>be copper
>get told to go out with the radar car
>chillin under a streetlight, speedcam on
>catch up with a few series while pretending to look at the readouts
>glance outside
>blue camry is heading straight for me
>finger the siren harder than i did your sister
>swerves back in his lane
>pure terror in the faggot's eyes
>tries to punch it to get away and skids into the ditch
i don't give a shit if you go 5 over, but if you're
on your fucking phone i'm absolutely gonna shaft you over with everything i got

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Thank you.

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good copper, doing god's work

good lad, people who text and drive should be hanged

Agreed. Can't people stay off their phones for a bit? It's not like they're planning G20 meetings.

>tries to punch it to get away and skids into the ditch

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This happens more often than you think
Always some dyel fag in his dad's car, 6/10 times an automatic base model mustang

post uniform timestamped or this thread is bullshit

Tfw no one texts you

i straight up watch youtube on my phone during my commute home now, live in cali so it takes an hour to go 15 miles on the freeway and the only pedal my foot is on is the brake since the idling of the car is enough acceleration

havent rear ended anyone yet but i believe it's because i don't have shit peripheral vision but not sure

Can I still text and drive on my motorcycle?

Moar cop stories please.

Thank you for your service.

Texting and Driving is the dumbest shit. Fucking touchscreens with no tactile feedback making shit hard.

good shit

*flashes brights twice at an oncoming car to warn of your presence*
nothin personnel, copper

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I don't mind
Sometimes I alert myself on Waze

> living american dream and texting my wife photos of BBC
> driving along with hard on while she send me pics of her vag with giant black dildo in it
> camry is driving itself with latest open source phone based ai self driving software that I have access to.
> Ai is running laggy because of all the texting going on.
>some biggot racist pig flashes his lights at my ai
> Car does perfect maneuver to save his life
> He comes up to me in the ditch he put me in and fines me
> Fuck the cops.
> Go home and watch daiquan and his friends ravage my wife.
> can't wait to raise black child so i can fight the racist system with him

Do you want to know how I know you don't own one?

How accurate are cop detecting apps?

I wanna know how far cops are when I'm driving.

>(((((((can I text and drive)))))))) on my motorcycle?

Not him but I think your insightful post was unwarranted.

Technically you only ride a car too, the engine drives it.

God tier kindness

Good radar detector and look for places they would hide.

When I'm on the highway I typically look around billboards, trees and medians.

made me laff, actually thought I was on Veeky Forums for a second

You're one of the good ones. I might be going 60 in a 30, but I still have more vehicle control than the roastie who doesn't even have a hand on the wheel.

For the love of god can someone actually recommend a good radar detector? I never get a straight answer.

Valentine One

They're fucking useless. Every Jim Bob sheriff has lidar now


What a great idea
Trying to dodge a $40 speeding ticket by risking a felony

in what planet are you? where is using a radar detector a felony?

Radar detectors are federal jurisdiction
Have fun being passed around like a cheap whore as the fia and faa take turns ravaging your behind

Dacia Duster is better

please show me literally 1 (one) case of this ever happening. weed is federal jurisdiction too, and yet no one has been arrested in colorado

Godspeed fare copper

Yep, and cops usually care more about state jurisdiction. Unless they can tell you have a radar detector, they won't bother.

Now a signal jammer is another story.

Sweet. Now how about you cops stop breaking the same laws you claim to enforce.

>pass cop doing 20 in a 40
>look over
>fucked is staring at the big ass screen to his right


>driving on a 35mph road
>cop speeds by at easily 60mph
>wonder why the fuck these cruiser speeds aren't monitored like progressive monitors you with that little black box

And you wonder why people hate you.

We get scolded pretty hard if someone sees us fucking about with the computer while moving
And fleet cars are monitored, they are fitted with GPS trackers, but nobody checks them unless you do something shady

Really? I've contacted local dispatch with that info. You're telling me it actually does something? I'm actually shocked.

