Hear a loud roar

>hear a loud roar
>think it's a proper car and turn around
>it's a roastie in a mini/polo with a """""performance""""" exhaust
why did normalfags appropriate the exhaust meme?

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Always been normalfag, you nerd.

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>shitty exhaust on v6 camaros and infinitis

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>see a mini
>hear all kinds of sounds from it

Minis are great cars to drive but youd have to pay me to get me to own one

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My 2000 Firebird v6 came with an ebay exhaust and a gutted cat. I had to buy a new cat and install it to spare myself the embarrassment from the horrible tin can sound it was making.

>hear wind and wheel noise
>but not the slightest hint of an engine
>turn around it's a fucking BRZ/86

Fucking hilarious how quiet that meme machine is.

There’s a literal soyboy at my college with a straight piped VW beetle, I’m embarrassed for him.

Ah yes the diarrhea cannons, I can’t imagine what kind of subhuman retard sits there listening to that all day and thinks it sounds good

Always been normalfag, you nerd.

>Nice weather out
>70 degrees
>decide to drive with the windows down
>having a very relaxing, pleasant cruise
>all of a sudden, Primer Grey(TM) straight piped civic with fart can drives past
>all 120 horses blaring the song of their 4 people into my left ear drum
>feels like I'm being repeatedly stabbed in my auditory receptors by the Brutus of exhaust
>face cringes in visible disgust
>his tail lights are purple


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>on way to college
>Acura integra STANCED out, paint chipped aftermarket visual "upgrades"
>shitty muffler informing everyone in the tri-state area that he is driving his car
>Drives to drive "cool" by taking corners fast and reving at stop signs.
>literally see nuts and bolts fly off due to his erratic movements and his shitty ability to actually screw things on
>pieces of the car are scraping the ground and metal chunks are flying like bullets decimating near-by pedestrians unlucky enough to recognize the sound
>integra slowly begins to beg for death before roaring off with scraping and fart sounds into the distance. never to be seen again.

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Normalfags who want to show off get loud exhaust.
Enthusiasts should get GOOD exhaust. The kind of system that's designed to have a pleasing tone at high RPM and low volume at low RPM, not raspy or loud for the sake of loud.

>mfw have knockoff flow master on my 2.9 ranger

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I drive a 110hp Honda Fit.
How do I make it as loud and obnoxious as possible?

Actually pretty sure the meme is mostly dead i dont hear it anymore

Open headers

>t. salty fag that drives 1l cuckbox that makes no sound

>or loud for the sake of loud.
>has never had a straight piped v8 muscle car

Enjoy that drone at constant speed. Probably don't even know what a fucking j-pipe is.

>constant speed

>drag car

You never said drag car, jackass. You said straight-piped V8 muscle. I know people who daily such cars, and they're fucking obnoxious.

>doing anything with a v8 muscle car that isnt drag racing

i only ever started mine to race it or drift, but to each their own

I like hearing my 1.8t in my shitbox. Stock.

I like a raspy v8 desu.

>hear a loud car
>turn around
>it's a fucking tuned 90's Honda civic with a giant fucking exhaust pipe
Hey mid 2000's called, they want their Hondas back

>Tfw full-sized pickup with exhaust chopped under the cab
>Tfw genuinely sounds good minimal drone good sound at low and high rooms
Take a chill pill bro stop being the fun police

>have a 200 i6 ford
>have to cut the exhaust to drop the transmission
>never welded it back

Barras are based