Which are you taking, Veeky Forums?

Which are you taking, Veeky Forums?

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I'm going team red, but I'm dropping the evo.

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I am going team blue, but dropping the Sexually Transmitted infection

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Based on the fact I've never driven either probably the evo


It's time people start driving interesting cars.


if I have to choose between these it's the Subaru. Would prefer a '90 Legacy wagon.

If it’s a daily probably blue. If its a track car then definitely red.

Well one doesn't exist anymore and the other hasn't been good for almost a decade, so... neither?

Evo but make it a 4

patrican choices, but this is the REAL best choice.

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The one that doesn't understeer

Are these good? I'm surprised anyone wants one

>4 doors
ya'll need Jesus

it's just an evo but a big bigger, and with a v6 TT instead for the 7th and 8th gen.

Def not the Subaru. Whew. Niggas got the stiffy UH

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>not taking the 2 door evo

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>not taking the 2 door magna

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>3000GT next to its natural habitat


it's mechanically a piece of shit, but good luck finding a better looking japanese car of the 90's.

Looks are subjective, they depend on what your purview of beauty is. However, it’s still mechanically a piece of shit, so enjoy your Japanese bootleg catfish Camaro yard art

>good luck finding a better looking japanese car of the 90's.
I know it's subjective, buut...

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>muh nigga

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desu I prefer the FC, but the FD is probably the closest looking to the GTO so I think it'd be down to the minor details that decide which is better looking.

mein nigga

I drive an Outback XT wagon. Better than the same year WRX in every way except weight. Comfier, unassuming, still manual, and better equipped.

i'l take the shaggin wagon

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wouldn't call that subjective

Spirit R objectively shits on that failed Skyline ripoff

I'd go back a little and pick the one which is truly the best

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These things are great.

Subaru because I'm not some little EVO bitch who needs smooth roads to be fast. Subaru has better suspension travel because it takes a solid tire patch to put down the power

subaru-fags out in force

gtfo with your shitty manchild's car

the special snowflakes saying they'd take a different model than the sti or evo haven't driven one

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yeah yeah take your hopped up econobox elsewhere. purpose built men are talking


The bus.

He's a quick rundown
>vr4 models came with viscous coupling differential with a 35:65 torque split awd and aws.
>vr4 comes with a 6 cylinder twin turbo engine (6a13tt)
>other non-economy models come with 4g63 4 cylinder in-line engine in an FF layout.
>lighter than year equivalent lancer evolution
>electric is shit for some reason
>15 volts from the battery
>~13.5v to the tail lights
>vr4 didn't come to the united states


Has anyone put a 4wd system on a mitsubishi diamante?
They look super great with their long, slim profile. With that engine backing it up you have a real contender on the streets.

>good luck finding a better looking japanese car of the 90's.

Off yourself.

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They had an AWD version in Australia where they're made

This. TJ AWDs were fantastic cars, although it's a shame all of the AWDs were auto from the factory. A manual swap is surprisingly simple though... as far as manual swaps go.
There's hope for you yet. No reason you couldn't do a 3000GT inspired powertrain with a Diamante, although I'd step straight up to a 3.8L 6G75 bottom end instead of the 3.0L 6G72.

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is 3400 lbs heavy or something?

purpose built ringlands eh guy

>1,7 metric tons
>3400 lbs
Choose one

S4 all day.

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>Namefag's opinion
Choose one

>Requires bumper to be removed to change the oil
>Requires engine to be removed for timing chain/tensioner service

Why are Fd's so cute?

...oil filter is on top of the engine... Evacuation tank with line down the dip stick tube...use pump to suction out old oil, replace with new oil. Literally a 10 minute oil change without jack, jack stands, oil pan, or any real tools.

Otherwise, normal oil change by removing drain plug from pan. 20 minute oil change then... Maybe.

Timing chain? Eh.. got me there. But you just remove the trans for that. Not the whole engine. Besides, 120k+ miles is perfect timing for new clutch anyway. You don't actually change the chain out until it becomes an issue because it's supposedly a "lifetime" part.

I don't think any mechanical device is lifetime, worry-free, but i'm okay with a clutch/timing chain combo job. It'd probably take me a weekend in my garage.

You couldn't fit anyone bigger than 16 years old in the boot of that so unless you're a pedo it's not much of a shagging wagon

Back in those days I used to prefer the Evo and was saving up to buy one used. Then I found out how unreliable they were and general crappy Mitsubishi build quality. To compound the problems, typical owners would thrash the car and then still impose a ricer tax on the thing. I was completely turned off.

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Neither, a Dacia Duster is better than those

And yet it was always STI's failing on the work dyno of those two, axles, gearboxes, pistons.


>I know nothing about what I'm talking about
The EVO had a slightly better built engine but holy shit, the drivetrain of the STI has always been able to hold way more power.

Im taking the superior one, pic very much related

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Just find a good one, with a non byldo owner and buy it from him.
I did it like this.

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>The EVO had a slightly better built engine but holy shit, the drivetrain of the STI has always been able to hold way more power.

Nope, it was just the drivers who used the Evo for what is was meant to be used, instead of the hard parking crowd who would go with the STI.

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Veeky Forums is such a dead board, where are all the posters gone?

So the drivetrain just breaks itself? Sounds like a good DT

>crappy build quality
>shitty owners

Which came first?

Abusing it with 600whp by launching it 200 times a day will break it, yeah.
And that's what 90% of the enthusiasts did in the USA all day long from 2003-2013.

Hard parking won't break anything but maybay scratch the drive axels, lel.


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Well, the car would have to be BUILT first before it can be OWNED.

what fuckin year is it lol

Still the fastest cars around, nothing new can beat them.

give me the terms.. cuz there are plenty of cars that are faster..

Not on the track for the money, you stupid Gen Z faggot.

This. Manual OBXTs are based.

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oh.. gotcha.. cars modeled off of rally r only good for the track..
>calls me a faggot

I literally fucked my 5'8" girlfriend in my Subaru wagon. I'm sorry you've never had car sex.

Dude, are you stupid? Subie wagons are yuge in the back. They're like bag of holding tier.

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