Why don't any African countries produce cars?

Why don't any African countries produce cars?

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Because most of them can't even produce a stable political environment.

Are you trying to say Africans should kill even more white people?

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Birkin, South Africa
Laraki, Morocco
Wallyscar, Tunisia
Kiira Motors, Uganda
Innoson, Nigeria
Perana Performance, South Africa

Why would any person want to make a car company in a country where the government may just take it away?

Elon Musk is African and he's basically KANGZ n SHIET. can you imagine if his entire base of operations were in South Africa? it would have possibly the most advance space program on earth.

Why indeed.
With the exception of 1, the rest of those manufacturers look like scams for the bored and rich. That Laraki Epitome looks interesting, though.

If he did that they would be trying to take the company off him.

Someone post that you tube video of Kiira Motors Corporation. That car reminds me of an alfa romeo I guess.

He only has his company for as long as the US government gibsmedats keep flowing. He wouldn't be able to do what he's done in any other country on Earth.

There are several car manufacturing plants, mainly in Egypt, that build licensed Hyundais, Chevrolets and such.

no demand for cars, cheap pajeet bikes and trucks are mainly used.

I was doing a google search to look into Innoson and it tried to get me to download some sort of spyware

Why did you post some Mexican rice?

Show pics of them

African countries can't even produce crops

>what is Google

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Africans are not smart enough to produce things

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The same goes for Jews. They were arguably treated worse than anyone else and they're fine now.

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Remove /pol/ from premises

The comic was dumb but the """"debunk"""" is even worse holy shit. Russians and blacks are literally the same shit: some superior minds (writers, scientists, etc) among a see of retards.

>see of retards

>see of retards

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Fuck off nigger

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>oh wow he made a typing mistake

probs this. need stability and africa has fuck all of that.

They couldn’t even invent the wheel. One step at a time, mate.

Dude they still shit in their water supply

>They couldn’t even invent the wheel. One step at a time, mate.
Africa did invent slavery.
And it managed to keep this invention going continuously all the way into the 21st century. So blacks do believe in it and are competent at it.

But historically, blacks have had opportunity and resources, but failed to develop them. They had wood, plant fibers, and metal ores but never developed sailing ships. They never developed cloth. They didn't have a decent age of metals. They didn't even exploit the diamonds at their feet. And they had oil seeps and tar but failed to utilize it.

Did they ever have an age of exploration like all the other major civilizations? Of course not. Certainly the europeans, chinese, persians, Indians, mayans, and polynesians did. Far away from Africa, the Mayans and Incans created recordable language, but the black africans did not.

There was so much equal opportunity but hardly any of it was utilized. A true lack of sustained performance.

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>Kiira Motors
If you haven't already please look up the "Kiira Smack" it's one of their concept EV cars that literally looks like a bunch of drunken assholes put it together, just look at this build quality

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Holy shit they even call it an EV despite the fact that it's actually a hybrid

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you have to understand the wheel before you can do anything else.

That image is 100% my favorite image on the web. Background on my PC and all

if you sent a bunch of whites to africa as slaves within 10 years they would be in charge of the continent and be a super power within 20.


At 5:20 it shows a guy painting the car outside, improperly using the spray gun.

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They could barely produce sharp stones or shelters when we first contacted them. You can't just take a stone age society, throw them into the modern world, and expect them to instantly adapt. Evolution takes millions of years.

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>hood is asymmetrical left/right
>can see drips in the paintjob from using a fucking rattlecan too close
>grille looks like one of those shitty fiberglass rice jobs on a civic in a walmart parking lot
>creases in the metal bodywork where they clearly bent it by hand to force it to fit
>complete lack of any design skill, headlights and taillights obviously stolen from another better car and made to fit
>buttons on the battery screen aren't even labeled, like they got it in bulk on a discount from an electronics warehouse, glued the fucker to the dash, and didn't give it a second thought
>the battery graphic is ripped from the iphone

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But he is right, no one says the Russians were held back by centuries of slavery.

good idea let's start with you

What a great thread.

