Wtf, I love Toyota now

1.2-litre turbo 114bhp four-cylinder, direct-injection turbocharged petrol
1.8-litre HEV 121bhp fourth-generation hybrid, as seen in Toyota Prius and C-HR
2.0-litre HEV A new, more powerful hybrid with 178bhp
No diesels.

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I really like the styling

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>downsized engines
It belong in the same place that diesel for cars should go
The trash
>inb4 toyota can make CVTs while everybody else is conspiring to give them a bad name

>underpowered Euro-market cuckbox
Who gives a shit

>2.0-litre HEV A new, more powerful hybrid with 178bhp
This sounds like something I want.

If the electric drive camry were faster I'd already own one

Auris never had a 2.0 petrol engine so shut up. Hell, I can't even remember if there was any 2.0 petrol in corolla.
t. jelly soyboy

I saw the car last week at Geneva.

It was cool but at the back it's basically a Mazda 3 mixed with an Opel Astra, which isn't a bad thing.

Fake exhaust are cancer, though.

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Because you're a fucking idiot. Were at a point where these fucking things are making Aztek's look good.

I'm not in love with it, but I guess it's okayish for a modern Toyota.

It looks like a restyled Prius Compact.

Yaris Goobely Noobely or I riot.

>2.0-litre HEV A new, more powerful hybrid with 178bhp
That's a good family car desu
>inb4 you need a 3 row suv
You don't need to haul around your kid's whole class you dumb bitch

Where's the 3 door?

I swear with every car they release, they try to make look more and more like a whale shark.

I hate it.

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>1.2 litre
>In what is most likely a 3000lbs car

Even if its Toyota I dont imagine this engine lasting too long? Or am I wrong?

They already do that with the 3300lb C-HR.
Its no real stress on the engne, gearing prevents the engine from shitting its guts out trying to accelerate you from a dead stop, its just slow.

>direct injection
If I wanted diesel level maintenence costs I'd expect more than 114 fuckin hp. Seriously what is this shit it should be making that power na

The Prius C is quite a bit smaller.

>liking the corolla high rider
The ruined possibility for a nice trunk space, the retardedly high door handle placement, lack of sight everywhere, the nausea-inducing rear seat space. Nah

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The rear door handles are pretty damn ugly. At least Honda hides them well enough with their equally stupid HR-V.
I'm not sure why any of these exist.

why the fuck are you even on this board seriously


I mean, I know that the japs are known for biting styles from the germs and the mericans, but this was like 40 years ago.

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>f sport paint
>black "carbon style" roof
yota entering beast mode

They have no diesels because they haven't figured out how to build a decent common rail, every D4D engine has had gremlins.

>toyota engine
>not lasting decades

come on now, you surely know better.

Toyota sells diesels in yuropistan with a bmw engine

>jelly soyboy
holy fuck is it summer already?

>more cuck shit
keep slurping the cum of the ultimate car manufacturer baby

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