Smoking in your expensive car

>smoking in your expensive car
Why the fuck do people do this?

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because it's their money and they can do whatever the fuck they want, you absolute retard

because they can

what kind of faggot wants to tell others what to do with their property

This isn't your grandaddy's Lucky Strikes, the tobacco today is no more harmful than huffing dry eraser fumes.

Feels good man

If they're willing to get 87 types of cancer why do you think they would care about a car?

I can legit smell cigarette smoke from another car 30ft away in traffic with my windows up. It annoys me.

Jap girls that smoke in their cars are good girls

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so roll up your windows fag

CO2 doesn't smell but it still poisons you nonetheless in traffic

>CO2 poisons you
uh ok

smoking in my car is one of the only things i still enjoy, so fuck you

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because you wanna kick back and have a smoke in your fancy right, what's the problem?

I can legit smell soy from another car 30ft away in traffic with my windows up. It annoys me.

nothing better than a cup of coffe and a cig while driving!

My friend has a Rolls and smokes weed in it. I dont get why it's a big deal aside from the car not smelling new

I think he meant CO

>women smoking
It's like the thousand cock stare. Good indication she's a whore/coal burner.

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because they don't give two shits about resale value

an expensive car to you might is probably a cheap car to them that they can afford many times over

are people who like smokers cucks?

>because they don't give two shits about resale value

This, You're showing how poor your are OP.

I bet you finish your plate when eating at a restaurant as well.

Dick Whitman here is right.

because smokers are fucktards to start with

you probably drive an old f-150 or something though

Vehicles I haul people around in, maybe once a month probably more like once a quarter. Because most people don't smoke and I hate the smell of vehicles that are smoked in on the regular in the spring and summer months. I am a smoker and smell when someone opens a door to a car regularly from 30 feet off.

My vehicle I don't haul people around in, pretty much whenever I drive it because I like to smoke while I drive and don't give a fuck about it's interior.

to give me more haggling leverage

I smoked in my old shitbox (rip baby ilu) but I don’t in my new car at all, if I get out to smoke I close the doors and the windows so none gets in. I vape in it though with the windows down (not a Subaru) when I see people smoking in new cars I know they’re financing and they’re lowclass people

Such a disgusting habit, probably smoke inside your houses as well you putrid pigs.

they use smoking as a replacement for a personality so they need to do it when outside of their house

Because they're either rich or poor fucks who don't give a fuck

The only ones who mind are middle wagecucks who have to worry about resale value because they're wagies and cucks

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You don't look like that when you do it though. You look like a disgusting degenerate

Dude like all Koreans smoke, male or female. Excluding bananas ofc

smoker's gonna smoke
it shouldn't be a hard concept to grasp

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Who the fuck makes that face when smokeing? Its a cig, not dick. Fuck.

Fucking makes my dick hard

Just vape.

>coal burner
Keep the butthurt flowing.

Why do liberals think they have the right to tell people how to live?

Hey you want to smear shit across your interior it's your decision, but you're still a filthy motherfucker for doing it.

Sure thing, kiddo.
I bet you're the coolest guy in your feminist yoga collective.

I eat red meat, own & shoot guns and dislike immigrants.

Get your head out of your ass and get the fuck back to /pol/.

because it's their car, not yours

Bullshit, you do not.

it's disgust, moron. People who date outside their race will always be considered a pariah by the other sex

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>people with different opinions can't possibly have the same hobbies and politics as me!!!!!!!!!!

the absolute state of /pol/

>lying on the internet about what a tough, manly, conservative you are when you get called out on your shit.
The absolute state and sissy little leftists.


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got me good faget

if they smoke, they poke

And they say there are no good news stories.

I used to smoke and quit about 10 years ago. I'm the same way. Worst part of it is, I smell cig smoke, it gets stuck in my nose for a week and all I can smell is cigarettes.

I fucking hate smokers. Switch to vaping nicotine at least, you dicks.

You guys are such fags. Its just smoke, smoke of a plant that doesn't smell too bad. Big fucking deal

>I can legit smell cigarette smoke from another car 30ft away in traffic with my windows up.
No you can not.
You are factually unable to.

>be darkie
>never known anything but white pussy
>yfw several never went back to white after me
>yfw a couple went darker still and had children

Smoking is a dumb habit and I wish I had never done it.
>doesn't smell too bad
try smelling nothing but smoke for a week and get back to me.

I am a smoker and yes, I can from time to time so for the non smokers I believe it

>several never went back to white after me
We don't want them

You're exaggerating, otherwise there is something wrong with you. Probably mental.

>yfw Blondes and blacks make pretty babies

They're already dumb enough to be smoking. You can't expect much from them.

Not him, but yes, I generally finish all my food because I remember what it's like to go without for a few days. Just because I have a decent job and money now doesn't mean I need to waste it either.

lmao am smrt u're dum

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I wish I was. I have to gtfo if someone smokes near me, it's that bad. I'm not a dick about it with the fake coughing and nagging, I just leave. There's nothing worse than having my nostrils filled with smoke for days.

I don't know if hypersensitivity to smoke is a thing with ex-smokers in general, but for me it is a problem.

He's dead, dumber than a rock.

>Blondes and blacks make pretty babies
lol niggers have no taste

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I mean I vape herb in my truck but I also have one of those professional car extractors in my garage so it ain't like the smells sticking.

I have quit a few times for at least one year and yeah, i can smell it, detect it with great sensitivity when I have.

>yfw you are the vulgar minority.

How does it feel to be so small? I honestly, earnestly want to know. What is it like to have whatever myriad of complexes you have going on? How do you go about living? You have my pity and my well wishes.

your mom is a professional extractor

not him but nigger

>How does it feel to be so small? I honestly, earnestly want to know. What is it like to have whatever myriad of complexes you have going on? How do you go about living? You have my pity and my well wishes.

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At some point damn near everyone's mom rode the Cock carousel at one point or another

What's your point?

I think it’s because your Mum was a ”professional” extractor, not amateur?

Holy shit that link

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Not pleb tier you own things to use them

Lol you are a bastard child

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I usually just avoid niggers.

I drive a convertible

The previous owner of my car smoked in it. I just drove with the windows down for a few months and it was all gone.

Sucks about the cigarette burn hole in the passenger's seat though.

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