>no one says the Russians were held back despite having centuries of slavery

HERE is a story of some "tough guy" travelers to South Africa a short time after Apartheid (white rule) ended.

This is a fragment from a trip and life blog of a Russian man who went on a business trip to South Africa, translated for your convenience.


Me and my friend had to spend roughly 10 hours in Johannesburg. We asked Mikhail and he convinced some kamikaze driver to take us on a tour through the city center. We, the two retards, thought that they were exaggerating about the danger just to frighten us. We thought that we'd get to the center, take a long good stroll through it and show everyone that Russians aren't afraid of anything.

We ended up not even coming close to doing any of these things.


We nearly shat ourselves.

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The descent to Johannesburg from the plateau made the city look great. Beautiful, big, modern. Some skyscrapers here and there, some nice Victorian-style buildings. Green lawns, blue sky.

Upon actually entering the city, the picture changed drastically.

It looked completely abandoned.
There was no electricity.
Piles of trash just lying in the streets.
Burst sewer pipes flooding several spots.
The only thing clear of debris was the main road, the only functional electrical devices were the traffic lights.
And this was the city center, the relatively safe part of the city.

Prior to riding into the city, the driver appointed by Mikhail read us a short "do's and don'ts" lecture.
He seemed very tense, gulping often and suspiciously looking around as he spoke:

"If you cunts want to survive this, do exactly as I say.
After we enter the city, NO LOUD NOISES, do not ATTRACT ANY ATTENTION!
NO FUCKING CELLPHONES OR CAMERAS flashing through the car windows!
DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT with ghouls! (that's what he called niggers)
And no matter what happens, DO NOT OPEN THE WINDOWS!
Because suddenly a lamp post can fall and block the way, and the ghouls will fucking siege us.
And remember that I have kids, so at least follow these rules for my sake..."


We spent two hours riding around the city center.
It was quiet enough in the bus to hear a pin drop.
To understand what happened to the city, a small historical flashback is needed.

After the apartheid was over, a two-million swarm of Africans flooded the city, opening the era of African Reconquista. They were not natives, they just left their usual places in the desert and went wherever life was better. Mikhail, the guy who got us the driver, lived in Johannesburg at that time and told us the following:

In the middle of an ordinary workday, something happened.
The office center's doors opened and an unorganized crowd of several thousand blacks rushed in, carrying their belongings in huge bags. They asked us not to pay any attention to them and continue working, while they were spreading around the building and occupying every bit of territory that was available. Armchairs, stools, sofas, restrooms and hallways - they were everywhere, happily chatting and wasting no time in taking whatever shiny things the building's original denizens had on them.
The office became filled with commotion. Chickens were butchered and gutted in the hallways, tables in audience rooms turned into cooking tables, restrooms became bathhouses.
The polite question "What's going on?" was answered with "This is our home now".
The subsequent, less polite question "What the fuck?!" met a reply "It will be better for everyone".

Mikhail called the cops.
Cops didn't come.
They apologized and explained that exactly the same thing is happening across the entire city.

Then everyone who could started to quietly flee the city, headed towards the suburbs and Cape Town, while erecting barriers to block the paths - hedges, moats, electrified fences. The last district of Johannesburg where you can meet a white man nowadays is the Pretoria suburb.


After a massive exodus, owners of the buildings started thinking of what to do.

They decided that if they switched off the electricity, water and sewer access to the buildings, the ghouls will leave them and return to the savannah.

So, they switched them off.
The ghouls didn't even notice.

Of course, in the savannah they had neither of these modern conveniences. "Where do they shit, then?" I asked Mikhail.
Mikhail replied that the office owners were also puzzled by this - and completely shocked after they found out.

You see, after invading the buildings, none of the ghouls could figure out what elevator shafts were for. Once they ripped out the elevator doors, they spent a few days scratching heads and spitting into the darkness, until it finally occured to them.