I just think it's bs that you guys give speeding violations for minor shit (maybe 10mph over) when it's commonplace for cops to break the speed limits when not in emergency situations.


When was the last time you were pulled over for a traffic violation by a federal LEO?

Google that shit in my state only troopers have lidar and they rarly use it. Locals all run k only and they suck at it troopers run ka 99% of the time. If you know how lidar works and how they use it its fucking easy to beat.
Also valintine one for life. Was escort passport before that just as good.

Only recruits and hardasses are so strict
But yeah, fucking with the equipment while driving gets you a week of classes

>be me
>mid trafic trying to turn left
>no open to go
>stay mid lane
>red is on
>cop on my left
>turns on lights
>play it cool
>wait for another green
>go for it
>cop doesn't follow
>good god yes

texters should be gunned down in the streets like the degenerates they are.

My first and only accident with another car occurred when I was 18, in 2007, when I was still dribing my Astro van. I was looking down at my flip phone, texting, when I noticed something in my peripheral, and realized I was going to hit a Nissan Maxima in a line of traffic. I didn't hit the brakes until I was 20 feet away from it. There were no visible damage to the Maxima, but it did damaged my bumper and evaporator. No one was hurt.

I didn't text and drive for several years, and I started doing it, again, a few years ago, but only when I'm at a stop light.

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I have have a HAM license pig. Legal :)

>come to a stop light
>look at my rear view mirror
>woman staring at her steering wheal obviously texting hasn't slowed down yet and is rapidly getting closer

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I do that too. Except I do it 2-3 miles down from where I'm hiding out so they think I'm gone.

This is why I have front and rearfacing dash cams.

>We get scolded pretty hard
does that mean a ticket?

> Only recruits

people who don't you go easy on yourselves instead of enforcing law

> hardasses

and people who enforce the law to police to the same standard it's enforced on everyone else.

So basically the only people who aren't pigs

probably means a free day of paid vacation desu

In many places emergency personnel are exempted from using their equipment while driving at any speed. They're given classes on it and everything. Not just cops but ambulance drivers and firefighters as well.

This shit pisses me off too but taking down roasties playing with their phones is doing God's work.

every time I get a text while driving, I tell the person to fuck off until I'm not driving anymore, at a red light obviously

How can you even prove that they were on their phone? Most cars these days come equipped with bright as fuck led screens right in the middle of the car, so you can't tell by the brightness.

So just passing glance? Can't they just show up and pretty much have this excused outright due to lack of evidence? A cops testimony surely isn't enough.

>at a red light

Still illegal in a lot of places

We have motocops who do nothing but filter at lights and check your hands

Good on you OP! I'm not for police brutality, but people that text and drive could use a good beating. lol

I'm actually Veeky Forums pretty unanimously hates it as well. Call it out on social media and such, and you'll get at least a few idiots trying to defend using their mobiles and driving.

>Brakes at last minute
>honks the horn if they haven't moved within 3 nanoseconds of the light turning green

Throw the book at texting fucks
Fuck them. They do not belong in society.

Fuck the police.
You right, thank you officer.
He cool. He woke.

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>rolling around fuck knows where in my 60hp 1.4L bone stock Polo
>going 130 km/h through a turn on a 70 km/h road
>copper comes speeding down the road ahead
>major heartattack
>cop doesn’t give a fuck and we both keep speeding

I cannot tell you how many people text and drive. it's ridiculously unsafe, people don't realise it's a weapon. a car is a very deadly weapon and people treat it like a gun, safety off, finger on the trigger waving it around until eventually someone dies.

everytime I see that bullshit I speed the fuck away. I've had too many accidents because of texting and driving.


I wish people that did that would be treated like a DUI. license revoked, fines, maybe jail time.

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Here in Italy we almost managed to get it classified as a DUI, but women's rights movements lobbied against it

yeah with your cock out too or this is a shit thread

>but women's rights movements lobbied against it
what the fuck argument did they have against it

>Give the internet hate machine a way to identify you
Even the /n/ cop who humiliated /mlp/ got doxxed