Was he a car guy?

Was he a car guy?

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>not even driving

No, just a failure. Idi Amin, he's our man.

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you tell me

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Much nicer than the post-war beetle.

HAha, yes. Based black bucks.

>tfw the new beetle sucks

Kind of!

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>didn't even have a driver's license

Actually yes, before he got too busy being Fuhrer he owned a Mercedes and loved driving it. And he specifically ordered Volkswagen to create the Beetle to make car ownership affordable to the volk.

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>you will never bro it up with alternate timeline Adolf Hitler where he became a racing driver instead of a politician

Lived longer than Hitler's homosexual ass and was more based for sure.

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>you will never bro it up with Adolf Hitler

>instead of a politician
So that's all he did? Just became a politician? Not gonna mention the other stuff?

>not swaggin on niggas in your own Jeep.

Actually no, Hitler didn't like to drive and had drivers to do everything.

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Idi Amin was a rally driver and sponsored rallies as well. Under his reign motorsports became popular in Uganda.

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look at his smile

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no, he was more like a world war losing guy

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passionate by design

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Love my Adi!

Heil Hitler from his home coutry!

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inna woods

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even /f1/

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>Shitler is just standing there like a kid in all those photos.
>This guy being so desperate to try and make people think he was anything but a failed painter.


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88 my bro

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commies lost the war too dumbass.
what is that umbrella and all-encompassing ideology over your head right now, oh that's right, it's liberalism.

If he hadn't desired political power, WWII would not have happened the way it did. He was not stupid or evil. He was manipulated by his peers into committing crimes against humanity for efficiency's sake. A more humane solution to the removal of undesirables could have been implemented but the bullheaded Nazi hardliners just hammered the square peg in the round hole and rolled with it.
Had he stayed a man of precision and personal skill, perhaps the world would remember him more fondly.

That's interesting, I wonder how that worked out when his doctors started giving him meth.

From what I remember it was him making stupid decisions against his advisers. Not like the holocaust happened anyway.

Now if only /pol/tards would quit pushing this failure.

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NC sucks ass but at least Richard Burr is a cool guy.

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No, commies won ww2

That was later in the war when he was on all kinds of drugs and possibly suffering from amphetamine psychosis and stress.
Early on he was the frontman while the brownshirts went and fucked everything up. They were so ready to fuck shit up they wanted to kill Hitler so they could fuck up more shit without him being in the way.

Not excusing genocide in any way, I just don't believe in the literary form of evil that society ascribes to people it finds distasteful.

Eh, I don't view Hitler as some great villain. I honestly don't believe in the holocaust. I don't think he's worthy of worship either though. Definitely not a car guy at the least.

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Why do you not believe in the Holocaust?

If I fail art school I'm getting into politics

Ah, that's a fine view. I'm not opposed to the idea that the German government and military at the time either moved or removed huge numbers of people based on their ethnicity or religion, but the idea that it was solely directed at ethnic Jews and more of them died than any other group seems really off to me. The unfortunate cultural impact is that you can't publicly appreciate the massive contributions that the Germans of the time made to technology without being apologetic for the way they carried out internal peacekeeping. Can't post a picture of a fully-liveried BF109 in most places without a [SWASTIKA WARNING] so people don't get triggered by 2000 year-old shapes.

bullshit. He was a sex craved man and even hold his niece prisoner as a sex slave.

>I honestly don't believe in the holocaust
History isn't up to you to believe or not you mongrel.
>I just don't believe in the literary form of evil
No one seriously believes he was literally the devil either. In fact a majority of people shared his view on Jews at the time.

Woah he's just like me cause I tried nofap this one time

>Some weird looking Tatra.

He was probably down to fucc 24/7 and would have had no problem getting women which would explain an absence of masturbation. Pictures and books paint him as a bit eccentric, he probably had some odd fetishes that were well-concealed.

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mate he was German (austrian's the same), they all are fucking filthy about sex.

I have no reason to believe the holocaust happened.

Yeah. Definitely. If only he could fuck our girls in front of us, right, fellow based nigger lover?

Why does /pol/ project so much?
Idi Amin was a car guy and my panda from Uganda.
Hitler was a pleb who hired drivers to do everything.

unironically based hes passionate af there

I need a shifter like that to trigger the fuck out of people

>Why does /pol/ project so much?
Ironic, considering nobody mentioned /pol/.

Cool beans on not denying it though. Your tryhard faggotry is obvious.

