Why doesn't Audi or Mercedes build proper drivers cars anymore??

Why doesn't Audi or Mercedes build proper drivers cars anymore??

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Because soyboys and sjws arent real drivers

What's an RS5?
What's a TTRS?
What's an R8?

>61,000 CAD
That's SS 1LE money.

two understeering autotragics and a supercar.

I just don't get it why is bmw considered a proper drivers car? I droved my friends 3 seriers and it drives just like my others friends corolla. It had around 104kw and when I stepped on the gas at full I was dissappointed by it, I thought it would be as exciting as they always told me. Sure RWD feels different then FWD, but I also tried a car with AWD and blows them both for me. But still I'm not conviced it's a proper drivers car. There wasn't a single thing that it had going that people told me I would feel, it's almost like badge loyalty then the car itself.

your friends 316i is not a good drivers car.
A 340i is a good drivers car.

is it better than the M240i though?

But what makes it special? I mean if it's only kw almost any car will go fast if it has a high number. What makes it great compared to other cars?

People only buy German luxury cars for the name. If they actually give a shit about driving they really only care how fast it pulls from the lights.

you should watch the OP video
a 104kw car will never feel special btw

>is it better than the M240i though?
Objectively better stats everywhere (but weight) and is considered one of the best handling cars on earth behind something like a Lotus or Cayman so if you care about driving it seems infinitely.

>a 104kw car will never feel special btw
What is Caterham 7?

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Because nobody buys actual "driver's cars". Most average Joes don't even have the money to afford 2 cars, let alone a car dedicated to spirited driving. Therefore, because nobody buys them, nobody makes them because there's no money to be made in selling them. Even "performance" cars like the Corvette and Camaro sell automatics in fucking gangbusters because 99% of amerisharts are too fat and retarded to move a strange lever in the center console.

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just buy evo then faggot and smokey nagata the fuck outta it

a go kart

they’re equally quick on a straight line but the 2 series has a shorter wheelbase and notably less weight I think it might be the more fun drivers car.

More performance cars in the states are sold with manuals than in Europe where some euro brands don't even bother making a manual option for their own market at all (but only for the states) so it seems europens are the ones too dumb and too fat to shift sticks.


You fucking wish, I almost never see automatics here in the UK and you can't legally drive manual cars unless you've passed your driving test in one, so everyone just drives manual.

Will they shoot my dog?

You almost never see automatic shitboxes. Automatic performance cars are everywhere
in europe (you know, the cars built to appreciate driving but euros choose the auto option for less driving engagement) The new auto-only NSX outsells the manual Lotus Evora for christ sake.

>A brand well known in the entire world that has launched a global marketing campaign is outselling an obscure for normies and no-status-bringing British car
Well, I am shocked.
People are lazy, and don't like to drive. They like the idea of feeling special, fast cars have always been a status symbol, not to be driven by people who like them.

the one in the passenger seat seems to have some kind of birth defect