Cute fellas

Post absolute qts

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Halfies are cute

My old swede

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delete this thread right now or else

You want one, don't you?

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>Subawu a cute. CUTE!

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Cute is another way of saying weak and pathetic.

look at this little feller

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what about this little guy

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stupid junky p.o.s.'s

smol friendly

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>no mini yet

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>Cute is another way of saying weak and pathetic
>The Steyr-Puch Haflinger was one of the best and most reliable small military vehicles ever built

>tfw no mechanical mule

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>tfw no Citroen Mehari gf

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the 02 and E21 series are qt

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Are two door tahoes cute?

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if it can fit the average fat cunt american in the drivers seat, it ain't cute.

>tfw track day

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wow rude

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Oh no, they're multiplying!

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It's too late, there's too many of them! Save yourselves!

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My word , show some respect please