That guy who slams the gas on straights and brakes to 20 mph for turns

>that guy who slams the gas on straights and brakes to 20 mph for turns

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>that guy who doesn't hit the apex at a red light during rush hour almost t-boning minivans and civics while blasting "Bat Out of Hell"

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>people who floor it to the next red light intersection a block away

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>people who gradually take 15 seconds to get up to 80kmh between lights, so that instead of making it through 2-3 sets of lights they end up getting stuck at every single red light and everyone is stuck behind them

This shit literally happened on Monday. I finally got a chance to pass him as there was a right turn lane, but it was really short. Pulled up on the right, he looks out at me from his fucking base model Sonata. He is sitting a good 4 feet from the intersection, I see him glancing over at the other set of lights, getting ready to start rolling because he thinks this will help him. I'm sitting right at the intersection line, no rolling start.

>hear his shitbox tires chirp
>I just accelerate at half throttle
>blow his doors off
>continue on doing 90kmh
>see him slow right down in rearview mirror, he's back to doing 70kmh

If I was American I probably could've shot him for doing that.

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This one always gets me, like yeah bro everyone’s impressed that you slammed the gas pedal in your camry for 500 meters

except that he makes the next green light, and the next 3 after that, which prevents him from getting stuck behind the dump truck that was able to make a right turn onto your road in front of you because you were stopped at a red light because you drive like a fuckin cuck

and now you're going to spend another 15 minutes driving to work behind some bucktoothed fatass truckerfag while he rows the gears in his dusty 20,000lbs shitbox

you honestly have no concept of how to drive in traffic, you need to assert your dominance at all times; if you're not constantly cucking other cars with your speed and agility, you're getting cucked - it's that simple.

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Not necessarily true.

I time the lights in town when just rolling around. When commuting on the highway and notbhell bent to get somewhere timely I make maneuvering space for those looking to expedite while I save gas and tire wear for a better time

>no fun allowed

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I want to hear the turbo spool and I have no other choice.
> highway commute

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Buy an ecotec gm, you'll hear it to get out of the driveway. (I miss saab)

>Not necessarily true.

it's almost universally true and almost always plays out exactly as it was described, you fucking retards get such shitty gas mileage with your constant speeding up and slowing down too

i have most of the light schedules memorized for the morning and afternoon commutes, so i know exactly how fast i need to go in order to make the next green - if i accelerate at a moderate pace i can get 4 lights easily, if i accelerate like a bitch nigga farming dead lice, i get stuck at every single light, with a stream of freeway traffic pouring in front of me from the off-ramp

i will cuck you user, there's no two ways about it.

prepare your anus.

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I never hear it on my Cruze, at all. When I had the turbo cobalt, I sometimes could only hear it if I was getting into 10lbs or more.

We're doing the same shit apparently save for the edge-lording.

Thought about it but its way too close to what I've got now ('04 S60). Contemplating buying an S60R in the future but I hate working on the fucking thing so probably not.

Wrong map. The 2.(at least it's not an audi 1.8t) will hit recirc at 5psi, most canned tunes move that shelf in the gas petal where it doesen't do anything from 0 to 6psi

Always wondered what the other side of swpeed was like. I see even less diy sport volvos than saabs. How is the community for volvos? How is the broken plastic bits situation? How is the backyard mod scene?

Literally every biker

>that guy who slams the gas on straights and brakes to 20 mph for turns

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>that guy who slams the gas on turns and brakes to 20 mph for straights

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Honestly haven't modded it much, haven't felt the need to nor is it really worth it. Bretty big community for the old volvos but the more modern shit is pretty rare. I've had no problem with plastic bits or anything breaking and I've driven the absolute fucking shit out of this thing, every little thing works which is surprising.

Sick to death of transverse engine, fwd bias cars though.

I have convinced myself that tranny-mounted engine cars have their own charm, they bring a unique joy of hilariously pulling out of a street turn. I realized i hated them mostly because 90% are absolute garbage. It is neat to have the turbo hanging a few inches off the manifold, and as long as the car tried to be balanced there is shitposting possible that just can't be done on another layout

Also, whoever was that one guy the said 200hp is the functional limit for fwd has clearly never driven off a track.

>that guy who does 20mph on straights and slams the gas for turns

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I never really noticed it in 160k miles of driving before I sold it. It had the GM performance parts time on it, not that it matters is my guess.

>How to get in an accident in 6 months or less!

>that guy who guy who does everything possible to not appear gay but then drives off in a 50hp Peugeot with a fast can

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>t. Miata driver

on road tires, sure, 200 HP is about as much power as you can get without making the traction control overly aggressive to deal with the massive understeer when the driver steps on the gas in a turn. Adding an LSD improves this and will allow more power but it has to be calibrated to deal with the lowest common denominator, and this adds cost.

It's very telling that the Mazda 6, which is an otherwise well-sorted FWD car, was constrained to about 210 HP unless you opted for the Mazdaspeed, which added AWD to deal with the extra power.

except I see it all the time where they do it and there's 100% chance they will have to stop because of traffic, literally flooring it to 25mph in a clapped out piece of shit and slamming the worn out brakes to stop in time. people who see their car as a "take me to my shitty job machine" are the ones doing this. ME PRESS PEDAL CAR GO NOW. literally no strategy to their driving at all.
I never see boy racers dumb enough to do this, they usually wait for a longer stretch and actually pay attention to what's in front of them past 50ft. It's always some dumbass in a clapped out r34 impala or v6 charger

>Be me, driving hatchback
>Cunt in a massive truck tailgating me
>I know the road here quite well, it's dark, with a few twists, and since it's about 3m from a sheer drop onto a cliff people get scared
>I go round a sharp corner as quick as is safe
>Other car has to drop down to like 30kph just to not come off the road
>I gain a fair amount of distance
>They rev their engine and speed up so they're tailgating me again
>Happens several more times during the drive
>I'm speeding by 5-10kph the whole way, so it's not like I'm going slow

Fuck these people. I don't understand what they're trying to achieve. They have to actively try to keep this tailgating up.