So I just bought a 1986 300zx for 1500$. I'll be posting more photos in the thread. Did I fuck up? Also this is a fairlady thread

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I was literally just looking at an 84' z31 in my area, low kms and non-turbo + manual, he's asking $7k AUD, do I go for it?

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7k is insane go for 4-5k if it's in very nice condition. A few tips if you look at it, electronics are shit on that car and the struts are shitty. Either than that it's bulletproof

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1000% awesome

I love the digital dash. Does it all work?

Keeping in mind this is Australian dollars. There are similar kms ones going for $20k plus

The guy is super firm on price tho. Also worth noting, he claims the rims are real BBS and he has a full custom exhaust to the headers.

Aren't they all 2+2s ?

Us aussies only got the 2+2 targas...

How many miles?

I'll buy it off you for 2k. Gib 300zx

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Looks like it has seen better days...but it's a bargain for 1,5k if it runs. Just clean the engine bay up a bit, install new seats and clean the interior too. I'd drive it, looks insane!

is it turboed?

jew him down a ways and go for it ya shit cunt. then youll be a sick cunt mate. v6 a shit but i make an exception for the z31

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looks like a great project user. great price too. picking up a great 83 poorsche 944 myself today

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Been looking at this one recently.
Is it worth it?

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Bullshit. They have problems with heat, if you try to gun it(which you will) too often(which you will, which is understandable) you're gonna have problems cooling it. Relocating the radiator usually helps.

That's cheap af. Almost worth buying it to keep as a parts car for another z31 that's in better condition

Mum stole my darts >>>> Smoko

>did i fuck up

if its N/A yes

If you want a Z in 2018, buy a 350z for cheap. The z31 is a dead platform with little to no aftermarket. Only the turbo models if clean are worth holding onto.

the z31 has decent aftermarket, the issue is variety.

Interior looks like it has seen better days but at least you got the manual, who cares about the turbo bc they are still slow. Iirc you can put on a pathfinder intake manifold to get a few more ponies. Enjoy your cheap sports car op

Na man, you did good. No kidding I just got one yesterday also.

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bus money>>>>>all else

youll shit brix when you see it boys

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>No aftermarket
Plenty of options for engine builds the fuck are you on about.

nice, I was going to get a 951, but I ended up buying some s30's, maybe one day ill get one.

If you want suspension you have to hack job a s13 coilover kit. You can make them fast with a GT35R, but building the car to support it is difficult.

imblygin TEMPERICHA isnt the goat

cant go wrong with an i6 z car. looked at an sa rx7 too. but i drove three hours on a whim to see the 944 after class, and fell in love. it had character that the other cars didnt. old cars are goat. def get into a 944 platform someday
hahaha its all great man theyre legit a good little punk band. pure punk too. shame im mcfucking banned from /mu/

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