1987 Toyota Sprinter GT AE92

I'm gonna get one soon for my first car.
Is it worth it?

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E90 is a solid platform, really well built for a shitbox and easy/cheap to repair. Don't listen to the haters and buy it if you genuinely like it, otherwise keep looking.

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>muh fwd bogeyman

If it's a good example, absolutely.

Semi-related, I want to get an e100 corolla for a daily because I've always liked its looks.
Does anyone here have experience with them?
Is the 1.8L 7AFE enough of an improvement over the 1.6L 4AFE that I should avoid the 1.6 and only consider the 1.8?

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Very odd choice. Those cars can be found virtually every where on earth, what makes them so special?

Not him, but I'd like an E10 as a daily too. I like its discreet look and reliability, and they're not as common as the usual 20 year old shitboxes people drive to the ground. Mainly the availability of parts interests me. I have a 33 year old car and basically I live with the constant fear of not being able to find parts if anything breaks. I could make the perfect E10. Interior panel scratched? Go to the junkyard and get a perfect one. Right colour and trim too while I'm at it.

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I want an old reliable beater that will run forever with just basic servicing. Many cars have this reputation, but as I said, I like the way it looks the most. It's old enough to have the classic sedan proportions, but not so old it'd be a pain to live with.
The next gen (pic related) has a similar body shape, but the design of the lights are a lot less appealing.

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The generation after that is just disgusting. I guess overall the E100 is just the best looking corolla to me.

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the 7AFE is better but the E100s had shit exhaust manifolds so if you really want to see an improvement over the 4A get an E110

E120s are absolute shit
>solid axle rear
>early gen of 1ZZ that will burn oil if you look at it wrong

good luck finding one in germany.

The 7AFE is just a stroked 4AFE, same power output and some more torques, the rest is virtually the same, apart from the larger radiator.

There is pretty much nothing wrong with either, they'll run forever as long as there's oil and water in them.

>Old corollas, or 90s cars in general.


For daily driving, find something safe.

literally the most unstoppable force on earth. i love mine, people say they're boring but you cant really go wrong

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it's a meme for a reason

Best post of the whole day.

i prefer to die in style than drive that ugly ass piece of shit

You might not die, but I am dying of laughter over a 90s corolla being called "stylish." Maybe you'll just end up a veggie.

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Fuck man, I didn't think it'd be that much of a deathtrap. Why do new corollas have to look so fucken shit?

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>Not getting the 2zz

Your own fault user.

>The next gen (pic related) has a similar body shape
That's because it uses the same chassis, doors and pillars.