FWD 1.6L Naturally Aspirated SOHC 4-speed automatic

>FWD 1.6L Naturally Aspirated SOHC 4-speed automatic

Name a more boring combination

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anything V6

probably DOHC because there are more of them, therefore making them less interesting. Also CVT

A well programmed CVT feels like you're always in the right gear. Not that bad imo

I mean the kind that simulates gears

Add 3450lbs CUV to that

>RWD 250HP DOHC V6 with a 5-speed manual
>..but it's an SUV that handles like a wet loaf of bread

>Name a more boring combination
FWD 1.1l Turbo Diesel CVT CUV weighing 1800kg with a high beltline and social media connectivity

city bus

FWD 1.6L turbodiesel 4-speed automatic

Fuck simulating gears when you feel like you have all the torque all the time

Turbo + cvt seems great imo

I still prefer manual myself tho

>anything below 6500 redline

any automatics. seriously driving automatic cars should not even be considered "driving"

This POS. it's small, not reliable, cheap and slow, very slow.
My buddy had one of these as his first car and said once: "watch how slow this thing is, i'm about to go all out." Then once he went "all out" i asked him if he's going to push it or nah, he said "that's what i just did!"

I laughed for 20 minutes straight and found out it had a whopping 45hp from a 1.0 4cylinder FedEx box filled with hamsters.

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Lower it to 1.5l efi sohc.

These old Polos seem to eat through gearboxes. That's marvelous, considering how gutless they are. VW reliability, everyone.

>Name a more boring combination

A NA 1.0 SOHC 4 speed auto FWD car

>>FWD 1.0L Naturally Aspirated Diesel SOHC 4-speed automatic

name a more reliable combination

1.6 or 1.8 NA FWD 5 or 6 speed manual not made by FCA, VW, Ferd, GM, Citroen, Renault, or Kia/hyundai

wow i didnt know Veeky Forums so was contrarian and hipster this thread is basically guys talking about cars like they're prada

Suzuki i4 Manual

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.9L NA 5 speed euro cuckbox. Boring and sucks. 0-100 kph in 14 seconds lmao

OHV naturally aspirated 7.1L V8 3-speed automatic

>slap a few simple mods
>4x HP and tq than factory

yeah no

>Name a more boring combination
the bus


holy shit, opel managed to get that from a pushrod 1.0 back in the early 80s, and it was shit even back then. its amazing how little power vw manages to get from its engines.

>2.7L "veesix" in a Truck
>truck made of beercans
>Make sure to add the optional* bedliners, the standard bed is weak and permeable

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6 speed sequential dogbox MR rotary making 600 horsepower and weighing 1500 lbs

Never post that sentence again please....
It makes my bones shiver

Low-power electric car with full fly-by-wire controls and autonomous driving mode

My mum has a Daewoo Matiz and it makes 49hp out of a 799cc inline-3