Redpill me on 190e / w201 merc-benz

Redpill me on 190e / w201 merc-benz

I want one. They are cheap. They can look good with few simple mods.

meanwhile e30s are trying to be sold for 7k.

lol miss me with that shit

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>They are cheap.


>They can look good with few simple mods.


Parts are expensive as fuck. Mercedes will ream you on parts. More than E30s. Just because you saved a pic of a cool looking 190e and it looks "CLEAN AF BRO" doesn't mean its cheap and easy to modify it. but go ahead and ignore my warning. Please buy a "cheap" 190e and youll find out the hard way why they are "cheap".

Anyways if you look hard enough a decent E30 can be found for around $5k. but of course you don't try because you're an underage shitposting faggot.

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don't listen to this wanker

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>them wheels
>,,tastefully modded g-get it?''
top kek

lol 5k for a car that was under 1 k few years ago and currently owned by REAL underage "look mommy im on instagram" faggots like you.

gtfo with ur hater attitude I come here for good feels nigga.

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You are retarded.

I would tastefully mod your snout with my foot

Any tips for the magnificent boxy legend about to skyrocket in prices?

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>wah wah don't listen to this wanker when he is completely right.

I like 190e's you cuck. But they are fucking expensive to maintain. More so than E30's.

btw if you get a 190e and it isn't at least a cosworth, it isn't worth getting.

>lol 5k for a car that was under 1 k few years ago

How old are you? Where are you pulling this out of your ass? You sound lke 5 years ago you probably didn't even have your license, assuming you probably JUST got it. E30's have been going for more than $3k for a couple of years now. I had one in 2010 for fucks sake.

>gtfo with ur hater attitude I come here for good feels nigga.

oh yeah you're def underage and one of those white kids that try to be hard on the internet.

>ad hominem

yeah sounds like you don't have an arguement

Get an E21

just get off my thread nigga, you've been nothing but unhelpful since you came here, very very tiring individual.

go now. (and ps I love bmws, I grew up with them and had big plans for e30 until they became too expensive 4 what u get and driven by every "Im a car guy" person alive.

no Im done with bmw's overdone in the scene.

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>about to skyrocket in prices?

pic related are the sold prices for 190e's from 2016 to 2018


I'm willing to bet you will never get a 190e.

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>>ad hominem
>yeah sounds like you don't have an arguement
It's literally not worth wasting my time by arguing with a dolt like you.

For Christ sakes stop posting pics of these clean ass 190E Cosworths, those are the rarest forms of that models and go for way more than you can probably afford. If your going to buy a cheap one then it'll most likely be in a shit poor state and WILL most likely have a gang of issues, 190E are some of most cheaply Mercedes that have been made and theyll go through parts quicker than an c63.
While you buy one for less than $800 the parts will run you near the same cost of the car or higher, everything is imported so you'll be paying almost 30% more just because of that fact. If anything you should look up pics of real 190Es and see what you think, everytime I see need they're in piss poor condition driven by ppl who just bought because they were cheap and usually drive them till they die, also if you get one with failing fuel system get rid of it because it's cost you nearly $600+ to get fixed.

Im not american, plenty of parts here.

what u said is basically and older car.

What is the source of your info?

go off king, let these dumb niggas know

>wahhh im european so it means the parts are cheaper

not how it works retard.

I looked at a 190E 16v, bone stock, clean for $8k before I bought by E24, ended up passing. They are cool but there are still better cars from that era that are way undervalued imo (like E24s). If you want a sporty German box sedan look at 4000CS Quattros, way cheaper than the 190E Cosworths, and cooler.

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They rust in the back, if you can deal with it and are redy to pay for the maintenance, go for it.

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Get the E30 ya dumb fagit

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If your okay with it being worse than an E30 in literally every way, go for it

god those 5 spokes are fucking orgasmic.

Good car, but even the 2.6 is slow and the suspension is not very sporty. Great chassis though.

Nah, you're just a BMW fanboy. An E30 with stock suspension and no LSD is fucking atrocious to drive.

you cant afford to maintain used german shits

I mean it’s just worse than an e30 by every metric you can think of. If you can get a super clean cosworth one then go for it but good luck with that.

let this nigga KNOW he is a dumb fuck

you will regret not getting the superior e30 every single time you will drive that. btw I don't hate mercs or anything

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You guys are all silly.

Not posting based wagons.

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