I honestly don't think most people here even have modified cars

I honestly don't think most people here even have modified cars.

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>I honestly don't think most people here even have cars.

>I honestly don't think most people here even like cars.


look at the quality of posts here

most people are under 18


>implying that's allowed in Europe or Eurstralia.

It's overrated, you end up with a car that's more expensive than buying a car which is similarly capable out of the box, which has funny maintenance requirements and you own for 2 years before you get sick of. Unless you're talking modding a car to suit travelling or camping requirements.

Only one of my four cars is stock and that's because I haven't had the time to do anything to it

I genuinely enjoy my WRX right out of the box. It understeers but if I wanted to fix that I wouldn't be able to take it camping anymore because I wouldn't be able to clear the trails very well.

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It's sad in a way.
Veeky Forums, (and most of the other boards), have always been shit, but it's all gone downhill hard in the last few years.

And at the same time, this has become too much of a hub. There's no "kinda slow" imageboard, it's here or ded. We are stuck in an asylum that the inmates have long since took over.

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>tfw no comfy legend

Rear swaybar m8

Modifying is expensive and everyone here is too poor

>tfw own a comfy legend

you should really pick one up as a DD user. its literally the perfect daily.

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>have always been shit,
I disagree, Veeky Forums in general is less shitty than the vast majority of traditional forums, users have more freedom and we can talk about a huge range of topics without fear of censorship. I mean ha ha yeah it's shit right? But it's not as bad as it could be.

Yes there is annoying, distasteful content, but consider that there are 8 million unique IPs posting here every day and it may only be distasteful to you.

the problem is that discussions on Veeky Forums always boil down to the following:
>muh modern cars
Sometimes you don't exactly know whether someone is just shitposting or actually retarded. This makes it entertaining but the information gained from such a discussion are without merit.

This, it might be fun pretending you own a racecar for a while but hard suspension and loud exhausts can get old and the louder and flashier your car is the more people notice when you fuck up.

Modify your car for your tastes and practicality rather than bringing out the car's raw performance potential, unless you are tracking it or really, really serious about autocross.

lowering it wouldnt even fix the understeer wtf
this, no clearance issues whatsoever. should be the first mod on any FWD/AWD car after tires

I can agree with that. Traditional forums have certain pros and cons. Facebook groups are probably the worst of the worst in my opinion, and sadly they are slowly killing the traditional forum.
> Sometimes you don't exactly know whether someone is just shitposting or actually retarded.
This is what really bothers me, there are times I honest to God can't tell.

I don't know if I'd agree. I mean obviously if you seek out discussions about driver choices you're going to get some extremely opinionated responses. Some people have been misinformed by someone they trust and will defend that opinion even if it's wrong. Shitposting has always been a "feature" of discussions here, at some point you just kind of ignore it or play along.

I have aftermarket springs.

>Sometimes you don't exactly know whether someone is just shitposting or actually retarded.
I have actually had this very problem for the entire time I've posted here. There have been responses to threads I've read that have kept me up at night wondering "is someone really that stupid?" Even if there are stupid people posting here, they could have no better company than an army of anonymous assholes ready to correct them. I think some people actually do learn things and are inspired to seek more info by posting what they know and being harshly educated by someone who finds their post to be in error.

>not modifying your car

Apart from a secondary fuel filter, I am not brave enough to modify the engine

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I mean, you learn to recognize alphonse and falcunt pretty quick, but the anons, yeah. Wew.

Who /Ricer/ here?

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I do, PO nigger rigged my car all to fuck

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That depends on what you're doing with said car. Especially anything drag/street related. There's literally thousands upon thousands of videos, t.v. shows, articles, blogs, etc that show this. As for maintainence, you shouldn't be doing any performance mods at all if the thought of simply maintaining aftermarket parts bothers you.
And if you're tired of your PERSONALLY modded/built car after two years, then you're probably doing it to impress others and not for yourself, so it shouldn't be a suprise that you got tired of it.

user, I don't, I buy cars I enjoy. I got over modifying cars extensively years ago for aforementioned reasons. My last car I owned for 10 years because I chose one I enjoy without having to rebuild it to suit my wants.

Eh, people can go way too far with racecar stuff too.

I daily my track car.

there is a special hell.. for everyone

>tfw you ride the bus and dont own a car

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hi /n/, are you making all these tesla breads?

how do you know what /n/ is bro

we need a few simple mods

Veeky Forums knows all my dude

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I have a k&m oil filter in my Civic. Did my own oil change for the first time last week. Well, I did half of it. I drained all the oil but couldn't figure out which hole to put the new oil in so I had to drive it down to the auto zone and have them refill it.

>Veeky Forums knows all
how can teenagers know everything???