What is the ‘rattle zone’ for your car in speed?

What is the ‘rattle zone’ for your car in speed?

At about 110kph, my Camry sounds like it’s going to tear itself apart

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Check your tire pressure mate...

Took my 99 accord up to 220kph (out of gearing, top speed), zero rattles, drove like it did at 80kph with more wind noise.

my car generally doesn't rattle much at high speed
it's at lower speeds on bumpy surfaces where the loose trim inside begins rattling like fucking crazy

used to be 55-70mph. turns out the cause of the NVH was utter garbage-tier wheels that weren't hubcentric (lugcentric instead), and getting a good set of OEM wheels, as well as an alignment, solved the problem.


About 0-120 mph roughly

My S10 drives fine up to its 100mph limiter. You can't really hear the interior rattles from the wind noise so its fine.

Weirdly my car isn't a rattle zone at a certain speed, it's a rattle zone when you stomp the gas pedal at low RPM. Maybe it's the engine mounts or something, but you can feel a grumbling shake in the entire car, and not a good kind. Once you forced the revs high enough it suddenly disappears.

I've never gone above 105kph.

>0 mph
>bad engine mounts
>exhaust vibrates against underbody.

driving a Chrysler new yorker
(im sorry)


I drive a 90's subaru so the rattles aren't nearly as bad as the wind noise. If its especially windy, I can be sitting still and still hear wind coming through the window seals. On the interstate it sounds like I have my windows rolled down.

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One of my secondary catalytic converters has broken and is rattling inside its case. It just sits there Making a terrible noise wherever I go and people are staring.
One day it will eventually break enough to come out, or it will clog and I'll have an I4

I have a V6 Hyundai sonata shit box and to its credit it doesn't really have a rattle zone (that I've found, I haven't pushed it past 90) but at 75mph and over it's just not very nice to drive because it doesn't really settle down. The steering is hesitant, the ride is spongy and the gears are short so it's always busy to drive, even at highway speeds. It won't just settle down and cruise, which is the whole point of a V6 four door imo.

I just wear earplugs

>my chrysler has basically no wind noise
though the windshield seal is probably bad considering the dome lights occasionally drip water after it's snowed

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0 mph

At idle / low rpm, the steering column vibrates the most, though it still isn't too bad --- 1998 Acura CL

As soon as I start the car stuff starts to rattle, but I have yet to get up to a speed that anything feels even mildly sketchy at. I think the most I've hit so far is 92, and it was exactly the same amount of rattles there as at 60-70.

Land Rover LR4

Never took it above 100mph, but there is no death rattle.

Don't have any unless my rear rims get ice stuck on them. Which is amazing considering all the flat spots. If your shit is coming apart at 60mph you need to get your tires balanced...

Sounds like plugs or something getting bad causing a misfire at high loads.

>2003 Z33
Sometimes it’s related to high rpm’s
Sometimes it’s 70+ mph
Sometimes it doesn’t rattle at all
When the entire interior is cheap friction fitted plastic the potential is limitless

German cars don't have this problem.

>drive car of your catholic mother catholic
>think that the car rattle because its a chevy
>its just the crucifix hitting the mirror

at about 75-80mph I don't feel safe taking my hands off the wheel anymore because it gets really soft and mushy

>mk3 supra
>can't see out my mirrors because they're vibrating so badly
I think it's time to replace the OEM suspension kek