Tomorrow makes it 24 years since he's gone

Tomorrow makes it 24 years since he's gone.
Rest in peace. ;_;7

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lol cant turn



I don't get the hype surrounding Senna. He hugely profited from great advancements happening to F1 cars at the time, that's it.

>LIVING Legend

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>impaled by a suspension rod
>dead on arrival

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It goes far from that. Deportists don't only make a name for themselfs for their performance, but rather also using stuff like charisma, sportsmanship, and popularity. And he wasn't a bad driver

>also using stuff like charisma, sportsmanship, and popularity

He certainly was a good looking charming kind of guy. But also a nutjob christian and far from a good sportsman (crashing into Prost on purpose etc.). Also he can't have been that great of a driver since he died.

For comparison: Vettel is 4 times F1 champion. Number of deaths: 0

>nutjob christian

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>not being sportsmanlike makes you a bad driver
>describes basically every petulant number 1 driver ever
Vettel, Hamilton, Alfonso, Schumi, and every other great driver in living memory are so competitive that they will naturally not fit the common definition of "sportsmanlike". They fit the attitudes of fast jet pilots perfectly, if you've ever spoken to either.


Schumi even cried for Senna. He was a true sportsman

I love Schumi too. I hope he recovers soon ;-; I loved watching him race when I was a kid

you can thanks a guatemalan on /f1/ thread for this amazing oc


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A year earlier Senna had his world champion ship stolen from him by FA politics and a biased French FIA president Jean-Marie Balestre in favor of Prost. Senna beat Prost to pole so the FIA put him on the dirty side of the grid and then Prost got the better start because of it. Later on when Senna went to overtake Prost, he dove into the corner to prevent Senna' passing thus going for the accident, he didn't even make it subtle.

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Don't forget
Presumably (MAXIMUM)

>Also he can't have been that great of a driver since he died.
what cunt

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>The previous day, Roland Ratzenberger had died when his car crashed during qualification for the race.
>It was later revealed that, as medical staff examined Senna, a furled Austrian flag was found in his car—a flag that he had intended to raise in honour of Ratzenberger after the race

www randomsite com/article

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I thought Senna died on the 1st of May?

>nutjob Christian

Wew reddit cane early

Was Senna fast or was it all the car carrying him like HAM