What is the best big cheap used suv?

Im leaning towards the v10 ford excursion. Its huge, cheap and has lots of tuning potential

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But why would anyone ever want a big suv?

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Theyre comfy and safe

>Triton V10

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Around here they want a King's ransom for one.

They're not really cheap. They were special snowflakes when they came out and now have a tax on them especially if you want a steezul. A Suburban is a lot more common and you can squeeze big power out of a 5.3.

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Explain these concepts, are they something to do with offroading.

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You dont pay taxes on craigslist

Why tf would i want to do that

Tax is in redneck tax, rice tax, meme tax, drift tax, etc.

For when you need to go the shops to pick up months supply of honey and porridge.

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To make it a 1-ton they basically made the struts and leafs solid. You feel a lot of bumps.

the meme tax on excursions is only for the 7.3 power stroke ones
the 6.8 v10 and 5.4 are cheap af

Do you really need the third row? If not your almost better off getting a crew cab truck with a cap on the back.

Why the fuck would anyone want that much engine?

You need that much when you got 7000lbs of freedom to drag around. We don't go powering big trucks with tiny engines here in the developed world.

Ok, but what does it actually do?

>You need that much when you got 7000lbs

Ford needs all the extra help then i guess lel

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It allows you to move said object at a reasonable speed and tow shit. 20 second 0-60 times are unacceptable here.


That roof rack company logo is such a ripoff.

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This was in the economic boom period, it was a time of wants. The Excursions were for people who wanted fucktons of interior room but also to tow absurdly heavy trailers.

When has an American ever needed to tow something that isnt bought for the express purpose of towing (e.g. boats, caravans)?

Boats and campers are fun, you europoors wouldnt know about that in your overtaxed, crowded, sjw infested socialist shitholes though

Or an 8.1 (496 cu). A good excursion is hard to find. I have a neighbor that just bought a unicorn excursion diesel wiith low miles in great shape two states and 1,000 miles away. There are a few around here, but never, ever cheap.

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I get that you're clearly in jest but OP wants a shitfest and you're giving it to him.
These were for really big caravans. Like, an absurd amount of excess. Even then, some of the biggest ones would make even an Excursion squat heavily.

Your American is showing.

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I am op

You guys don't realize how big and heavy our boats and trailers are. The average travel trailer or boat is over 5000lbs. Toy haulers can creep into the 10k lb range. That's why 1.8 diesel trucks don't work here.

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But why not just sleep in your car and get a kei boat? Its far more enjoyable.

>sleep in your car
>far more enjoyable

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If youre a homeless bum

I forget you Americans need 30 cubic metres of volume to sleep in.

>kei boat

>But why not just sleep in your car and get a kei boat? Its far more enjoyable.
man euroshits sure are clueless how the fuck is sleeping in a car more comfortable than this?

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Being pulled along by a 400hp boat is a lot more fun than putting around some marina.

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We're used to living in houses. It's probably different in the favela

>small as shit
>slow as fuck
>little cargo space
>cloth seats
>would get rekt in an collision
Why the fuck would anyone want one of these?

In case they plan on leaving the road at some point in their life.

That's what the toy hauler full of toys is for... Do you not see how it works yet?

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fucking this. even a 4x4 2500 or f-350 will do very well off roading

Ok, but why the side by side? Get yourself a quad.

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but not at the same cost, also Americans still havent sicovered wheel bases or ramp angles yet. Their solution is 5 times more engine and 50 metres of lift.

Quads are queer unless you use them for hunting or work. Dirt bikes and side by sides are more fun.

That's not even my point. I'm saying we have toys that we use off road hence the need for trucks to move said toys. But yeah even a truck that size with "bad angles" will get you most places off road.

braking news europoors can't afford anything nice more coverage at 11

Admit it, all you faggits care about is showing off to others about your wealth. You dont care about fun at all, fun is a bunch of vodka striken russians taking their golf up a mountainside and dying in the process. Americans are so up their own arses that they disregarding anything not worth $60000 as some third world. You dont care about Veeky Forums at all.

>fun is a bunch of vodka striken russians taking their golf up a mountainside and dying in the process
This is what europoors actually believe


That's because the 7.3 is the only good one.

Uh, the Jeep Wrangler exists.