Buying expensive offroad cars

>buying expensive offroad cars
>buying portal axles, lift kits and mud tires
>not realizing any obstacle can be overcome with momentum and a trusty old shitbox

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Dont bash the gold disco, Ive got one.

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You can go anywhere if you don't give a shit about your car

>I drove in a little puddle with my Subaru
>Mud lyf

I have seen Rastafarian ganja farmers drive Nissan Sunnys along some tricky trails but even they have their limits. That's why Jah gave them two feet, so they could walk the rest of the way to the field

This honestly.
>tfw waving to logging trucks passing by in the mountains

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>You can go anywhere if you don't give a shit about your car
Literally this. Top gear is the prime example. They did the whole Botswana special to show you didn't "need" a 4x4 in England

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that lotus blew my mind in the south america special, how does it not break down when beaten like that?

And how did a beaten up 1980s carbureted Range Rover, a car notorious for being possibly the most unreliable vehicle ever produced, survive climbing up from literal sea-level to 16,000 ft above sea level and back down without a problem

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Just because a car is shit doesn't mean it wont work perfectly if it's not actually broken.

Fuck off cunt. You post your little shit box in every thread relating to off reading. We get it. You think you're special for taking your cuckbox off road. Like we all didn't start that way then realize we wanted more.

I've posted it like twice but it's definitely showing up more often if it's legitimately upsetting you.

It's especially hilarious given that it's a thread about only needing a shitbox to take your car slightly off pavement.

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omg the last two letters of that number plate clearly mean "nigger"

call the tabloids asap

>The madman did it again

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>I drove on dirt look at how special I am

Fuck off snowflake

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>I commented again, that sure will put them in their place

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>look at me I've got bamboo stuck in my rectum

I had a 2wd pickup exported from America to trinidad that was totally stripped and rebuilt after an accident and sent to my country.

The only thing good on it was the window glass, prop shaft, master brake cylinder and the right rear wheel cylinder.

>Had to fill the rad with water every morning.
>Had half a turn of play in the steering.
>Ball joints have concerning levels play
>Center link has concerning levels of play
>Steering box has concerning levels of play
>Would wander 4 feet in any direction if I hit a pothole.
>No good wheel bearings
>Took 10 mins to get it started everyday after I figure out my special sequence
>Would shoot water out the exhaust after sitting over night
>Special technique to engage reverse
>Had to swap the window roller between left and right to get them up and down before I gave up and designated a grip wrench to the passenger
>Lights weren't attached to the body and emitted about 50 lumens
>No street lights here so it was no more than 10mph at night
>No locks
>Passenger side of the bench seat didn't lock down so I drilled and bolted it in one position
>Seat belts siezed
>Half way through the day top it off with river water just in case
>Hood opened from outside
>Half a leaf broken on one side
>Indicators worked sometimes
>Horn worked sometimes
>No piece of wire wasn't cut and electrical taped back together
>Windscreen wipers super slow
>Windscreen washer was a bottle in the cab
>Windscreen was healivy spider web'd

I could go on all day long with this but the point is that once I got it turned over it would run all day. I would over load it and drive on tracks worse than what you see on top gear and get from A to B every day. If the road was good I drove slow. If the road was bad I drove real slow. If the road was dangerous I would be the slowest thing in the world on for wheels.

Why? Because I didn't care about that fucking POS.

I kinda miss it.

>not realizing any obstacle can be overcome with momentum and a trusty old shitbox

no. i will give you that most people vastly under-estimate the capability of their vehicle, and thus you will have people in jeeps and 4x4 trucks shitting their pants at what a clearly less capable vehicle is able to cross though.

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>tfw no madmax crawler

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You also got a lot of people who over estimate their capabilities and wind up writing off their vehicle because they wanted to show off on a small hill when they had a perfectly good road right next to it

Quick unrelated question. Do regular all-season tires get better traction on dry rocks than mud tires? If so, why do pure rock crawlers have these ugly ridged mud tires.

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Depends how smooth the rocks are. Rougher rocks you would benefit from deeper and wider lugs but on smooth rocks you would prefer more contact area.

In terms of the pure rock crawler it may be that they encounter mud in between the rock faces but you may notice that more than 95% of recreational rock crawling happens in SoCal so I have no idea what they are thinking.

*scrapes your path*

>justifying his purchase this hard

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Hey man, it's pretty fucking wet in socal right now
>mfw being evaluated for a fire, then mudslides, and now mudslides again

I love you, California...