How do you cheaply squeeze out 10hp more out of a 90hp car?

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ram air intake

Straight pipe, cheap intake, remove AC and PS.

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remove ac is not bad idea

Better exhaust system

Removing AC won't make a difference if the AC is off.

Remove PS and Nos

Wish I was joking but if you find a cheap piggyback that works with your car and are okay with reduced engine life then nos is the cheapest way to make a little more power

You might get 10 hp from a header and a full exhaust.

Straight pipe is shit for performance unless you have forced induction.

How willing are you to get your hands dirty? How much money is "cheap"? What car?
Exhaust, DIY port and polish, a tune. power steering like anons have said. Where does your car take intake air from? If it's like retarded french cuckboxes which have the fucking air intake between the engine and firewall, you'll actually get gains from CAI

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Cheapest way to achieve a similarly or even better improved performance:

>throw out literally every piece of garbage in the car
>throw out spare
>empty glovebox
>throw out foot mats
>throw out boot carpeting
>throw out huge ass speakers, especially subwoofer faggotry
>only drive with half a tank
>get fit and lose every gram of useless fucking fat on yourself
>consider removing rear bench and/or even passenger seat ( you don't need it anyway lel)

Not even losing 100 lbs is equal to 10 hp. You weight loss fags are delusional.

it is part of the hole list, not a single option that does the complete job, you lard ass. every tiny bit helps.
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weight reduction (lose weight if fat too you piece of shit)

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What car? Could be a bit more specific.

In general though, remove as much weight as possible. Along with interior stuff, you could order a new cam(s) or cam gears, lightened flywheels or pulleys, try adjusting timing, and give it a tune with new spark plugs, oil, air filter etc. It really just depends on the engine and the state it is in.

Headers, exhaust, underdrive pullies if available, tune. Doesn't increase engine output but a regear could help a lot. Could also cost a lot though so idk. Not sure what your idea of cheap is

Weight reduction matters more. Fill only half a tank, stop hoarding/remove everything and go on a diet.

Amatures don't use nitrous oxide.

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Removing weight from the back of most cars will make them faster on the highway, but they'll handle worse and be more prone to understeer. You need to stiffen the rear to compensate for losing weight there, and generally just anyway.

Adding weight to the boot will actually make many cars handle much better.

If it's a belt driven AC then it will help greatly, not to mention the weight reduction, noise reduction, more working room and airflow space under the hood and around the engine.

Better airflow to the radiator too, I removed my condenser and AC components from my truck and it runs cooler than ever before, the temp guage actually drops while I'm driving slowly, never did that prior to AC delete

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advance the timing like 2 degrees
it's a popular thing to do in miatas
you might need 89 octane instead of 87 in the summer though. I've ran into some detonation in 87. Nothing terrible though

>removing weight increases horsepower

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cai air intake

Free flowing exhaust, remove nonessential ancillaries, remap ECU

Chip it. My 59hp car is mechanically identical to the 74hp model, its just downtuned from the factory. You can chip it up to 80, easily.

>cold air intake air intake


no, but it'll go faster, which is the real goal

Somebody post the Miata tuning meme from initial D

If you do this ac delete stuff can you still use defrost?

LS swap.

Yeh, the heater is a separate system.

Just need to cut shit off the bottom.

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Advance timing and run high octane fuel

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