Buy or lease?

buy or lease?

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lease if you see cars as an appliance. buy cars if you see them as an asset

who the fuck leases who isn't a retard that loves to be in debt

it makes sense to lease if you want to drive a new vehicle very few years without having to worry too much about maintenance

how can a car be an asset if 99.9% of them will depreciate with time?

>he uses his own money to use a depreciating asset
>he probably puts money down
>he has to pay to repair and maintain it
Listen I'm going to let you kids in on a little secret. Literally the only reason you should be buying a new car is if you do more than 15k miles per year and/or you're buying a work truck and, even if you are, you should be buying a certified pre-owned. Otherwise the only other time you should be buying is for beaters and classics. If you want new, lease.

because if you take care of it, you'll still have a lot of value in all of that sheetmetal regardless of how much time goes by. the ability of a car to provide transportation is its innate value.

people who worry about depreciation are stupid. if you take great care of a car, give it all the TSBs, the recalls, fix the stupid issues, change the oil, fill it with the right gas, etc, will be able to charge top dollar when it comes time to sell it.

who said I buy new cars

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Good luck leasing any actually respectable car. Almost no dealerships lease anything fun and third party leasers cost more than buying outright. I know because I looked at leasing my last car. It was $40k, lease was $450/mo for 3 years but instead I just bought it, haggled it down to $34k, my payments are about $950/mo. It'll still be worth a lot when it comes time to sell it, but even if I take a really low number like $25k, that's still a savings of $7000 compared to the lease. Your method only works if you want base level ecobeaters with no resale value or luxury cars with also no resale value but I don't think there's many people here that fit into either of those categories.


The $500 dollar Corolla off Craigslist

>Almost no dealerships lease anything fun
literally wut?
>a $40k MSRP that you for sure just "haggle" 15% off and then drive it for, I'm assuming about 8 months to magically resell it for $25k?
lol. Nigga what kind of delusional reality do you live in? Have you ever bought a car before?

Buy, dumbass. Fleecing is always going to be more expensive no matter how you look at it, the only people who think it's expensive are retards who can't do math, and don't actually drive anywhere.
And to add to that, buy used. Anyone who buys new is just as dumb as the guy who leases, since you're wasting at least 10k that will be completely unrecoverable from the car in 4 years.
And to add to THAT, anyone who takes out a loan to buy a car just shouldn't be buying a fucking car and should instead go buy a fucking bike, get a goddamn job, and save like a sensible human being instead of falling for the Financing jew.
>but I NEEEEEEEED muh car
No you fucking don't. If you need a car that bad, then you can make do with a used 8k sedan or 3k civic instead of a 30k+ financed car that will eat into your income for years after the fact.
Goddamn normalfag scum I swear, can't even handle their money without it all flying out of their hands into the dealer's pocket and them crying about having no money.

Most normalfags don't want to mention they want the "features" and social status that comes with a new car; I'm 32 and I've never seen the need of a new car, it's always been 8k sedans and 15k performance cars, all of which have been rather maintenance free.

Thanks, Grandpa.

It really depends on a few factors: your income, the vehice and your intentions with it.

Weekend car, daily driver, tow/hauler, kids/dogs hauler...

If the payments for the vehicle you need won't put you in a tough position, then go for it. Often times, financing and leasing add up to nearly the same amount if you factor in the buyback. Again, depends on the vehicle.

I got a 2018 wrangler unlimited to tow my skidoo, haul my fatass dog and be a fun weekender and dependable DD, especially for the shit winters we get. I leased my wrangler because it was simply cheaper/less than i was willing to pay, the financing on the new ones is too damn high, and driving an FCA product past warranty is a gamble

My dad has been leasing for years. He just really likes getting a new car every three years and he is happy with it. I personally don't like leasing, but I can see the appeal.

>Almost no dealerships lease anything fun
huh? At one point Dodge was letting people lease Hellcats and Vipers.

>450/mo for 3 years on a 40k car
Jeez they swindled you

Any advice like this is highly regional. Mandatory safety inspections for used vehicles raise the price floor, as does being in a high rust area.

Many areas are also starved of used Cars, an average new car is now kept for 8 years where I live. This increases the value of a used car. You can find off lease vehicles and rust ridden 10 year old vehicles but nothing in between. I laugh at the 3K civic meme because those simply don't exist in a lot of places.

If you factor in incentives, financing rates, and haggling a new car is not much more expensive than an off lease CPO and it will last longer.

As for buy vs lease, run your numbers and negotiate on the residual. In a few cases it is better to lease then buy out rather than simply buy. Otherwise the only time to lease is if you want a line item in your budget that stays stable. Keep in mind that wear charges can screw you at the end.

>Keep in mind that wear charges can screw you at the end
x2, if you lease make sure that you take their "wear pass" or equivalent. It usually covers up to $5k in damages at the end of your lease, and as a bonus they normally waive the security deposit


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3k civic?

I know people who always return their lease cars covered in scratches and dings and missing trim pieces. The stealership doesn't give a shit most the time. They're going to fix the damage and finance the car to some dumbass at 35%.

What is leasing? Brainlet here, please explain

I'd say that depends on the dealership. Also, sometimes they'll let shit slide if they are going to lease another car.