"Bless the white man's genius", thought the ghouls, and the shafts became both toilets and garbage dumps ever since. According to Mikhail, it takes roughly ten years for an average ghoul horde to shit up an office building to the point of complete unliveability.

After that, like in good old prehistoric times, the horde migrates, occupying another building.

>Birkin makes street-legal versions of an existing car
>Laraki imports cars and uses their parts to make supercars (first one was built on the chassis of a lamborghini diablo, so how much work did they really do making an uglier version?)
>Perana Performance is designed in Italy and powered by Murrica, simply assembled in South Africa

>Wallyscar and Kiira are original African creations and embarassments
>Innoson claims to be African but looks like the GTA ripoffs of Toyota cars and could very well be mods/rebadges

>negro detected

If you visit their south africa trip blog, you can see some pictures taken through the windows. It's such a violent place that some people had invented and installed flamethrower devices to prevent carjackings.

To see the South Africa car-mounted flamethrower in action, click on the video at this description article by the BBC.


Even the chief of police purchased one for his personal car. Now, that is quite a car mod.

Lots of CARJACKINGS occur in South Africa. If you stop at a traffic light, someone may run up with a gun and point it at you. Fighting carjackers has risks since you don't know if it is a fake gun or real. But losing your car means you will be on foot among people that regard you as prey! You can now be robbed or possibly killed. You know your personal info and passwords to your bank and mutual fund accounts. If captured, someone can force you to transfer assets. They only need to keep you alive for 2 to 3 days to verify the asset transfer occurs. Here is a video about fighting off carjackers.


The problem is that if a woman surrenders the car, she is on foot and may be snuggled. 1 in 4 south african women are raped each year so you don't want to be a white woman on foot in HIV AIDS territory. If you are raped, you need to pay attention to the following statistics:


The 2007 UNAIDS report estimated that 5,700,000 South Africans had HIV/AIDS, or just under 12% of South Africa's population of 48 million. In the adult population the rate is 18.5%.

The number of infected is larger than in any other single country in the world. The other top five countries with the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence are all neighbors of South Africa.

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If I ever get bored with living and want to kill myself, I'll just go to South Africa instead and live a mad max lifestyle of nomadic violence until some coon gets the better of me.

This is a South African car.

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These guys are like mad scientists


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oh look an off-topic shitpost intended to derail this thread into an off-topic argument about racism and minorities when it was about cars the whole time except for that one faggot with the South Africa copypasta.

>53 posts in
>nobody mentions Detroit


Large family stationwagon 4x4 with some added armour and some extra seats.

This doesn't actually happen irl, only in /pol/ and leddit

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... that doesn't fit anywhere a normal car does

It co-exists in the same space.

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i've driven one of these
it's not a car but it's african

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made by the only white people left in south africa, for the purpose of getting to and from work without being killed by niggers.

Im not the guy you replied to but, can you read man? It wasnt just that one dude and even the thread itself asks for a discussion about WHY Africa doesn't produce cars not fow a discussion about carsvan Africa. The answer to the OP question is completely obvious anyway: cuz it's fucking Africa

>The answer to the OP question is completely obvious anyway: cuz it's fucking Africa
Only niggers could live for millennia on some of the most fertile land in the world, bursting with natural mineral resources, domesticable animals, and precious metals, and not develop civilization.

faggot detected

trip dubs speaks the truth.

>all this and he still misses the point.

>Why don't any African countries produce cars?
Because there is no point unless there are customers for those cars. Another problem is that if there is no local dealership, then people have to travel to the manufacturer to get the car.

One of the major competitors for any new African car is the stolen car market. Cars are stolen (by carjacking) in countries such as the USA and then shipped to Africa for resale. There are car lots in Nigeria full of these stolen cars openly displayed for sale. That's good hustling African Style entrepreneurship right there.