Abarth 500

Help me Veeky Forums! I am finding myself wanting one more and more these days, they're cheap and super fun to drive and sound better than any V8. Why shouldn't I get one?

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It's a Fiat and literally a woman's car.

its a woman's car, get a 124 Abarth instead.

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umm i AM a woman

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I want something to DD and still have some level of practicality (hence a hatchback). The 500 is roughly 5 grand cheaper and just as fast.

why on earth someone would want a FIAT.
>oh but it's an Abarth
It's a fucking FIAT! go ahead and buy it, your mechanic will love it.

and bobs

fine get the Miata instead, they sound more your speed.

Fucking doing it. My partner’s work colleague has the Ferrari Tributo and she loves it. I actually wanted one but I need something a little more practical so I got a 5 door polo gti instead. Not sure how reliable they are but at least you’ll have a warranty buying new. Do it

KEK I saw an old guy driving this today on the freeway zipping in and out of lanes. Caught up to him and passed him going like 5 miles faster than him and he calmed down for some reason. After i was on the off-ramp i saw him going at it again. I just wanted to have a bit of fun with him but guess hes afraid of v8 engines.
PS. definitely a girls car my girl thought it was cute but does not like seeing a man driving one.

They're literally the least reliable brand in the world, other than some unknown Indian brands maybe. They break down 3x as much as the second worst piece of shit.

If you're small enough to fit comfortably and you don't care if people think you're a fag you should get one.

>it's a woman's car, get a woman's car

My gay uncle has had a base 500 for 2 years with no problems.

I think people who answer surveys are just retards.

Get a Mini

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The Mini didn't seem to quite as exciting to me. Is it worth checking out?

they're currently the king of "slow car fast", its a small light little car for twisties, not freeway pulls against muscle cars.

Fiat makes okay engines. It’s usually everything around it that’s prone to failure
I mean in Italy they abuse the hell out of those things, people in 1L cars going up and down hills all day long drive them for decades before discarding them

>500 abarth
Why do roasties and fags get all the fun cars bros?

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Better than a Miata or toyabaru? The Abarth can be flashed to get even greater use out of its turbo I bet

I don't get why someone would get something like this, a mini, or a new beetle when they can get a better hot hatch like a golf or a civic si, considering that they're all kind of "heavy" and FF

Me too. Anyone want to buy my Boxster?

A flash can get you nearly 200bhp in a 2500lbs car

The Abarth isn't heavy

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>audio buttons where the shitfter should be
Triggered. That boat theme would be really cool though if the actually covered the entire top of the dash, doors, and wheel with that blue leather.

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fully loaded Abarth Spiders are slightly better than MX-5s, the designs themselves are highly subjective.

I can't believe I'm saying this about an italian car, but I think these actually look better in the gray.

>better than a v8!!!???

more like sounds like the worlds smallest tractor lol

Not surprised that a soyboy doesn't know what a tractor sounds like

>wants a fiat 500
>calls an iowan a soyboy

u r not wrong though.. im surrounded by soybeans and people who wouldnt be caught dead in an italian fisher price stroller of an automobile

t. Bus rider