Is this the most American car?

Is this the most American car?

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>not a chevy

GT350R is americnaner.

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>faggy flat plane crank
>disgusting DOHC
>under 350ci

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I figure the most American car would have to be a top fuel drag car.

Or monster truck

If by most American, you mean a high chance of packing a gun in the glovebox, yes.

I suggest a bandit Trans Am with a big screaming chicken on the front

dual fuel
liberal and euro tears

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I've got no problem with the truck

But I do not understand the need for the bullbar

Can the engine even turn the wheels in any meaningful way? I get gear reduction but with that much mass it seems useless for anything other than showing off

Go watch mud bogging. Even if you're not into it, it's still comical.

You don't know Babe the blue ox?

>not pushrods
>not manual trans
>not leaf springs
>4 cylinder option
>practical with 4 seats
>under 5.0L

Its basically a bmw

corvette is the most murrican car

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The fuck are you smoking the vast majority of v8 mustangs sold are manual? Leaf springs are a sign of europoor 2 cylinder diesels, there is NOTHING practical about the 2 rear seats, and you only need 5.0l when you have the genius engine builders at Windsor and Ford itself.

Besides, the corvette is literally just GM trying to break into the Euro super car market since it was born.

TIL that the Mustang doesn't have a manual transmission and that 5.035 is less than 5.0

But auto is much more American than manual.

>need 5.0L
>actually 4.9L

Corvette has been out of reach of the mustang forever

Even the camaro is beating the shit out of the mustang in terms of performance and sales figures

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auto in performance cars is not.

>designed by a german

almost, almost.

Learn what a liter is. Both the Coyote and Voodoo are over 5L.

The whatnow?

Hmm i guess they changed the bore on the latest version so it went from 302cid to 307cid

302 = 4.94 liters
307 = 5.035



For American it is

More performance Manuals are sold in america than any other country.

>Not a 4 door bech seat fuel guzzler with a column shifter and unnecessary number of amenities.

Close though.

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no one buys manuals in the US

No this is

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Apparently enough that its the only reason a Manual M5 and GT3 was offered at all.

>statistics grouping all cars when i said performance cars which the Mustang is

Tractor tread tires are designed to go in low wheel speed situations. Super swampers are high wheel speed (bogger radials even have a high speed class rating)

Yeah that’s why it’s not referred to as a 302. Only dum dums call the roller “5.0” blocks 5.0s. They’re 302s

Gross or by percentage?

The newest M5 is automatic only and AWD only
manual trans GT3 is because of the hype around the 911R being manual trans with the GT3 engine

Previous M5s since the mid 2000s were only offered in Manual at all because of the united states, More Manual 911s are sold here than anywhere else, More people here choose Manual when buying a stang than anywhere else despite how popular the stang is globally. The manual in a performance car is as american as having a gun and bible in your glove compartment and smoking weed.

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>sales mix for a single model by a single manufacturer
any more?

> Ohio plates
> not an early aughts rust box covered in Crowd Deterrent and ICP stickers

>damage control
I'm posted arguments why don't you try for a change? show me where Europe buys more Manual performance cars than America. also i just mentioned the M5 which would be another model by another manufacturer.

>early aughts

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Can I redeem myself with a pic of jada pinkett Smith and will Smith hanging out with members of northeast Ohio straight edge crew? Cuz that's all I got

I honestly never understood the strong tism about referring to the 2000's as the aughts.

.. who the fuck has ever called them that? i've heard noughties and 2000s, never 'aughts'

Nothing is more American than an American made pickup truck. A working mans truck. A truck that proves itself decade over decade. A truck that is passed down 3 generations. Goddamn I could cry it's so patriotic. I love this country.

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>The actual sales figures are even lower. Edmunds senior analyst Ivan Drury said fewer than 3% of current U.S. car sales are manual vehicles — compared with 80% in some European and Asian countries, and down in the U.S. from 7% in 2012 and 25% in 1992.
>"That number is never going to go back up," Drury said. "The trajectory is down, headed for zero."

Sales figures, no. Performance, yes. Camaro costs thousands more, so it better outperform. When is the last time camaro outsold the Mustang?

