Ok Veeky Forums, you have 90 seconds to explain why you haven't emailed Brian from RCR to let him film your shitbox

Ok Veeky Forums, you have 90 seconds to explain why you haven't emailed Brian from RCR to let him film your shitbox.

The clock starts now.

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my shitbox needs work so that it doesnt break down while he's in it

i don't want or need a dogfucker anywhere near my car

Only reason to do that is to cure him of his zoophilia and mental retardation.

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his videos blow and he's unfunny, also dogfucker

I have an old project shitbox that would be perfect for an episode (Saab 900) but there's no way I'd let a furry sit in it or drive in it

Saabkyle04 maybe?

Because I live nowhere near Mister Regular.

>letting a dipshit who cant drive, let alone a dogfucker who cant drive anywhere near your car



i'd fuck a dog

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Because he's already done mine

The same model or your actual car?

No same model. EF hatch
There'd be no point in reviewing another

because literally who?

he fucks dogs and makes fart jokes

he's also a PCP user

He already did two of my cars. I think my 3rd would be a neat episode, but it's not running right now. Once I get the new engine in it, it'll be something worth talking about. I could see him sperging about the dual action tailgate and the hideaway kiddie seats.

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Because he already reviewed one

Too far away, plus he's a Jew furry that asks "anything I need to know about?" before driving mid 2000s family sedans.

I'd let him film my shitbox if you get my drift

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When did he fuck a dog? This is the first I've heard of this.

Am I missing something here????

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Because I would have to replace my clutch and synchros afterwards due to his inept "driving".

>Saab 900

Pick one you pleb.

Because he's a Reddit faggot whose videos aren't funny at all? Also according to this thread he's a Jew and a furry, so there are two more reasons.


I live in Alaska

he already reviewed a mr2 spyder

I doubt he's actually fucked a dog, but he was or still is a furfag

He's already reviewed my same car.

I don't know who Brian is or care what RCR is

Good question. He's local. I recognize roads in his and Doug Demuro's videos all the time.

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because i drive a Kia and for some reason RCR never reviews Kias.

>disliking furfags in 2018
fucking normie

I live in Europe so he'd have to do some big Euro tour thing
[spoiler]also I don't have a shitbox[/spoiler]

fuck off degenerate
and who said I hate RCR?

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He did a Kia Sephia once, also a Nissan Micra and Ford Festiva so bottom-tier shitboxes aren't exempt.

go back to r/yiffinhell

RCR is perfectly happy to do bottom tier shitboxes, i have a top trim 2015 Optima so probobly too rich for his blood.

He'd probably do a Quickie like he did with the Scion iM and Ford Focus SE.