Talk me out of buying it

my dream car. Allways wanted one. Any reasons I shouldnt buy it?

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no you seem like a retarded normie and this car is made for you.

If the price is right, and you inspected it religiously before making up your mind I don't see why not.

Modern SUVs are top comfy.

never had an SUV before. ONly sports and family cars mostly. Not sure what to look for on these models.

>his dream is to be a soccer mom

It's literally a rich highschool stacy car or upper middle class soccermobile.

>always wanted one
How long is this always? Are you 8?

If your life and ambitions are pathetic enough that this is your dream car, I don't see why not

There are 2 kinds of dream cars friendo

>any reasons why I shouldn't
Yes, you should be looking for an older AMG edition because let's be real here, you're not going to take it off road so you should get one with some of the best road manners

It’s actually build on a rugged unibody chassis that is shared with the Grand Cherokee, it’s a great solid platform, just as good as a ladder frame thanks to reiforcements and underbody cladding. It has been around forever yet is still great. The ML also has a locking diff and low range, as well as a air-suspension that can raise itself. It’s a great car honestly

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Because you should get a W163 AMG

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You want a W163.
Stay away from the smallest engine versions, they are too small for a car of that size.
Get a one that is made in Graz, Austria or a later one from Vance, Alabama. The Alabama factory had some quality issues in the beginning(new factory problems(also americans)).

>Any reasons I shouldnt buy it?

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I see one of these around it and sounds glorious.

>tfw lost my scotty memes

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NA big V8. Sounds like a pack of boomers’ wet farts


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if its a CDI and doesn't have airmatic go for it. those things are tanks. Mine is at 150k now and I love it to death as a errand car

Not going to lie OP, but Jurassic Park made me love the Mercedes ML.

I heard the old ones are pretty good for off roading if that's what you want. I prefer the look of the ML over the GLE myself

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Literally the worst Mercedes ever conceived. Okay.

Modern Mercedes that's over 100k miles? Good luck with wallet Rape (Germans are really good at that cause they want their vehicles to be at an illusion level to where it always looks and acts new, so they tend to try and hide those factors by either having the car be junked from bunch of expensive-ass parts break early or be a money pit to be at that "prestine" and "quality" condition)

God forbid their cars become rustbuckets like all them Americans and Japanese

The generation of ML OP posted isn't as solid as you think it is, as this was an ML first, then adapted to the lacklustre WK Jeep GC. It was the following model that was developed as a Jeep first (WK2), ML second.
Also the first gen ML had a low range and locking diff. Subsequent generations after did not however. I also have a suspicion only the 270d and 350 V6 were the only ones to get the low range, but I'm happy to be corrected.

Actually, I stand corrected on the low range locking front.
>In most countries except the U.S., an Off-Road Pro package with center and rear differential locks, 4-ETS, two-speed transfer case with reduction gearing, and adjustable ground clearance was available as an option

2/10 bait, got some replies

I am not one to talk anyone out of their dream(s).

I am also not one to judge.

>if you want it; buy it.

If you want validation or have specific questions, well...

Autism truly takes many forms

>Mfw OP's dream mobile gets steamrolled so he turns it into a b8 thread

Wew lads

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