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Reminder that sumos are faster than sports bikes

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post bikes

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Like who?

Unfortunately I know the retarded Germans would come back, but I think some of these new idiots would forget about it like the KLR user, XTanon/shadowanon, Suzuki hater retard, etc

I'm gonna buy this tw200 for my first bike and use it to commute to work, 10 miles a day on back roads. Explore my city on the weekends, go off road too. What do you guys think?

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Teedubs are great little goofy bikes
I like them

Literally all I ever post is pics of my bike and leave these days. I lurk otherwise unless to answer a couple questions. Stay salty.

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I like the kid with the shadow. Good comfy pics

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If we could rid ourselves of all trip fags that would be great.

On gokart tracks, very twist roads, and shitty road surfaces yes

Why is it that almost all bar end mirrors (or just any aftermarket mirrors) look like straight garbage? Trying to find something sick tight for my supermoto. Any suggestions?

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I know when you are posting without the pictures. It's easy to tell your style of posting
CC is a good boi

There arent even any bad tripfags in dbt anymore

you must be joking.

The pics are fine. He bashes other people's bikes all the fucking time though
Who are they

is there a hickock45 of motobloggers? I'm so tired of the 20 something guys screaming and popping wheelies the whole video

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Bar end mirrors are garbage just keep stock mirrors

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Harry's garage

44teeth and Weekly Rides with Reuben

Looks 90s colored

Moto dutchman, doesn't post often though. RJ obviously. Lamb chop rides perhaps?

hell yeah it is, this bikes colour can be described with one word: radical

Watch cuban rider, not sure if i would even call him a vlogger since he hardly talks (which i like). He lives near the dragon and rides a s1000xr and a drz and can actually ride unlike 90% of motovloggers

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>insurance gave me way more than i payed for my ninja

lmao. tfw still can't afford nice bike. what bikes should i look at under 3600, VFR 750? or should i just save until i can afford an R6/CBR

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Wish I had em, they didn't have a set when I bought them because the previous owner only rode dirt.

How tall are you ?

I paid $2800 for my ZX9R

Post your local craigslist



That's a pretty phat rear wheel

Yeah I like him and his flying bike also

>he thinks only one person hates suzuki
Oh sweetie

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And yeah it's literally just two people, and one of them only does it for (u)'s

the best 650 thumper

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where can we get /dbt/ stickers.


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What is it specifically? I think your bike is really nice.

>voluntarily cursing yourself

Achieved my learner's permit this week.

Whats the next step? I dont have a bike or gear. Recommend me things.

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no i want to put it on my toolbox, i don't want one of you retards to find me in real life.


Depends where you live

Facts are facts

Gen 1 KLR 650

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busa death rocket and flannel shirt

Buy gear, buy bike.

G310Rs are shit, get a 300 twin.


Unironically considered a grom STRONGLY as first baiku when I was nobike

Kawasaki a BEST.

>He bashes other people's bikes all the fucking time though
I don't bash people's bikes, and please don't take it down to "your typing style" to determine whether I do or don't. I try to be as friendly as possible.

Worst I did was sperg out when someone mentioned NV had no good riding because there weren't any major twisties in the local area, when I was just trying to prove them wrong.

Not him, but atlanta.craigslist.org/search/mca
Looking for a second bike for commuting, bored of the cbr250r and i want something more upright. Budget is around 5 or 6 grand.

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Anyone here converted a drz400 to a lightweight adventure bike?

Planning a big trip and need to know the must haves for the drz. Im Australian so its the E model so high gearing but still road legal. Amerifags jealous.

hello friends

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we can put different sprockets on too ya goof

however i would start by getting the largest fuel tank you can get


Do not buy the overpriced bike you posted

Lots of bikes on there


best thumper

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Still doesn't sound as bad as the oil starvation problem LMAO

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>touring on a sumo



>not wanting to meet fellow retards


How do I sell my bike if I'm autistic?

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Same shit different wheels


but i dont want to die


what is wrong with them? Should i go for the F800 R roadster instead?

too tiny tho

What about ninja 400? Rebel 300/500? or CBR? HD Street rod?

I really dont know bros. What about helmet? Should I get a bright yellow one so I dont get splatted?

Weighing up getting a 17L tank and carrying fuel occasionally on longer off road sections. Or buying a big ole 27L safari and being set.

F800R is a good bike for beginners

you should just start with the big tank so you always have it, rather than dicking around with loose fuel containers

Out of all 3 models of drz only one is a supermoto and it's by far the shitest variant.


Yeah, I guess it doesn't need to always be full either.

turbo busa 300km wheelie fuck gear

are you NWI?

also just start with something light, cheap, and with a neutral seating position until you figure out what type of riding you want to focus in on

Is it? Because I really like it.

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5 foot 10

Indy atm, soon NEI

I would go for an fz09 or something, they're a fucking blast

Yeah the Rotax ptwins have been around a long time and they're very relaxed, but got enough in it that you won't be looking to upgrade any time soon

Yeah it's a fine bike to learn on and keep for a while. I'd suggest buying used if possible

i live about 2 hrs away from indy on the IL side

honestly for riding near you i would definitely get something on the softer side suspension wise due to your shitty roads, try out a 250+cc dualsport or sumo

I'm going to get jewed aren't I

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fucking how, FB? bikes seem cheaper on there, but im pretty sketched to go meet people

Thats fine then

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The brand of your first bike really doesn't matter, most p-twins below about 750cc will be equally garbage. Just get something cheap, you're likely gonna want to sell it for something else after a year or so.

Craigslist. Just expand your search area, every bike I have bought has been 2-3 hours away

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no memes you want something around 30-60 horsepower thats light and maybe even something you can put both feet down pretty easily.

The more weight and horsepower means you have a little bit more to play with but then it's also a little bit more to handle. So it's really up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

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