Letting Girlfriend Drive my Miata

Her car is fucked. Haven't figured out what is wrong with the engine yet. So I taught her how to drive standard on monday and let her start driving the miata to school. I sent her a text on Wednesday.

"Hey babe how did the drive go today?"

"Good I'm getting better at it! I only stalled it 5 times today"

"That's great honey"

The drive to school is only 3 minutes... Internally I was screaming.

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>The drive to school is only 3 minutes
Why won't you lazy burger faggots ever walk?

How else am I going to make it to work and buy a burger when they are in opposite directions.

Fucking this you fat landwhale faggots

Ever hear of sweat you little euroslav shitstain? I know presentation isnt important there, but I rather not be drenched in sweat before even getting to work.

I walked to school for an hour and i didnt sweat.
Its called working out so your fat butter eating fuck dont prespirate from literally just fucking walking

unless you live in literal desert you have no excuse

where will they eat their fast food and doritos?

>3 minutes of walking get you drenched in sweat
Holy fucking shit consider suicide. And get that whale on a diet for fuck's sake.

>unless you live in literal desert you have no excuse
Even living in the desert doesn't make you sweat all that much due to dry air. That burger bitch must be fat as hell.

i wonder which country OP is from

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>Internally I was screaming
It's kinda cute 2bh
however, I think I only stalled like a total of 5 times in my first year driving standard

>3 minute drive

holy fucking shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

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she'll get the hang of it user

>Ever hear of sweat you little euroslav shitstain?
>walking a three minute drive causes you to sweat
Are you 300+ lbs?

Get a cable clutch. Makes your car 100% gf proof.

The absolute state of amerifats

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Fuckin shit I lold.
No sympathy, OP.

>Sweating after a three minute walk
From one amerifat to another, youre a fat fuck.

For most of the country its literally impossible to walk somewhere. The only place where you can walk anywhere is in cities.

Enjoy your fucked car, hopefully Stacy doesn't back it into something

>be american
>walk for three (3) minutes
>fall from fatigue
>get shot

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>tip shooter

Youre making a thread on Veeky Forums to complain about your gf stalling her car.
How about you grow a pair of balls and let someone whos not entitled teach your gf how to property drive.
Also youre upset that your gf stalled your car 5 times. Dude its a frickin miata, no matter how many time its the engine is stopped its nothing compared to the abuse its been through.

Makes me sick to hear a soyboy gossiping about his own gf on a chinese message board
My gf drives a 6 speed nb ls and does her own maintenance

If you cant man up youre just sad

Goddamit OP it's people like you that make me embarrassed to be an American.

School is a 15 minute drive or bike (~2 miles) and I bike, even when there was 2 feet of snow of it was 10 degrees.
Fucking amerilards

how does that apply to a 3 minute drive you retard?

How do you burgersharts stall so often in 100hp+ cars? I stalled a fair bit literally right when I first started learning in a 70hp 1.2 Fiesta, but after the first few times driving it I was fine. I have never stalled a car with more than 100hp

Diabetic neuropathy has destroyed fine touch receptors in extremeties, leading to them just dumping the clutch

>Goddamit OP it's people like you that make me embarrassed to be an American.

This is surely a bretty good bait thread

t. No gf

How so?

>Customer orders pizza for delivery
>They're in the same parking lot that our store is at
>Get in my car
>10 second drive to the hotel at the other end of the parking lot
HEH, must suck to not have cheap gasoline and MUH FREEDUMBS.

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