

It's clickbait, user.

"If you want to make money on youtube, you gotta flex on kids" - Pewdiepie

Maybe you should stop being an autist and make friends.

Pic related

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Fuck rich people.

good for him it looks like he apreciate it.


yep and mtv gave snoop dog a lambo for his birthday.
[spoiler]they didn't[/spoiler]

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no those are just the loudest ones

1.8m isn't a lot
pretty much would buy
>some weird VW
>a dirty old ferrari
>shitty old v-dub some roastie painted
>some dead manlet's hat
>faggy yuro convertible with steel wheels
>riced old ferrari

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>caring about overpriced shit like that
if I had really fucking rich parents I'd just ask for some old shitbox in mint condition like this fucking dude desu

If a billionaire gave me that tall ass ugly piece of shit i would return it and buy a pantera and an rx7

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>arab gets a 911 with a bodykit

>overly excited greeting
I would honestly have watched his vid if he and people in general would stop being so "HYPED UP xDDDDDDD" and stop being so artificial.

>as a birthday gift by some billionaire
If this wwould be remotely true, then id say that nothing comes for free and the rich dude now pretty much owns this vlogger boi puccy.

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Because he's the billionaires personal fucktoy. Get over it or start taking dick in the ass.

>tfw your boi pucci is not good enough to earn supercars

dat shite is ugly as hell, a he-man resurrection for big children

Sand nigger gets a fiero with body kit that burns through a 25 gallon tank in 5 minutes