PEAK performance


It will piss Veeky Forums off, but the most iconic American sports car is the corvette.

Just yesterday I saw a new yellow Camaro with an "Amer1ka" plate. I'm not a GM guy but damn those cars are nice to look at

like every month for a few years now

found the exact truck in a vid

>people who assign their car a gender

is there anything more cringy

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i just watched the whole thing. learned a lot about muddin

As a britbong, no. Classic muscle is where its at, stupidly big displacement engine in a good body beats that generic thing any day

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Honda Civic.

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lol no its not. Mustang is.

>implying it's not this

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Great car. All they wanted to do was win races and they did.

A single month almost a year ago. Woww so impressive guy

what all muscle cars should look like

how autistic were people in the 70s for thinking it was ugly

So long as it's not a piece of shit chevy


Pick one. A true american company would never shove euro tier small engines down our throats. That's unpatriotic.

>overhead cams
>32 valves
>flat crank
>independent rear
>8k+ rpm

No, it is too aerodynamic and has a wing.

>not a picture of a bone stock f150 with a slightly graying, slightly out of shape man getting out to fill it and his bitchy fat wife demanding a diet coke through her half rolled down window


This is unironically the most American car ever made.
>made up almost all American Police Cruisers
>made up almost all American Taxis
>4000 Pound land barge
>ONLY came with a 4.6 Liter V8 and an autotragic tranny
Prove me wrong.

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Not even close.

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The Toyota Camry is more American-made than the Mustang

>Took it from the Brits
>Made a Texan farmer project lead, drop a huge American V8 in it
>Sent it back to France to kick everyone's ass

Most American car there is.

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Jesus, how many people on Veeky Forums live in Washington state???

Isn't Tesla the only company that actualy produces even most of their parts in the US?

They don't produce shit. It's all china junk assembled in murrica.

I've always been a Ford guy and currently have an F150, but really considering getting a 16+ Camaro SS. They have a nicer interior, more aggressive look, and are better for preformance than the Stang GT IMO.

u have triggered a lot of fordsoys user

Is there any question?

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the most american car is easily the F-150. there is no other country that does the body-on-frame pick-up like America does. the F-150 is to America like the E-type is to England like the GTR is to Japan like the MR Ferrari is to Italy like the kangaroo is to australia


current gen Corvette is a blatant and shitty Ferrari knockoff... I'd have to say most quintessential American cars are Ford F-150 King Range and Chevy Tahoe...and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

...nobody does pickup trucks and full size SUVs better than us. And Jeep is Jeep.

all v8 mustangs are dohc you retard, coyote

Nah that would be the Hummer H2

Big, heavy, comfy but powerful. Not beautiful but still pleasant to look at. This is the car of a America imo.

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there shit to drive though, and you look like a nigger

muscle cars are actually fun to drive

the only good thing a crown vic ever had was the aluminum front cradle and independent front short-long arm suspension

why do americans keep saying this

Because you're European and... Poor. Get it?

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is that why i'm australian and not poor and a huge chunk of the US lives below the poverty line?

>missing 2 cylinders

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>Is this the most American car?

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Dude Australia is basically Europe except instead of rain everyday you got the hole on the atmosphere and every living creature trying to kill you.

Enjoy your $50 watermelons and $300 a month 2/0.5

Thank Obama for that beauty

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>Australia is basically Europe except instead of rain everyday you got the hole on the atmosphere and every living creature trying to kill you
Is your only education on the outside world what you've seen on TV and read on Veeky Forums?

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I got people there and the roofuckers that come to Canada and the US to run my ski lift wind up never going back.

>made in canada

>working at a ski resort
I'd live around that too desu, sounds comfy.

Holden was made in Australia and it's American...

What do these people spend to make these trucks? What better standard of living could they afford if they weren't fuck all retarded?

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No no way man get me a source. Historically no sports car ever beat the mustang in sales in america.
But i agree that 4pot ecotec is a banger. Mitsubishi just released a bolt on turbo for it, 400whp without any other mods besides tune.