Yes, ooga booga to you too, based bbc fiend. Meet you at the cuckshed later tonight so we can imagine Amin fucking our kin before driving off in his nigger car?

true artist

>Silver Arrows (German: Silberpfeil) was the name given by the press to Germany's dominant Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union Grand Prix motor racing cars between 1934 and 1939. The name was later applied to the Mercedes-Benz Formula One and sports cars in 1954 and 1955, and currently applied to the Mercedes GP/AMG Petronas F1 cars from 2010 to present.

>For the 1934 season, Grand Prix racing's governing body AIACR introduced a formula limited mainly by a maximum weight of 750 kg,[3] which was considerably less than the weight of Daimler's previous car used in racing, the outdated seven litre Mercedes-Benz SSK. That range of cars had been developed in the 1920s by Ferdinand Porsche, who was by now independent, and proposed his P-Wagen project racing car concept to the chancellor in office since January 1933: Adolf Hitler. He decided to support both the new company Auto Union, who took over Porsche's concept, and Mercedes-Benz, who had more than a quarter century of experience in major international racing.

>In 1934, the W25 won four major races (Eifelrennen, Coppa Acerbo, Spanish and Italian GP) compared to three for Auto Union (German, Swiss and Czechoslovakian GP), plus the Klausenpass hillclimbing event. These popular uphill races were usually dominated by the superior traction of the mid engine Auto Union of Hans Stuck, who won[7] at Felsberg (de), Kesselberg, Freiburg Schauinsland and Mont Ventoux.[8] The German cars also took two wins in Italy, where the major competitors came from.

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You also have no reason to believe anything in History ever happened then, going with that mindset.

Nah, some things are obvious. Of course you know shit like the Titanic sinking, 9/11, Chernobyl, ect ect. There is irrefutable evidence that those happened. The holocaust not so much.


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>commies lost the war

Actually they won, you are the commies, user.

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like people who say they don't "believe" in science, it doesn't matter if you believe in a fact or not, it will still be a fact

I can observe gravity. I can observe spontaneous combustion. I can't observe actions which occurred in 1942.

You take that back shitlord! Adolf was pure!

Yeha except facts are typically supported by evidence while the holocaust is supported by laws that put you in prison for questioning it.

>he actually believes the "official" narrative

"They trust me, dumb fucks."

Science only applies when it fits the narrative, you evil white male. Can’t do "science" without funds and he who pays the piper calls the tune.

>what are first person accounts of things

now back to /pol/ you subpar specimens

If the holocaust was so all encompassing why are there so many survivors?

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to be honest i kinda like his drawings, not perfect but bretty good. i dont even know shit about art in general if you dont count cars as form of art *autism*

>what are lies

A first hand account of how aliens probed hitlers asshole isnt very convincing if you have no evidence. Likewise, first hand accounts of the holocaust by people who stand to make financial gains from making such claims isnt very convincing either without evidence to support it. Especially when you find evidence that many of those claims are actually false, ie; the holocoaster, gas chambers, geysers of blood, open cremation pits, smoke changing color based on a persons nationality, etc.

You cant just wave your hand and state something is now fact with zero evidence (ie the nuremburg trials), and then make it illegal to question it, and expect people to never catch on that something just doesnt add up. Eventually people figure out they have been misled.

>i know i lied about my first hand account of the holocaust for which i get government checks for every month on top of the profits from my book, but its ok because it was real in my mind!

>financial gains

jfc you people are fucking insane.

Evidence isn't just "muh feelings" mate.
>I can observe spontaneous combustion.
Okay good bait.

>Evidence isn't just "muh feelings" mate.

So the holocaust definitely didn't happen then. The 6 million were just made up over some feels because a couple jews got forced to do a little labor.



Yep, im totally insane, despite providing you with concrete proof of such things existing. God forbid i question the dogma.

Instead of seeing this post as a wakeup call, youll instead blow it offand ignore it because it challenges your world view and by extension bruises your ego. Its ok though, its not your fault, its simply the way our brains work. Human psychology is a finicky bitch.

Nah there was literal video evidence, people from neighboring villages were brought as witnesses, etc. Also that would make a huge number of jews to hide if they weren't killed.
Though I also agree a lot of the talk about it is used by greedy jews to milk guilt, and cover their own acts in Israel. Also not saying they didn't deserve any of it.

>Its ok though, its not your fault, its simply the way our brains work. Human psychology is a finicky bitch.
Not him but maybe be wary of the whole "others are dumb sheeple and I have the secret truth" mindset then.

