I've been cautioned by people who don't own one, not to buy one, but what does Veeky Forums think?

I've been cautioned by people who don't own one, not to buy one, but what does Veeky Forums think?

why shouldn't I buy one?

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it's a girls car

cute car

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The JCW Mini Cooper 2-Door Hard Top is the most fun I've ever had driving a car. Absolutely put a smile on my face every time I got in it. I've had much more expensive cars that could blow the thing away in terms of performance and this was still the best. Most people loved it too. They are just cool cars with really fun interiors and gadgets.

Get the JCW with the stripes in a non-faggy color and no one will think it's a girls car.

...The Miata on the other hand is hopeless. You'll be getting propositioned by old men with AIDS for bareback buttsex regularly. I bought one and sold it for a loss two weeks later. It was a disaster for my image (the Miata that is).

Get a Mini JCW 2 Door Hard Top. You'll love it.

this is copy pasta, don't believe this.

Shutup faggot. I don't remember asking you a god damned thing.

It's a cool car if you advertise yourself as a "power bottom" on craigslist

My 22 year old neighbour has one.

So does her bitch of a boyfriend. Neither of them can fucking park properly without blocking my drive or the other neighbours drive. Always parked a good foot or so off of the curb at an angle.

Also, get it if you’re a male hairdresser. If you want a nice mini and some dignity get and old one.

Because it's made with BMW parts, which means BMW part costs when they fail in their BMW way. I mean, they're well handling hatch backs with a pile of quirks and """cute""" looks, but you could do better elsewhere.

Be wary of the transmissions in the first gen ones too.

My sister's neighbor has two of these. She is a middle aged woman that cant have kids.

shit oversized landbarges that kept nothing from original but the shape and are made with german quality for target audience they know gives 0 fucks about cars.

If you want a mini get the og mini

>If you want a mini get the og mini
the price difference is ridiculous.

I work with a guy who owns one of the SC coopers, his is a love hate relationship. He's been fighting a rattle at idle for months which was initially diagnosed as a failed dual mass flywheel but that only changed the noise. Apparently not only were the parts exxy but working on it was a bitch.
Make of that what you will.

Sweet handling and chassis.
People on Veeky Forums will mock you because they all own 1,000bhp R32s like the real men they are.

As I said before, I sold minis s and bought evo x. Now I feel like I'm the fastest in the streets or even in mountain roads

>not buying a car because autists with trap porn on their HDDs told you its a girl car.

Mini coopers are fun as fuck, and a real man doesnt care what other people think of him.

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I'm not taking those comments into account lol, I didn't realise that was a stereotype of these cars, but I should have figured.
a miata is gayer than this imo, and I love miatas.

Test drive a mini, thats my honest advice.
They don't even feel like cars, its insane how fun they are to drive.

will do, thanks.

I'll mock you for driving a BMW owned Mini and I own a Prius. Make of that what you will.

it sure feels like a car when shit breaks and you have to stick your hands in this nonsense

Somehow BMW has managed to make an engine bay with less space than a PT Cruiser.

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i'd get one because of the italian job and jason stathem is a badass and chicks think its cute call me retarded all you want i'll drive anything

Known to have shit reliability (very new years don't seem to be so bad)
Not that small (but it still is)
Too expensive for what it is, especially for service costs
Just get a gti if you have to have a euro hatchback

It sure is fun, though. Ignore the people talking shit about the styling and the pasta.

Are you going to buy a JCW?
Are you at least getting an S?
hell even if you are getting them, they will be money pits
They can be fun to drive, but think about it for a second, you are buying a FWD BMW
All the shitty reliability and expenses of having a non reliable BMW, without the cool looks or being RWD

Also, regardless of what model you get, the back seats are trash, don't fool yourself you are getting a 4 seater car so your friends can ride with you from time to time, the back seats are nothing but a over glorified parcel shelf

Also, stay away from late 2000s, early 2010's cars, they will break, specially the automatic ones