Put down a good deposit and pay off new cars, and just pay cash for used cars.

Leasing is where you never own the car. You essentially rent it for several years.

You negotiate the initial price, the residual value (what the car will be worth at the end of the lease). You then take out a loan, with interest, and pay it over the agreed upon period. At the end of the lease, you give the car back and have to pay any damages. You also have the option of buying the vehicle at this point.

Additionally, you typically have to carry higher insurance, and have all your maintenance done by the dealership.

Most of the 3 or so year old used cars are off-lease cars. This means that they are used because someone has completed their lease period. The good thing is that they are newer, with the biggest depreciation hit taken, and they have had routine maintenance documented. The bad part is that there tends to be little pride of ownership and the engine is almost never properly broken in.

Taking out a loan to buyout a lease vehicle is beyond retarded even on something like a Tacoma. The whole point of leasing is to get something new every 2-4 years.

People drive the living fuck out of their lease cars and literally never open the hood so keep that in mind the next time you decide to "skip the depreciation hit". Dealership "mechanics" are notoriously horrible at their job.

That sounds horrible

Oh I agree. I referred to the lease amount as a loan, not necessarily to buy back at the end of the lease. I also know how shitty dealership techs are, and the kind of care these cars get.

That said, it does make sense to buy back if you can sell it for more on the private used market, the wear charges have gotten ridiculous, or if you fell in love with the car. If you do this, pay cash.

It is. I'm convinced it is only good for accounting, because it creates a stable line item in a budget. Decent for a small business that needs a car.

it is stay the fuck away from it. i let my family talk me into it after my last car had issues. i hate new cars, contracts, payments, etc and i still did it. im literally retarded for listening to them. theres no way not to lose money and assets in the equation. dont get enticed by the fact that its new

>leasing Vipers
Is this why the Viper is kill? Or was it an insane amount to lease.

Best way is to use a 0% interest loan (credit cards/home equity line, family ect.) on a used car thats 3-5 years old, or 50k miles or less. Drive it for a few years and sell it. You will have missed the massive depreciation curve that occurs in the first years of ownership but still have the benefits of a relatively new car. The loan allows you to put almost no money upfront and spend it elsewhere. You're doing it wrong any other way. Cars are a liability no matter how you look at them. Smart money is on getting a bicycle.

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I had to pick up my friend from the Dodge dealership last year and saw their advertisement of leasing a Hellcat for $450 a month or a Viper SRT for $650 a month. I talked with a salesmen for shits and giggles and just asked him out the leasing. He said to qualify for that pricing you needed extremely good credit, but he also said that it was the only way could move their two vipers. He said they had two Vipers that just sat on the dealership showroom for over a year with little interest. Once they offered a lease, they were able to get rid of them.

>Leasing a tool

Would you lease a chainsaw?

>0% interest loan
Add zero down as well and I agree with you. But you usually need good credit to pull that off.

Its 2018, credit card companies are literally giving you money to sign up for 0% interest credit cards, you have to be a goddamn idiot to have anything less than perfect credit.

Lease if new
Buy if used

A 3 year used 4Runner goes for $32k, monthly payments of like $550. I can lease a brand new one for $349/month and buy it "used" at the end of my term for $25k. No reason to buy new or used in this situation.

This isn't good advice.
People love to toss it out, as if it were actually helpful, or even sage wisdom. When you buy new, you pay more for a handful of factors you simply don't get with an older car.
>Used cars require repairs and maintenance irregularly, meaning one month all you've got to pay for is gas, while another you've got to replace a clutch plate and flywheel.
>New cars provide modern features, and engineering which has improved incrementally on that which came before
>Having a fresh machine means that its performance will remain constant for longer, rather than being erratic.
You can save a lot of money on bread by buying the discount stuff that expires the next day, and you can save some money over time by buying used cell phones, but I know you fags don't do that shit.
Leasing ain't bad, in that if you buy new, you're eating the depreciation cost for the first few years. Whereas, with the lease, you're paying less money for that same period. You can still buy the car at its depreciated price afterwards, or just get something else, not unlike the folks who trade in their car every few years, except you lose less money by leasing.

Buying new only makes sense if you're going to keep the thing for 10 years. Most used cars will cost 4 or 5 times their purchase price over that same period. Neither option is truly cheap, but the latter is a lot easier to get into for people who have a habit of not paying their fucking bills on time, and thereby have horrible credit scores.

>goddamn idiot to have anything less than perfect credit
haha then this world is filled with idiots then. A lot of people have no idea how to manage credit.

You'd have to be an idiot to do that. They aren't really 0%.

>0% interest cards
Those are a fucking con, you idiot.

would you download a house?

>implying that buying the flagship phone of two years ago isn't a great idea

>Not buying a OnePlus for the same price as a brand new S7 but with the specs of a 2018 phone

Looks like we found the idiots.

no, but I would download a waifu

only retards worry about depreciation.

There is no money to be made giving people loans that are less than the national bank rate. 0% works two ways:

1. Complete identity theft.
2. Introductory rate that gets jacked up after a set time. At that point you pay through the nose.