When the other driver start roadraging

>when the other driver start roadraging

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The Civic of guns

is that a nintendo zapper

>when someone sits on your bumper in stop/start traffic on a hill

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roll back until you hit their bumper and use their car to launch. no need for brakes or quick clutch control and it's their fault too

Is that some sort of special miats seat trim?

Daily insecure attention-whoring thread?

>t. triggered insecure yuropoor

Op here, im european too

OP here, don't listen to this faggot

>no trigger discipline
>shit gun

Stop saving my pics, you pussy I will kill you

>cerakoting your sights
didn't we shit on you enough in /k/?

Its unloaded

Havent posted it in k

Doesn’t matter you fucking pleb. You always treat a gun as if it’s loaded.

>Havent posted it in k
bs sperg

>inb4 cropped img search as proof

Fuck off autismo

k sperg

>have i checked if the firearm is unloaded?
If no, proceed to treat firearm is loaded
If yes, and is confirmed to be unloaded, proceed to do whatever with it.


Why rest your finger on the trigger? You a wanna be gangster taking selfies in the bathroom mirror?

>If yes, and is confirmed to be unloaded, proceed to do whatever with it.
yea bro just point it at your head and pull the trigger lmao what could go wrong
no seriously, kys


it's really the toyota corolla of guns


was thinking the exact say shit

you can clearly see on the trigger that its not cocked you noguns bitch

>being scared of an unloaded gun

little bitch

Follow the quotes, dumbass.