>video evidence
Would you care to share this? Just be forewarned that the existance of the camps and the tens if not hundreds of thousands of deaths that occured there is not in dispute - that much is infact supported by evidence. What is not supported by evidence is the concept of the "holocaust" in which the nazis sought to liquidate the jewish population via extermination. What is supported by evidence is the nazi policy of moving jews into camps with the goal of relocating them elsewhere, namely the british territory of palestine.

Furthermore, im not defending any of that as "morally right". Im simply stating what is and is not supported by evidence. If you want to demonize the nazis for rounding up the jews of europe, scapegoating them, and having them die by the tens of thousands under their supervision from starvation and disease caused by the total catastrophic collapse of germany in the final months of the war - go ahead. But dont demonize them for an alledged extermination policy for which there is quite literally no evidence whatsoever of ever existing.

I don't doubt that stuff happened but I am 100% in the camp that the Nazis didn't set out to make the jews go extinct. Allied bombing caused more jew deaths than they ever intended. Hard to feed your prisoners when all the trains and trucks get blown up.

I never said that. I simply ask that people do their own research on the matter rather than listening to someones account of the alleged event and believing them without question. Im not smarter or any less prone to falling victim to the limitations of our brains.

To take it a step further, dont believe me. Prove me wrong. I dont want people to listen to me and just assume im being honest. I want people to listen and decide that maybe they should look into the topic themselves on more than a cursory level and see what lies just below the surface of what is quite literally taken as dogma by our society.

>financial gains
>get out of jail free card

Whats there to understand, goy?

>you tell me

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Okay that's a pretty healthy mindset, though I understand how researching WWII stuff must be way more difficuly if you're not european.
You know this isn't a trial right? You have nothing to gain by pleading guilty on a lesser offense.

There's nothing wrong with putting people in camps, everyone did it in WW2.

If anything researching the second world war is easier for us americans as we are not hampered by hate speech laws or holocaust denial laws.

It seems to me that you fail to see the purpose of this discussion. I maintain that the concept of the holocaust (nazis rounded up jews for extermination) is false. However, i also maintain that the nazis did infact demonize the jews and rounded them up into concentration camps where they would later die en masse to disease and starvation - ultimately at the fault of the nazis as they were under their ward. At no point am i justifying what they did. I am simply demanding that if youre going to demonize the nazis, do it for what they actually did, not what people say they did and cannot support with evidence.

This isnt about ego or being right. Its about the truth. The truth is that the holocaust did not happen. I am strongly committed to seeing that the truth be known and that the lies are seen for what they are, not because i support the nazis, but because i support the proliferation of the truth. I dont excuse the nazis for what they did - i just wish they would be remembered for what they did rather than the lies of the holocaust which never happened.

Some food for thought; many consider the holocaust as being the ultimate answer for "why we fought". It was framed as 'good vs evil'. There was no room left for a grey area - the allies were the good guys fighting against a ghastly murderous regime of tyranny.

..but what if the holocaust didnt happen? Why did we fight? Was the nazi government evil afterall? Or were they acting in what they believed were their best interests? Did the nazis declare war on world jewry? Or did the jews declare war on nazi germany? Who threw the first stone?

History is much different from what we are taught. Its far more complex than "the nazis were evil and thats why they killed jews" - as the tale of the alleged holocaust would have you believe.

Except there is irrefutable evidence the holocaust happened. Reported deaths, eye witness accounts, records, countless images.

There's plenty of evidence but none of it would convince you because you're as narrow minded and ignorant as devout Catholics.

I'm hardly close minded about it. I've just seen enough to be very skeptical of all of it.

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Lmao at the arsepain a Hitler thread brings.

>reported deaths
Post proofs
>eye witness accounts
Like the eye witness accounts of the electric floor, masterbation death machine and holocoaster?
Post proofs
Those poorly edited images or the ones of skinny Germans starving in post war allied POW camps?

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The holohoax happened, but there was no 6 million. The obese homosexual Goering, probably the second most ideologically pure Nazi, couldn't believe it. He said "take a few zeros off the end, and maybe it will be believable." Truth is commies killed more of their own in the years leading up to the war than Hitler could ever dream about. Many of the """victims""" that were killed in the eastern campaign were killed by partisans, and blamed on the nazis. Did they kill Jews? Sure, who wouldn't? But 6 million? No way. Hitler tried to get rid of the jews many ways, I think it was 4-5, and they gave up and came up with the so-called "final solution." It's really no diffreent than what you read in the Jewish holy book, except the Nazis wouldn't necessarily kill all the livestock, along with all the men,women, and children like the jew god commanded.

>says there's video evidence
>won't post video evidence

this is fair